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  1. Ok! Thanks for the clarification! (I have not played that quest yet, so you prevented me from a bad mistake and four angry players )
  2. Hi guys, I am playing SoN as OL. I wanted to ask if characters treated as "hero figures" (e.g. the City Guards in The True Enemy quest) count when determining the health points of a Master Changeling spawned with a Corrupt Citizen card such as "The Civilian" or "The Mage". Many thanks!
  3. Ok, thank you very much for clarifying my thoughts!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a new player and I have a doubt related to the amount of heroes experience points used to determine the campaign level in Road to Legend. To check the campaign level should I multiply by 4 the total experience tokens gained by the heroes and then add the OL tokens or should I consider only the tokens gained in the game by both sides (heroes and OL) without multiply anything? Many thanks in advance!
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