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  1. Aaah, I didn't think to look through the Talents, thanks.
  2. I am apparently totally lost as I can't seem to find out how to raise a characters Force Raiting. Could someone please give me a page reference, and if possible a short summary?
  3. Yes! I logged in here to say just that. Need more cantrip decks...
  4. Yea, currently, like in most RPG's, the weight of the weaponry is ridiculously high, especially for the melee weapons. In real life, the biggest zweihanders used in combat weighed around 5 lb. (a bit under 2.3 kg for you metric folk). That's pretty much the heaviest swords could get. Now, you can assume that the power/chain stuff might add 1 or 2 kg, but that still means melee weapons are more or less 2x too heavy. The guns are also around 2x too heavy (for reference, an AK, which is a pretty heavy assault riffle, is 3-3.5 kg depending on the stock composition, and the larger battle riffles like the G3 and FN FAL are around 4 kg, which is a weight suitable for something like the Armageddon pattern, which is sturdier and fires a larger round). The heavy stubber is 30 kg, when real life GPMG's are between 9-13 kg. The AK4 (Swedish version of the G3) weighs in at 5.3kg with a full mag, 4,5 unloaded, the AK5 (assault rifle) weighs in at 4,5, with a full mag. GPMGs varies greatly in weight, as you are not limited in the same way by magazine capacity, but the swedish MG using assault rifle ammo weighs in at about 11kg and the older model, using battle rifle ammo, weighs in at about 13,5 IIRC. When I did military service we used the AK4, the AK5 was being phased in but had not taken over yet, and were expected to carry the gun, 8 mags, vest, helmet, water etc. If we were doing a long march we also carried our backpacks with full field kit. Just the gun and ammo weighs in at 11,9kg, the vest was at least as heavy as a loaded gun. 20kg seems lowballing it for an average human, especially with what the designers think a gun weighs.
  5. I'd like a few player race/monster race combo boxes. Brettonia/Undead (focus on the vampires, the necromancer thing has been done in a few places already) Wood elf/Beastmen High elf/Dark Elf (with a new careerpath that replaces the swordmaster) An entire box focusing on the Skaven and their underempire would be great as well. For the hell of it, why not make them playable. I'd like a box about Marienburg as well, introduce some cultures that are foreign to the Empire, like Tilea, Estalia(sp?) and Araby. Or maybe an entire box with these other cultures along with the Border Princes, Kislev etc.
  6. It seems to be out in the UK now. I live in Sweden and stores around here has had it since a while before christmas IIRC (trying to remember when I bought it), so I can't figure out how it has not reached the UK before now.
  7. If they want to keep their good will and still make money they should release a pdf document detailing all the changes in Core Exxet and also release Core Exxet basically saying "Here's a pdf for free, but we're pretty sure you want this nice shiny updated book instead of a printed out errata" If they tidied up the language problems from the first book I'd buy it…
  8. I know there is a document floating around detailing all the changes made in Core Exxet, but will FFG ever publish, even as a .pdf, a list of these changes, as there will now be two books out written assuming these changes have been implemented in our games?
  9. Jesus. I'm an atheist, but I can't deny that the legends surrounding him definately qualifies him, even more than King Arthur. Christianity has a lot of martyrs that would qualify actually. Other than that: Rasputin - read up on his death and see why. Saucy Jack (the Ripper) - death unknown but has a place even in modern myth. Achilles, Hercules… Actually greek mythology could be a chapter unto itself. Socrates - forced to drink poison for corrupting the youth, at least that is the tale, and probably the one on everyones mind when the word "philosopher is mentioned. Robin Hood - So much myth, not just because of Disney. Billy the Kid might qualify Blackbeard the pirate. Columbus And so on….
  10. I haven't really gotten beyond trying out the game and was thinking about this optional rule. My concerns are that it may unbalance the system somewhat. Using techniques straight from the book will not change that much, but techniques designed with this rule in mind, e.g. using only the primary characteristinc to determine the amount of Ki needed, will be unbalanced. My question is, how do you handle this? Do you allow it to happen, do you force players to create techniques that are just plain badly designed under the rules-set, do you limit them to ready made techniques, or what?
  11. I ordered mine yesterday, and I'm in Sweden, and I never got an error message at least.
  12. My guess would be that with the smaller dungeon levels it would serve the game better to have fewer monsters, fewer monsters mean monsters that can take more of a beating. The changes the power dice and the improvement (IMO) of the surge system also allows for a more balanced playing experience.
  13. Same thing here, just checked. No idea if that is intentional or not though.
  14. There's a movie called Deathwatch, a horror movie set in a WWI trench. Would be awesome to use as inspiration for a chaos-themed adventure. A good movie too.
  15. I'll definitely get it, I tend to buy most things for this game as I love the system. I'm not too happy that they keep focusing on magic and prayers though, since the game does not lack actions for those groups compared to most other types of actions.
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