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  1. Perhaps a relic chainaxe? Add some special qualities or something and it adds a nice flavor of unique weapon and brutal and messy weapon..
  2. Yeah, if they just sit on it for too terribly long I think GW may give another company something to do with the IP. And I agree, playing a space marine will survive in this system or another one, and the Deathwatch is really good at accomodating player choice as well as giving interesting roleplaying opportunities. After all, a squad of any space marines from the same Chapter will get kind of boring. Whether in their Chapter or the Deathwatch. As for adventures there are lots of opportunities. Like you said, many need to be fleshed out, but eventually they can be shared. I think at this point it will bring back what almost feels like a dead community, though it is still alive but it has gotten smaller.
  3. Hey, The Russian. It's been a while, how do you do? Ah, none of that is essential in my mind. What is more important would be new alien worlds with new alien races to discover. Yes, I know it's a niche that RT already fills. But still. I see the task of the Deathwatch here not only in subjugation but also in intelligence-gathering. And this is something that GMs have to invest lots of time in to homebrew. Converting creatures or gear is easy. Alex It has been a while, hasn't it? I've been alright. Yourself? And that is a valid point, and gear and such isn't hard to create, advanced specialties and oaths are a bit more difficult, however. Not that anything glaring stands out in my mind for the other Chapters, but a few might be nice to have. New adventures would be good to have, reconnaisance and all of new threats. But that could also be created non-officially. But that requires more effort to create a more cohesive naratives and/or concepts for that material. I think, personally, that it will be on the shoulders of the community to further create for the Deathwatch line, since things have been quiet since the last book.
  4. At this point, I'd just want to see *anything* on the DW line. Like a lot of people I'd like to see the rest of the first founding Chapters filled out like the Chapters in the Core books have been. Perhaps stuff that could was from the 6e TT would work well. Grav weapons, vehicles, and gears would all be nice to have from official channels.
  5. Not to mention NO-1_H3r3, haha.
  6. Tech is fine. We max out at 16 players and have a tiered player group, i.e. we have some "veterans" who have been playing since 2011/2012 and the new guys who are Rank 1 but are getting Exp at a higher rate to catch up. We have two squads in the Kill Team. We also have rotations due to life so spots open up every so often. Also the name is fine, Nick.
  7. At present we have (active): 1 Apothecary 5 Assault Marines 1 Devastator Marines 1 Librarian 2 Tactical Marines 0 Techmarines So for now, I may restrict assault marines...
  8. Well we do have some room, yes. We had a group just go missing, real life is hectic after all. Go ahead and register and I'll stick you on the next mission. Also, Nick, I as the GM roll up stats and you can assign that to your assault marine, but I've yet to let anyone bring in a finished character, just so its fair and all. Nothing personal. We are also in a bit of a lag, but the game is still going on as far as I can tell. It usually picks up, just a slow part of the mission.
  9. I mean, I can try, but I asked about it on the forum. I don't know him personally, I'd send him a Private Message or an e-mail.
  10. I thought that too. We will see.
  11. I have it, I asked him about it originally, not that he wrote it at my request, but it came from that thread. That said, I wonder why he took it down. I'd want to get his permission, in case there was legal issues.
  12. Yeah, I remember the really fun Erioch adventures from the PbP I ran/run. It may not be a "full" supplement, but perhaps a .pdf adventure/supplement of a dozen or two pages full of a set adventure or adventure ideas. We had a Techmarine prought up on traitor charges, and the kill-team raced to deal with it in the members' own way that led to plenty of tension that has lasted on and off mission. It led to a Dark Angel finding scraps of his Chapter's secret and taking blackshield status, while another was rewarded for capturing a Fallen, duels were fought between members, and friendships and rivalies formed! It was an excellent way to bond and develop the character dynamic of the players. And it exposed an Alpha Legion cell insie the Deathwatch for adventure ideas later too! And none of it was my idea, the players ran it as a narrative themselves and in my opinion it was and is the best part of that PbP. Ak-73 was even a part of it for a while!
  13. I went with 3 over the course of my game online: Cruxus Hostis Imperator A player also had his character rivals with a killteam designated Javelin.
  14. For Eldar, N01_H3r3 (sp?) came up with a great Eldar unofficial write up that is very good! I've used in several games and it is fantastic! Dark Eldar is in Only War but it's slightly different.
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