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  1. Always pumped for a new expansion!


    This one definitely seems different from anything we've gotten before.  Almost like a reboot.  I'm very interested so see the logistics for this expansion.  It doesn't seem like anything from the base game or expansions would fit in with the theme so I'm interested to see if we can (or should) play this with other expansions.  


    The site has it listed at $49.95 which is $10 more than the other big box expansions and $10 less than the base game.  Interesting...

  2. So we played with Pandora's Box last night...It was myself, my wife, my daughter (15yr) and my son (12yr).  I got there first and proceeded to pretty much destroy them with the Nether Deck.  My wife had built up to about 12 lives in preparation of surviving my Pandora's Box onslaught and the following pic is the result of her being killed with one roll of the die:






    She was not happy.

  3. This is from pg. 7 of the rules, referring to Phase 1: Adjust Wound and Load Level...

    "A player’s WLL cannot exceed 12. Starting with the Dice Keeper and going clockwise, each player may choose to discard any number of Treasure, Idol, and/or Equipment cards before determining his WLL. Place these cards into a common discard pile beside the game board. This free action allows each player to manage his personal Wound and Load Level.

    Note: If, at any time, an action would cause a player to exceed a WLL of 12, that player must immediately discard a single Treasure, Idol, or Equipment card or the action cannot be performed."

    So, yes, you can drop any number of treasure or equipment during phase 1. Anything dropped is discarded.

  4. it's pretty simple for kids, but just a heads up that some of the artwork is a bit "adult" in nature, depending on your personal standards for your kids…there's some scantily clad fantasy babes, and some of the artwork is a little twisted and disturbing…Me and my 11 yr old son play it, but i'm just giving a heads up in case this matters to you…

  5. yeah, if you're playing this co-op scenario with only one home realm, there's got to be some way for the game to try to beat you.  This card is that way.  If it wasn't for this card, there would be nothing damaging your home realm.  No challenge.  And although this is a challenging scenario, we've beat it several times…

  6. it actually only attacks one of you each event phase.  Read the expansion variant rules again.  One of you defends against it  and then you play through your turns. 

    and remember that after the event phase, the player who defended against it can draw back up to 5 cards…


  7.  I love the Dragon Expansion.

    And it seems that I love it for many of the reasons some of you guys don't.  I love how it changes things up.  We still go to the Highlands, we still go to the Dungeon, we still cast spells and encounter spaces in all regions.  We do seem to have characters killed off and have to come in with new ones.  But here's the deal--that makes things exciting!  


    Great job FF!  Keep the expansions coming!

  8. Velhart said:

    illygraham said:


    I got mine!  Yay!  All ready playing...it really changes things!  So far, I really dig it...


    All expansions!



    What for size is that table?

    There is enough space on it..

    Yeah, my wife let me get a dining room table with gaming in mind.  It's a 41/2 ft. by 41/2 ft. table with a collapsible leaf that shortens it to 41/2 ft. by 3 ft.  It's great for a bunch of the games we play...Talisman, Descent, Arkham Horror...etc...

  9. Battonsson said:

    Archdruid said:


     I've also spotted a rabbit peeking out of the baggy trousers of the elf figure at the front.  This recalls the artwork for the Conjurer in 2nd Edition Dungeon.


    I think it isn't a rabbit. It looks like a dragon's head.

    But in picture on the box cover her hands are empty. And she doesn't look like conjurer. She looks like elf or something (peaked ears). And there is no-one on dragon's back :)


    But zoom in on the box down by the unknown character in purple and you'll see the rabbit, at a full speed retreat from the ferocious battle...



  10. Spyboy said:


    FFG would never quit such a brilliant game, so stop scaring people.

    Waitingtime is finally over..  Dragonlands expansion are just around the corner...happy.gif






    Here it is...


    well, well, well...someone had some inside information...this was posted two weeks ago...

  11.  Awesome!  


    Reading your post, it was like I wrote the beginning.  I'm so scared of screwing them up, I haven't tried to paint them yet.  I've never painted minis before and then my friend gave me some paints for a christmas gift specifically for painting my Talisman minis.  I stare at the paints in fear and then procrastinate.  But seeing your success has emboldened me!  I will do it!


    and now I just got Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and I want to paint those minis too!  Thanks for sharing!

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