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  1. To be honest, I'd be surprised if there weren't expansions - though I am sure a lot of people will buy into the game on the basis of its own merits, I am pretty sure a lot only will if their own favourite faction is available (or, to put it another way, I probably won't buy unless I can play as dwarves at least some of the time!). I thing FF are too savvy to not do expansions anyway. Cheers, David
  2. Hello all! I just saw this announced this morning - and I have to say I'm pretty excited about it. I assume there will be plans to release expansions with more factions etc. down the line - or will this be closely attached to how popular the game is. Personally, I'm really looking forward to a dwarves expansion (you could do something really cool with a 'subterranean' expansion with underground scenery, and dwarves, skaven and night goblins, something like that). Anyway, I am really looking forward to this game, but would look forward even more if a load of expansions (preferably including dwarves) were in the works too. Cheers, David.
  3. Oh wow! They are great, and especially impressive due to the speed that they were done in - I am doing well to paint one middling model in three evenings, never mind dozens of wonderful ones! Bravo, bravo indeed! David.
  4. David B

    2 players?

    Hello all, Sorry, I have been asking the same/similar question over a few board game forums (fora?) on the ff site; I hope this doesn't qualify as 'clutter'. Anyway, I generally game with my fiancee - most weeks we will play two or three games just the two of us, so we are always on the lookout for good two player games. Anyway, Red November looks like a game we would both like. The blurb says 3+ players, but 1-2 with optional rules. How good are these optional rules? How good is it playing just as 2? Can you play as '4', in that each person essentially plays as 2 people, or is that just rubbish? A few games work well like that, others don't. Many thanks in advance for any advice, All best, David.
  5. Many thanks for this - it has really piqued my interest for a game I hadn't really thought about much - but you make it look really interesting! I will definitely be checking it out in more detail. Thanks again, David
  6. Yes, basically like the other posters have said. I would find the nearest historical model you can to the regiment/planet you are depicting and run with that (i.e. Red Army Choir for Valhallans, etc). Well, that is what I would do. When we did a Dark Heresy campaign set in a warzone with some very Red Army-like Imperial guard we cracked out the Red Army Choir on Youtube (you can even find Michael Palin, of Monty Python fame, in the late 80s singing with them somewhere) and it got everyone in the mood, but then they bonded with all the faceless goons, and got very uppity/sad with the officers when loads of them got shot (either by the Eldar or by the commissars)… which may be a desired effect (nothing wrong with moral questions) Anyway, a good old sing-song is always jolly. All best, David.
  7. David B


    As a thought, couldn't you just play either Dark Heresy or Only War, but with a mafia don or chief of police (depending on which side of the law you want to be) telling you what to do rather than an inquisitor or a colonel? I am sure with a sympathetic use of elite advances either game (well, I can't say for OW, but DH certainly) could do very well. I also imagine, at a bit of a push, you could use Rogue Trader to play a game focussed on Necromunda guilder families (either by switching a lot of the space skills for land based one - i.e. navigation (underhive) for navigation (stellar), or just give out XP to replace them with something more pertinent). I have tried playing DH just as a standard 40K RPG (i.e. just playing fairly average people running around on a planet without any inquisitors involved) and it worked more than well enough. A bit more work, as there were no published adventures, but it was fine. Just a thought… All bet, David.
  8. Hello all, Well, I have read the book, and, despite the apparent death of the game, I still think it looks cool… Anyway, what with a busy schedule and all, I was wondering whether anyone had any advice and links for pre-prepared adventures for Grimm - it would make playing with any regularity a darn sight easier. Many thanks in advance for any advice, Best wishes, David.
  9. Hello all, I am sorry, I have asked this same question on a couple of other board game threads, and I am sorry if it is really tedious - it really isn't meant to be… Anyway, I mostly play games with my fiancee, others come and go, but generally most weeks we will have a couple of games, just the two of us. I know this game says 2-4 players, but we have played a fair few games which are just a bit rubbish with two players (whereas there are loads of 3+ player games that work well with 2 with just minor alterations). Anyway, I would be curious to ask how this game plays as just 2, if there are problems, any advice to remedy it. Many thanks in advance, David.
  10. Hello all, apologies if this question has been asked many times already… Generally, my fiancee and I play games as a couple, other people come and go, but most weeks we will play one or two games just the two of us. Anyway, we have a fair few games that are, allegedly 2-4 players, or whaever, but they actually turn out to be a bit rubbish with less than 3 (then there are a fair few 3+ player games that are great for just 2 with minimal house ruling) Anyway, might I ask how good this game plays with just 2 players, and what, if any tweaking it requires. Many thanks in advance, David.
  11. I had never thought of playing this as a solo game - that is a great idea, and I'll try and have a go when I get the chance. Many thanks!
  12. Oh my giddy aunt - that is really rather impressive! Well done, that man.
  13. My RT campaign does actually have an important Kroot NPC (made using the ITS rules), who drops into and out of the campaign (I, as GM, am running him as a PC, gaining experience and such like, to represent his adventures off ship; he has been lent out to occasional players from time to time). What we wanted was a load of other krootey goodness, gnarlocs, krootoxes and such like - Kroot are increasingly becoming a significant part of our campaign, and I wanted the full range of the kroot experience for my PCs (my fiancee, the rogue trader, wants to get some gnarlocs, among other things). Anyway, Kroot player characters are cool - though I suppose you have to have the right sort of group to accomodate them (no missionaries!). David.
  14. Yep, you definitely have a problem (mine was pretty securely fastioned together). Best of luck with customer service - I have never tried with ffg, but with most companies it can be a rather mind numbing experience. David.
  15. What! This game is going down! Oh no, I missed the boat, again… I have a very bad habbit of putting off buying something cool, for whatever reason, and then a few months later finding out it has vanished/sold out/OOP, or whatever. A shame, really, it looked a very good game indeed. Oh well… David.
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