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  1. Frostfire said: Agreed. Normally, I'd say a GM is allowed to make ceratin rules and expectations of a group, but after a TPK of a group, a polite question to them alone is the best route. If you are looking for a ret-con solution recast the fight as having taken just a flash, and that it was the profetic vision of a librarian. Kinda cheesy: sure, but it beats an unfair, non-epic TPK any day. Have the players take clues from the librarian to tackle the fight the second time around. I might even give the PC's a +10 dodge bonus by way of acknowledging the oops.
  2. HappyDaze said: I like the Dark Angels. I really do. However, I'm wondering about the feasibility of playing one that has no knowledge of the Fallen and is not clued in. Obviously, this character would not be a Librarian, but when I look at the Dark Angels Chapter Advances, I can't help but think that the vast majority of them (primarily Interrogation and the various Forbidden Lores) are only appropriate for a clued-in member of the Chapter. Also, every **** character arc with the Dark Angels seems to involve running off after the Fallen, and I'm thinking that a young Dark Angel might never have such temptations if he's not clued in to the story (he's not Deathwing or Ravenwing and hasn't taken any such Deed). Am I missing something? I can see the chapter masters making sure everyone is trained in Interrogation at least. This way you no only don't have to train them when they are worthy of the secret and their ability in this area may even be a criteria of evaluation for advancement. It is useful to be able to interrogate the Orc Nob to find out where the warboss is and if that gives you practice for later interviews with the fallen then mission accomplished. But your right about most DA not being fully in the loop. I have two DA in my campaign and one of them roled the Ravenwing background and is a librarian so he is somewhat in the loop. The other is a techmarine and knows nothing about the fallen. It is pretty fun dynamic because even though they are equals in the DW the techmarine always obeys the DA lib, and even looks to him to "approve" the Space Wolf kill team leaders decisions*. Never enough to actually be insubordination, but enough to be noticed by the observant. *My group decided to have a permanent squad leader, and actually decided who that would be with the traditional DA vs SW duel.
  3. muzzyman1981 said: From what I understand it depends on the Chapter, I can with certainty tell you that the Space Wolves have a Space Wolf Captain in charge, the usual Navigator (from House Belasarius <not sure of spelling>),Adeptus Mechanicus, and astropaths but the rest are Bondsmen, those who have failed the trials (and didnt die) but was deemed worthy to continue to serve the Chapter. Others probibly would be along the same but the crew depends on the Chapter, some use the dregs and prisoners of worlds, others use Imperial Navy crewmen, most I would think is a mix....the dangerous tasks are done by the dregs overseen by Imperial Navy crew/officers. The bridge crew is usually Imperial Navy or specially trained humans from their homeworld or other worlds. I have never heard of Astartes needing the help of prisoners or dregs, but I haven't read everything. My understanding is that all crew belong to the chapter, with the aforementioned exception of the Navigators (even then some chapters can use their librarians as Navigators in emergencies). Also the chapters don't borrow the ships, they belong to the chapter so I don't see Imperial Navy being allowed to control any function of an Astartes vessel, but again I am only recently a lore junkie. The typical Chapter hierarchy goes something like this: Astartes (typically 910 marines): Including Chapter Master, Chief Lib, Chaplins, the Captains, down through the lowest ranked squad members. This also includes the anchient and mighty dreadnoughts, but they don't count in the 900 figure above I believe. Scouts & initiates(90 - ??): Those initiates still on track to become full Battle Brothers. Recruiting is never a even flow when you are as picky as all Astartes chapters are. Thus there are often a variable number of initiates at various levels from just recruited through full scout. Death and rejection rates are high, but even those that fail to become scouts then Battle Brothers will serve the chapter provided they don't die. The Astartes waste nothing. Serfs (Thousands): Those initiates that have proven unworthy of becoming a Battle Brother, but not so unworthy as to be made a servitor. Often these men are great warriors, tacticians, and thinkers, but perhaps a implant wouldn't take but didn't kill them. A few chapters maintain a hereditary population of serfs however. Most chapters have a rank and hierarchy system for the serfs, but I believe they are more feudal and less military in most chapters. Servitors (Tens of thousands): All those acquired by the chapter that fail in some way to be worthy of serving any other way. These men (maybe even women) are integrated with machines that will assist them in function and they are mind wiped. Most can do one or two tasks very well, but are not capable of independent thought. Most of the grunt work on Astartes ships is done by Servitors directed by Serfs. For those of you more versed in the lore of 40k, did I miss something, get something wrong?
  4. Chrynoble


    ROLE: Player (I already GM two campaigns). LOOKING FOR: Group: Deathwatch or even DH. 40k universe though. TYPE OF GAME: Online, or face to face in SLC, UT SESSION SPECIFICS: Anything but LARP REGION: I am in Mountain time in Utah SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Evenings after 9PM Mountain or Sunday Mornings. GAME STYLE: All good, just wanta play GAME SPECIFICS: Don't care COMMENTS: The ideal time for me is Sunday mornings from 8am - 2pm window. Contact me at chrynoble (at) gmail (dot) com.
  5. I have been frustrated by some issues as well, namely that the exact mechanics for some combat functions seem to be listed only in the "order of combat" second and not in the description area of the mechanic itself (Initiative was this way I think). That said, This is a pretty big book and I don't envy FFG the task of organizing so much material. I also appreciate that they kept it to one $60 book instead of 3 $40 books.
  6. tkis said: p238 Delay type: half Subtype: miscellaneous Sounds like an action to me. Not to be mean, but even sticking to a topic about the rules as written that interpretation of the text fails basic reading comprehension. The reason you spend a half action is to represent the time you spend waiting, not doing anything. By definition delay is passive, if it wasn't the action would be called [whatever you did instead]. The reason the only action you are allowed to take after aim is an attack is because if you do something else you defeat the point of aiming. Doing nothing, which is what your character is doing durring a delay doesn't disturb your aim, so the following shot will still get the bonus. This could be true even if you delayed for several rounds. Of course even a SM can't hold still forever so at some point I would penalize the character or have them make a will test not to move. This, however, is where we stray from RAW.
  7. LittleHorus88 said: i do not see the issue with duel force swords - as it stands its not against the rules and concerning the channeling of psychic energy its a free action as long as you do some damage after TB and Armor have been resolved they just run the risk of causing Perils more and even if you did limit the channeling to ONE per round of combat why not allow a +10 to the roll surely two swords would be a better conducter for warp energy then one would. Also it wouldnt make the sword useless as it still has the power field rule and it increases in strength as the librarian does. As a GM id rather a close combat pysker relying on blades then his powers anyway my librarian toasted a main bad guy today with smite for nearly 45 dmg with a pen of 6 because he pushed himself and what did he roll when he did phenomena the animals got a little bit scared... rediculous, But yeah just food for thought there. That is a very good point, when considering Balance issues opportunity cost is a large factor. Smite is area effect as well, so if there had been a henchman withing 2 meters (I think?) he would have gotten reduced to ash along with the main boss.
  8. Not sure if this is RAW or not, but I would throw in -20 to both their attacks to account for the fact they didn't control the decent to the ground. They had little to no ability to predict how they would land/bounce/slide and that would throw everything off.
  9. tkis said: RAW is you can delay almost any half action, but aim may be followed only by an attack action, wich delay simply isnt. In wonky cases i would just go by common sense. That however is often in conflict with the RAW. My suggestion for the prisoner situation is: just adjust the test dificulty to shoot him and you are fine, it does not have to be the explicit bonus from the aim mechanics. The issue comes in saying that delay isn't an attack action. This is true, but it isn't any other kind of action either. There is a differance between a non-attack action, and no action at all. I think even RAW allows for Aim - Delay - Attack.
  10. Arkidda said: So I personally would not allow a player to get 2 Force weapons for his Marine as each is tuned to that Librarian/psyker. As for weilding 2 power wpns, if they want too so badly, have them do the Signature Wargear talent. The players aren't worried about having the items now, they are actually trying to plan out their characters careers. They are ok with working for XP, and using that XP to drive towards the goal. I like the idea of the second PW or even FW can't be requisitioned unless the first one is a signature item. This would represent the rarity of the items and the special prvilage the marine has earned in being allowed to wield two of them.
  11. Charmander said: Free action after you've landed your hit. If you want to. It's a focus power test, so it will cause perils if you're unlucky and not using fettered. After re-reading this myself, it seems to be once per combat round for a single damaging hit, regardless of the number of attacks or hits. Given the rules and responses to similar questions from FFG, one might even argue that use of the activation would preclude the use of multiple attacks or two weapon fighting alltogether, though I don't personally see that. What I do clearly see is that you'd get to activate your force sword(s) ONCE per round, and only after you do damage. I base this opinion on the following: "whenever a psyker damages an opponent, he may, as a Free Action, channel psychic force and killing will into the blade. This requires a Focus Power Test using Opposed Willpower" (p155) "A focus power test is a willpower Test that determines whether a functions successful. The amount of time it takes to make this test is determined by the power being used and may be a Free Action, Half Action, Full Action, or Reaction." (p185) "Unless otherwise noted, using a psychic power counts as using a standard attack action." (Ross Watson in response to the question: "DH Eratta indicates that Focusing a Power is the same as taking an attack, however that doesn't seem to be mentioned in Deathwatch. Does activating a psychic power using focus power count as taking an attack? Could a Librarian then fire his bolt pistol and then cast Smite? If equipped with a suspensor, could he then fire a full auto burst and then cast Smite?") - note in this case he's not answering this specific question as I wasn't asking it at the time. If you want another thread on this particular point of the question (no the 'can I have two of them' part of the issue) we have yet another thread on this (and it's conclusions and lack therof) here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=212&efcid=3&efidt=409308&efpag=1#413647 I got exactly the other impression from the rules when I reread them last night. The words "whenever" and "free-action" occured offen enough for me to think they could do it on each and every hit; with a seperate test and the risks associated with that of course. Your point 3 is something I didn't have access to, and it is interesting but I do see a difference between a simple focus test, and an invoke test to use a power. I am going to go with trying it on each hit and see how that plays out, if it is terrible I will change the rule. I am lucky to have players that will roll with stuff like that without complaint. If they weren't that way I would have to stomp on the min/maxing a lot sooner in the process. Siranui said: Actually, my first though on pretty much every 'my player wants to use X' query is always 'Have I ever seen this on a model, and if so is it some kind of uber-relic or exception'. Because if I haven't seen it on a model, then I tend to form my opinion around that. Let's face it: There's been a lot of really stupid models produced with really unlikely weapons... and if the suggested combination STILL hasn't passed in front of my eyeballs, then 'no' tends to be my answer, because such a load-out is at conflict with the setting. So 'two force swords' goes on my same mental discard pile as PA-armoured figures wielding thunder hammers in one hand, twin storm bolters, twin arm-mounts, two heavy weapons, et cetera... Balance is normally my next pausing point, but frankly the 'two force swords' hadn't even got past the first filter! The "Have I ever seen it on a model" test is my first filter too, and your right it fails that filter. But then my players pull out stuff like this: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440271a&prodId=prod1070013a
  12. I like the CSM, can we see the full pic, I wanta know what the side-bars say.
  13. Once answer to this, that I have not yet decided to use but am considering. Is some xp cost to allow any player to learn a chapter specific power/skill of another player. Maybe something like two or three times the experience. This represents the marines willingness to share/show off their abilities and doesn't seem too far out of the norm. While SM can be secretive about there abilities they also seem to think that every other chapter should "do it the right way" in other words their way. If one marine came to another and asked to learn from him, I think the marine being asked would be happy that his fellow marine was finally seeing sense. The inverse of this is that they really shouldn't want to ask for training much, but being the the DW one makes allowances for behaviors and interactions outside the normal coarse of marine life.
  14. Nimon said: Coming from a military background one of the changes I made was the Idea of playing musical leadership. Anyone who has ever been in the military knows that it is not a democracy. So what I had done was give everyone a position within the squad so that everyone knows who they are subbordinate too. This is important because leaders can die in combat, then who gives the orders? This is a very foundimental thing learned when you join a new unit. As far as decieding this in game terms I took a few things into consideration, The skill command and talent Air of Authority, Their Rank(of corse), and Tactics. That being said their are exceptions to the rule in special situations, for instance in a medical situation the Apothecary would have authority over treatment ect, though the need to move or hault treatment to fire on the enemy would rest in the tactical commander. A tactical marine would of corse have no Idea on how a Librarian works with the warp, but he would have an Idea of his abilities and order they be used if applicable. This type of realism will really only work with mature players not taking their "leadership" to extremes, but might be something to consider in your games. All my players are from simular military backgrounds so we have this understanding ingrained and might not be simple to pick up for players not familar. I have a pretty mature group of people playing, and they decided that they would only ever have one leader. There was a Space Wolf AM and a Dark Angle Lib that both had the right fellowship scores for the job, and of course they had to do a ritual duel anyway, so they staked permanent leadership of the kill team on the outcome (The SW won). Made for a good start to the campaign. Funny thing is that they all wanted a permanent (until death or demotion) sergeant because they recognized the value of chain of command even though none of us have military experiance. I figure if they are cool with it, it makes my life easier as the GM because I can start to predict the kind of leadership tests/decisions that will be made and craft the story around that.
  15. Charmander said: I've heard a couple people recently mix up the damage on full atuo attacks, so I thought I'd add my two cents here as well: You roll to hit once for a semi and full auto burst. The DoS measure how many hits you inflict on your oppoenent as the others have mentioned. The damage of each hit is worked out individually. You do not roll all the damage, add it together, and then subtract AP/Toughness once. You roll damage for each hit, subtracting AP/Toughness from each and every hit. And just for clarity: Add to efidm's responce that you can not score more hits than the RoF. If your RoF is 2, and you get 4 DoS, the extra 2 DoS are wasted.
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