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  1. The Chaos

    Card List

    A friend and I have just gone halves on an ebay auction for all the ships released so far. We are splitting the lot but the problem is all the cards etc have been mixed. Is there somewhere where we can find a list of the cards that come with each ship so we know how to split them?
  2. Ive looked on the Ion card and it doesn't say when to remove Ion tokens. When do you take them off? After movement?
  3. Im a little confused with the Commisars middle special ability. I have two questions 1) Where is my play area? and 2) if I can't use the strangers abilities then why would I want them in my play area? Sorry if this is a bit dumb
  4. One of my PC's has got hold of a set of Terminator Armour. Im starting to regret my decision to let him have a suit as it has become even harder balancing combat for all the PC's. He is a walking tank and little of what I throw at him actually does any damage or even threaten him in any way. Im wondering if anyone else had got any experience with PC's walking around in Terminator Armour. Im finding it difficult to balance things and could do with some advice.
  5. Hello everyone A group of friends and I have recently decided to give Black Crusade a go. Ive taken the role of GM and Im really excited and looking forward to giving the system a try. My main problem is that I have never GM'd a role play game before (everyone has to start somewhere right?). Im both excited and quite daunted at the same time. Ive read through the rules several times over now and I think ive got a good genreal grasp on things. Ive decided to use the Broken Chains starter adventure to kick things off and will then most likely move on to the hand of fate adventure. I just wondered if anyone has got any general tips and advice for a new GM, if theres anyone who used the Broken Chains adventure i'd like to hear how it went for you and if theres anything I should maybe plan and prepare for. We've set a character creation night for Wednesday evening so after that ill have a bit more of an idea of the type of characters everyone will be playing and an idea of everyones hopes and expectations. Thanks for taking the time to read this, any hintsm tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the reply Mokus said: RTFM Yes i did read it (a few times in fact) and still wasn't sure. Hence asking the question on here
  7. If I play a quest card can I send a unit on a quest if the unit was already in my quest area before the quest card was played.
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