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  1. It's insane to me that it doesn't have a red boost
  2. Xendrick

    Tie Interceptor

    I always wished there was a I5 Interceptor generic for like 48 points or something. It would add actual viability to the generics and the chassis would be so inefficient it would be hard to use well.
  3. Xendrick


    How is his idea anything like TLT? It's almost the opposite of TLT
  4. Oh man, that's also how the audience sees her, with the whole love her powerful female leader vs hate her admiral gender studies thing haha. I was trying to figure out how her ability was thematic, but it makes so much sense now. That's so cool.
  5. You have to keep in mind that while having a higher initiative may not give you a repositioning advantage, what it does do is take it away from your opponent - which is powerful.
  6. I hated TLJ and my expectations were super low for Solo, but it was actually really good
  7. Not sure what you've done here, but 2 red dice with one force/calculate style token has a 50% chance of scoring 2 hits 3 unmodified red dice has a 37.5% chance of getting 2 hits and 12.5% chance of getting 3 hits making 3 unmodified slightly better
  8. Wow, that is a handsome looking ship ?
  9. A cannon slot could change everything, then it becomes a fairly effective sniper especially if it has a crew slot. Equip perceptive co-pilot, HLC, Stealth Device That would mean you could get 4 dice attacks at range 3 while also getting 4 green dice with a focus and an evade on the defense.
  10. Boost>Barrel Roll, arc-dodging Punisher meta incoming
  11. Santiago said: I always allow my players a free 1 meter step (when we use battlemaps) to be taken whenever they want as a correction They may also spend a reaction to make an additional AG Bonus move Wouldn't that take something from having a delayed action? I can see that being a bit... fustrating if you were to have a situation where a player could just keep moving behind a wall in the reaction the moment anyone tries shooting.
  12. Benjimus Prime said: I'm a bit of a rules lawyer, but there are some situations that I believe require the GM to interpret the rules in a creative manner because the designers didn't foresee the consequences of the rule as it was written (not written). I am a veteran who has handled, maintained and fire many types of firearms. I have a fair grasp of their function, so I address the rules from that vantage point. Single shot is optimal for accuracy and economy of ammunition. Burst (or, as the game designers call it, semi-auto), is a fair balance of rapid-fire firepower, accuracy and maintenance of ammunition. However, it is less accurate. Although full auto is highly inaccurate, it is attractive for engagements where overwhelming firepower will nullify a threat efficiently. Players should not automatically have access to the ability to automatically place called shots with single shot. Called shots should be challenging to a player. Where is the sense of reward if you can "pip the ace" with every squeeze of the trigger? Also, there are talents available to reduce and/or eliminate penalties to called shots. Removing the penalty from the jump invalidates these talents. There's no need to re-edit the book. With burst fire, there should be no option for the number of rounds fired, but the burst attack should be a standard attack, with the option to move as normal. In this case, I would not allow called shots. That's too much. I have some experience with burst fire. It takes no more time to fire on burst than it does to fire single shot. I know for a fact that moving and shooting are the same either way. Full auto is a different story... the rules accurately reflect this. I have to wonder how much the rules in games like this would differ if they were written entirely by people with experience in these things. I agree with what you're saying about the called shots, as I said; It's far too easy to cause problems with what otherwise appears to be a minor change. Although I'm a bit confused by what you mean in the third paragraph. The way I'm interpreting what you're saying is that in effect burst fire should be a half-action with no additional increase to accuracy and no further penalties for moving and shooting?
  13. I see where you're coming from with the notion that there should be a scale of accuracy against the number of bullets fired for each of the three firing rates. However I have several problems with this approach. In this system the rules pertaining to the three firing rates are arguably the most important rules in the combat section if not the entire book and changing one of these rules can easily cause a huge amount of problems elsewhere. For example; were you to change semi-auto to use the current full-auto rules, you'd suddenly find that plasma rifles are considerbly more powerful and in many cases a bolt pistol in semi-auto will outclass a full-auto bolter. The idea that Semi-Auto could be changed to a (once per turn) half action without disrupting the rules significantly is based on the fact that it can already be turned into a half action by using a deathwatch suspensor. I'll try to think about it some more; a large part of the problem is that the solutions that make sense would often bog down the game too much.
  14. First of all, I’d like to point out that I’m still relatively new to RPGs and even newer to the Deathwatch system, although not new to tabletop as my crew has been playing 40k for several years now. In my group, I was elected (by default) to the position of GM. Sadly for my players I have a massive tendency to want to customize certain rules in order to produce a game in which I believe aspects are more balanced or are more in line with our way of playing. So far with my group I have found that any changes to the rules to allow for players (and opponents) to have more options available to them during a combat turn makes for a much more interesting game. In particular I would be interested in hearing some thoughts on two particular major rule changes that I’m considering implementing, I’d also like to hear how people go about choosing a scale when using tactical maps (if their group uses them). First change: Because of a misinterpretation in relation to a player being able to move his agility bonus in meters and still fire full-auto or semi-auto; one of my players thought that characters could move their agility bonus in meters as a free action. As this was near the end of the night I couldn’t be bothered setting him straight and allowed him to do it. Before long this ‘agility move’ caught on with the rest of the group and was being used pretty regularly. Here’s a draft of how the rule would function: Agility Move: All characters once per turn may as a free action make a half move. This action replaces and invokes the same penalties as the rule for moving and firing listed on page 239 and 241 of the Deathwatch Core Rulebook. • This movement may not be made if the character is currently wielding a heavy weapon, engaged in close combat or if they are otherwise in a situation that would make it difficult for the character to maneuver. • Characters with jump packs do not double the distance of this move In effect it allows for players to still maneuver slightly when using actions such as reloading, unjamming and the like without having to sacrifice an entire half-action to move that distance. (Not to mention it’s not unreasonable to think a marine could reload etc and walk at the same time) Second change: As many have noticed; Semi-Auto Burst offers almost no advantage over Full-Auto. I imagine this is the case because the Semi-Auto rules were designed with weapons similar to the plasma rifle or pistol in mind; weapons that gain a much larger increase to damage with each successive hit or aren’t supposed to deal quite as much damage rather than weapons like the bolter or autogun that gain a smaller increase with every hit. However, I feel that the notion of having a ‘best’ fire rate for each weapon is undesirable as it effectively limits a use of a weapon to one pretty specific form of attack. So far I’ve felt that the best solution to this is to change semi-automatic to a half-action that can only be used once per game turn. Full-Auto would remain the optimal choice for damage, but Semi-Auto would allow for more versatility as it could be used in conjunction with movement, grenades, aiming or even used as a delayed action. Sorry for the large post >.<
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