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  1. I play a lot of miniatures games and i fell i love with art and models of Anima Tactics so i ordered the book and the Dark Faction starter. I like the Samael faction and i am sure i will end up with all the minis as soon as possible. . .and hopefully get a couple of games in. Why i decided on Dark Faction: there is no retailer for Anima Tactics where i am from, so i called the local gaming shop to see if they could order me the fantastic rulebook which they could. I asked if they could also order me one of the starter sets, i did not mind which one - this ended up being Dark, which turns out there is a guy in my local area that has the Light boxed, so that worked out Aces!! i should get the box/book in a couple of days and then i look forward to posting up pictures and getting some helpful hints thank you
  2. Hello all, I am a newb in the Anima Tactics World. There is no stockist in Perth, where I am from. I have ordered the mega-rulebook and Dark Faction box to get startered. Can anyone please help me find a shop that stocks Anima Tactics in the cities in the USA as i am heading there in November: New York City, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Anaheim. I understand that some shops may be out in the suburbs, but i am happy to travel a short distance. Thank you all for your help Simon
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