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  1. thankyou thats how we have been playing it but i just wanted to make sure
  2. so just a quick question. If i cash in a quest card how does the money get spread out. does it go in a "gang pool" or does it get split up among the characters that have the treasures on them
  3. my ruling would be that the wording "roll again"implied an initial roll so only can be used for pick lock attempts
  4. also the treasures a character has are not cashed in until after the game is over
  5. i just picked this one up and i LOVE it. the wife and i played it for a few hours and had a great time. im sure there will be expansions and the rules are simple but deep
  6. Hey I picked up dark heresy as an alternate game for my group to play. I have read through the book and the system seems solid. I like the setting but unfortunatly I am not very familiar with warhammer 40k's universe. I am aware that there are many books based in this universe and was wondering if you guys could sudgest any particular ones for me to get some inspiration from. Also if anybody lives in the Kitchener Ontario area and runs this game I would be interested in sitting in on a game or to to get a better feel for the game. Thanks in advance for your help
  7. I havn't bought the game yet but I intend to get it, i'm not aloud to buy anything until after christmas (so says the fiance), I will make sure I tell you guys what comes of this. I always play new games by myself just to get the rules down just to make it easier on my players
  8. Thank you guys very much. You've given me some things too think about. As it sits I am leaning towards buying this game and working it out. I'll let ya know how it goes
  9. Hey, I've been looking at this game for a long time now and I was wondering if I should pick it up. All of the information I have read on it has me very interested, the only issue I am having is it seems to be very complicated. The players I game with don't seem to be too interested in the more complicated games unless the game grabs their interest within the first couple turns. It's kind of frustrating, I much prefer a more involved and interesting game experience but I won't have much fun if nobody wants to play. So in your oppinion would this be a worthwhile purchase for me or should I look into something else, and if so any sudjestions would be appreciated.
  10. Hey, any players in the Kitchener/waterloo, Ontario area. I'm relatively new too the Fantasy Flight board games and am in need of some players in the area (not many of my friends are all that interested in board games).
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