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  1. It appears that all of Warhammer Invasion is gone from the website and forums, but where to find the rules, FAQ's etc.??
  2. I am wondering if the wording on Optimized Generators is working with the upgrades it is supposed to work with according to the article. "If you're running a Gozanti with an Ionization Reactor , Shield Projector , or Slicer Tools , the Optimized Generators modification will help you fuel them more often." The card speaks of when assigning energy to an upgrade card, so as far as I know that works with the hardpoints and cards like Ionization Reactor, but no with cards like shield projector and slicer tools... am I missing something here?
  3. First I kept everything,but now with so many ships it gets too big. So now I threw the blisters away, except for the inner plastics (very handy when transporting) and I kept one of every different paper inserts and boxes. Still it is a lot to keep and maybe have to throw more away someday...
  4. Hi welcome here. I have never played any of the mission, maybe I will try them when I play more or get bored of the standard format (though highly unlikely)
  5. Do you get additional obstruction green dice when shooting through multiple rocks?
  6. Today my second decimator arrived and, unlike my other deci/outrider and everybody elses wave 5 ships, this one fits nice and tight on its pegs! Wave 6 was pretty good as far as pegs but besides the khirax all my wave 7 ships were a bit loose as well
  7. The Eagles are coming! oohh wait, wrong game:p
  8. Plan so far: 1 ghost 2 tie advanced prototypes 2 tie F/o 2 T70 2 mist hunter 1 jumpmaster 5k 1 gozanti (though really tempted for 2). Will see from there if i get more of some TAP's, misthunters or a second jumpmaster or not.
  9. Allways having fun. Usually I play casual with friend, did 2 casual tournaments in a LGS (won one) and 1 competitive tournament (which did not go really well, 17th of 24 I believe). I like to play something different everytime I play and when playing 5 or 6 games in one day at a tournament I get a bit bored with playing the same list again (against more or less the same list). Usually my games are super close until the end so fun for both.
  10. I orderd 2 sets. My only complaint so far is the names of the "named" pilots. They indeed might have been really restricted... who knows, still they are really lame. Could they not have made up new names for them like Echo and Whisper?
  11. Well the LGS in my town closed some years ago, but besides a few games and some sleeves I never bought stuff there and did not play there. In the town where i work there is also a LGS. But as it is terrible to reach by car and difficult to park there (and very high parking costs) I do not go there very often. Besides some small stuff like sleeves for my LGC's and getting my Netrunner data packs on release every now and then I do not buy much there. Besides parking and getting there the prices are way higher than online (and free shipping costs). Also usually I don't really like most of the personnel working at the LGS or most player with some hygiëne issues (sorry but it smells like sweat way to much most times), so besides an occasional x-wing tournament (where I pay fee to play there) I rather play at my own or a friends place. The LGS did help me get into contact with a X-wing player to arrange my first game to find out if I am getting the game or not. So I am thankfull they did that and I bought a starter and the Falcon and Slave and some small fighter expansions at the LGS, but after that not much, the price difference was too big (both in money and in %) so I buy it online. Some time ago the FFG prices for games here in the Netherlands/Europe went way up, at the LGS like 30 - 40%! and online like 10%. And it allready was really expensive so now it is all online shopping now. Example: I can online get a Raider with an Decimator (and free shipping) cheaper than just a Raider at the LGS. Easy choice there...
  12. I got mine today as well:) any else noticed the error in the rulessheet for the Hounds Tooth? In the pictures it has 7 hull instead of 6 (just like it had in the first spoilers which were quickly updated)
  13. Primus_Magicus

    Scum bomber

    I have hopes that they will release the Scurrg H6 bomber for scum faction. It is allready coming to Armada
  14. You can see my collection in my signature, of all people i know that own the game i have by far the most. I started just before wave 3 and at first had 1 core set and bought 1 or 2 of the small ships and 1 of the big ships. But at those days the miniatures were difficult to get as there was way more demand than supply and regretted very soon I did not buy more ships right away (had 1 ywing and took more than 6 months i believe before i finally got my second). So last waves i get more of the small ones, though just recently got a second slave and shuttle. I like to play something different every time and play fun list with all factions. Some of the friends i play with dont own the game so they need my figs and upgrades and although i dont play competition a lot i do like to have no limitations in deck/squad building as far as figs and cards go. But that comes at a hefty price tag. Now i have enough ships to get most at full 100 pts and thats ok as i like epic games too (still havent used my third and fourth ig88 though) and have them in a pretty display in the living room as models anyway, but to be honest i have more then i usually play with. So its up to yourself how much money you can and want to spend on it, what most people suggest to get 1 ship first and play with it and then decide if you want more or not seems like good advice as we do not appear to have problems with supplies last couple of waves anymore.
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