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  1. Hi, i recently discovered WFRPG and i have to say that i was enchanted by this first look. I loved the careers as game options and the grim/gritty feeling of the world. Is possible to take the game mechanics and transfer these to my homemade world? Or the story is too hardcoded to the rules? I am using my homebrew world for more than 15 years and i loathe to abandon it. Actually the feeling and the atmosphere resembles a lot to the things i see in the books (in my setting the evil has won and almost all the world is under tyranny. So,there is a lot oppression, a lot brutallity, restriction to arcane magic and divine magic and no hope for grand heroics actions). If i decide to purchase the game from where should i start? I know there is the box set and i have seen the "guides" and the "vaults". The "components" that i see in the description of the vaults are needed or they are for the better tracking of the game? Can someone play with only the guides?.
  2. Thank you very much for all the suggestions! I think i should try the first Gotrek and Felix omnibus. Too bad Blackheart and Tales of the Old World are out of pring in amazon (and not available in my country). As i can understand Gotrek is kind of heroic fantasy. Is there any quality anti-heroic book? Or do you suggest that it would be better to start Gotrek and Felix (who present pretty good the world of warhammer) and then to move on to something more specific and maybe more dark and anti heroic? Thank you again!
  3. Hi, I recently found warhammer fantasy roleplaying game and i have to admit it intrigues me a lot to delve into this dark world. I know very little about the world and i would like to explore it by reading some novels. Are there any good one out there? What is the feeling and the atmosphere of the setting? (high magic? epic? gothic? political - intrigue?, etc etc...) Maybe my "fantasy background" can give you what things i like most. First of all I like the classic authors. I started with Tolkien and still i think his work is the best in the genre. Ursula's Le Guin Earthsea saga is also a great favorite although i consider her work as primary a political one (which i have no objections if a fantasy novel is a highly political work- i have to say that mostly i agree with her beliefs) The same goes for Michael Moorcock's Elric, Hawkmoon, etc... Fantasy whith many symbolisms and a strong political message underneath. I am playing d&d rpg for more than 15 years but i consider most of the books really a big crap! However one book that can separate from the lot is Planescape - Pages of Pain. Anti-hero novel with philosofical flavor on it. When i was younger i liked the Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends and the first Ravenloft books (i am not sure if i feel the same now about these - probably not). Apart the d&d novels i enjoyed some works of Katherine Kerr and Robin Hobb. Also i found really entertaining the works of George Martin (Game of Thrones). Concluding this CV i have to admit that i prefer a mature reading and probably i would prefer a low magic and probably not epic one. Thank you in advance!
  4. Shadow Varys, Daario's and Sir Jorah's Mormont (Where Loyalty Lies) abilities to discard allies, traitor, mercenary, knight from play target themselves if there are not another character with that trait when they come in play? More specific when you should choose a character can you choose "no character"? Thank you
  5. thank you very much for the clarifications. i had all messed up in my mind as it seems.
  6. ok, i am bit confused. I think somewhere i read that as with renown and deadly it isn't... but in the faq it says: (3.6) Triggered Effects Any effect that a player chooses to execute is considered a "triggered effect." Thus any effect that begins with a "Phase:" or "Response:" is a triggered effect. Also note that playing an event card is thus considered a triggered effect. A "triggered ability" is a triggered effect printed on a card already in play. At stealth the attacking character chooses to activate it... so can someone please clarify this to me? Thank you!
  7. Very enjoyable report. Congs also for making to the top 32! I really liked the way your deck was working.
  8. Thank you again for the illuminating answer ktom.
  9. Hi... i am 95% sure for the negative answer but... can Mad Kings Legacy discard the White or the Black Raven attachment? I know that the attachments state that are immune to the non-raven cards but i want to be sure. Also, the "military battle, intrigue gambit, power strungle", etc on the plot cards are considered traits, or just "text" on the plot card? Thank you
  10. Thank you for the replies! However it is not cleared to me the tin/copper - raven question. I know that it is possible to give the raven trait to tin link and THEN remove the White Raven attachment. My question is about the timing of the combo. Can the SAME maester who has attached both copper and tin link, to remove the White Raven while kneeling? I think it is not possible since at the start of the initiation of the action tin link has not the raven trait and cannot target White Raven. I think that this is possible only when one maester has attached on him the copper link and another maester has attached the tin link. When the first maester kneels gives the tin link the raven trait and then and then the second maester with the tin link while kneels can remove the White Raven. Of course i might be wrong!
  11. 1) If a maester has attached upon him tin and copper link and the opponent has the white raven in play. Can the maester while kneeling to give at the same time the raven trait at the tin link (ability of copper link) and remove the white raven from play (ability of tin link)? 2) A character with intimidate (Nute the Barber) is attacking. He already has 5 str due to plot card. Can the Targaryen player kneel 1 influence and put as defender Horseback Archers? Or due to intimidate the Targ. cannot make this action?
  12. River Blockade is in play. The opponent has in play Eastern Fiefdoms and Khal Drogo's Tent. The opponents wants to play Flame-Kissed with ambush. a) Does River Blockade cancel the influence of one location? And if yes who chooses. b) The Flame-Kissed remains in the hand of the player or is discarded? And if discarded what happens if a player wants to play a character. Is he discarded? Happens something else?
  13. Great review Nick-ler. It would be interested in other reviews from the players of the tourney. All these reviews help all the new players -like me- a lot to understant the game and how it works in top tier level. You mentioned the game against your friend rick who played a stark deck. Since i am trying (with no great success) to built a decent (with no maesters) stark deck can you tell us how this deck was working? Was a maester? Siege? Winter? Something else? What was about? Thank you!
  14. Hi, here is some questions that came up during our last game: 1)Is renown considered trigered effect? We had Conclace attacking. If Brienne of Tarth (Princes of the Sun) defends to a power attack can the Conclave trigger renown? 2)There is in play Threat of the North plot card and two Maesters of Last Hearth. The player of the Maesters of Last Hearth is the first player and the player of the Threat of the North is the second. If the first player plays a Carrion Bird (creature) will be immidietly discarded or will take the two +1 modifiers of the Maesters? 3)There is in play again Threat of the North. If someone plays Flame-Kissed to a character with 2 str does he get discarded or get killed? 4) If someone cancels a Forever Burning with a Paper Shields does Forever Burning goes to discard or dead pile? Thanks in advance!
  15. House Card (1) House Stark Plots (7) At the Gates Search and Detain The Winds of Winter Valar Morghulis Fury of the Wolf Outwit The Minstrel's Muse Characters (33) Direwolf Pup 2 Jeyne Westerling Wolf Pack 3 Kennel Master Maester Luwin 2 Riders of the Red Fork 2 Carrion Bird 3 Galbart Glover 2 Sansa Stark (Tales from Red Keep) Guardian Wolf 3 Shaggydog Rickon Stark 3 Grey Wind Old Nan 2 Maester of Last Hearth 3 Robb Stark (Lords of Winter) 2 Lady Events (10) Paper Shield 2 Wolf Dreams 3 Ill Tidings 2 To Be a Wolf 3 Locations (15) Wolfswood 2 River Row Great Keep 3 Winterfell Kennels Narrow Sea 3 Street of Steel The Searoad 2 Widow's Watch 2 Attachments (7) White Raven 3 Nymeria Frozen Solid 3 It is a typical direwolf - search deck. However i find it a bit slow and with no clear and easy win method. I know that i have to reduce it to 60 from 65 cards but i am not sure what is not needed. Do you think winter theme? Old nan? Something else? Also do you think that is something missing? More income locations any card combination that works great for you? Any other defense that you use? And as for plots: Do you think I have put so many defensive plots. I have only one claim 2. Do you think i need more? Or something different? Thank you!!
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