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  1. Bubblegum Crisis Battle Angel Alita / Gunnm
  2. jhaelen said: I don't think that El Igore created the Playmat - he just pointed out the thread over at BGG. Any requests for improvement should probably be posted there. You are right.
  3. There is a photo of the whole table over on BGG: boardgamegeek.com/image/1395119/android-netrunner And someone even made a playmat for the corp based on it (read the comments): boardgamegeek.com/image/1396996/android-netrunner
  4. Dez1013 said: No new mechanics should be introduced. The way cards function now and how the rules work create a solid game. When games start doing this they get away from themselves and can change completely from the original play. I only expect new cards and maybe factions that expand upon the game. Nothing crazy. Then I guess you never bought an expansion for a FFG game before.
  5. Treguard said: Now I've not seen the rules for this game so I have no idea if such an idea could work, but could it be feasible? I imagine that it could open a lot more opportunites to explore in the game. The rules are availlable for download in the support section of the Infiltration minisite. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp
  6. I knew I had heard the name Noise before! He is one of the suspects in the Android boardgame! Here is his brief description: Ji Reilly, or "Noise" as he prefers to be called, is a G-Mod - a genetically modified human. Noise's IQ is off the charts, and his skills with computers and robotics are formidable. He is suspected of several counts of hacking, but has never been caught.
  7. BorisKarloff said: Does anyone have the actual names of the actual people who have developed the base game and/or will be working on the expansions for it? Do you want to drive to their homes and set their cars on fire or something? o_O Personally, I don't care what names are on the gamebox, as long as the game itself is good. It's absolutely possible that one of the people working on A:N is an undiscovered talent and becomes the next Garfield.
  8. I think that the Beanstalk ends at Starport Kaguya, which is a space-station. From there it is much easier to travel to the moon, than when you first have to overcome earths gravity with rockets.
  9. IIRC boss monsters are immune to insta-kill effects. If this isn't in the rules, then try looking in the FAQ.
  10. Keep in mind, that we have just seen a handfull of cards (about 15 or so). That's way to small a sample to judge the overall art style right now. For the record: I like the Art so far. But I also like "oldschool" cyberpunk art.
  11. If I understand the (classic) rules right, only the Corp player can bluff, since only his cards are played face down. The Runner has to react. Is that right? If so, then the cards from the Runner have to be stronger - on average - than the ones from the Corp.
  12. The German publisher of the game announced on April 20. that the German version of FA is planned for summer. Since the German copies are always printed alongside the English ones, I think summer would be a good bet for the re-release.
  13. I read somewhere on the BGG forums that you should cap the thread gain at some point. Maybe 5 or maybe you should leave it at 4. Can't remember exactly.
  14. Julia said: Agreed. Joe is impressive with his Magnifying Glass. It still requires a little wisdom on how to use it: trying to focus on a series of single-spaced rooms , so he can explore both of them in the very same round. Something that my friends seem not to get properly (the only time he could have explored two rooms in a row in our latest game, he spent his second action to read a tome) ::laughter:: Hey Julia, I think I have to correct you on that. When I read the rules on Magnifying Glass right, you have to use the additional action right after the first explore action. When you want to explore two adjacent rooms, you have to move after the first explore and this move would be your additional action. And since you allready used your first action for exploring, you can't explore the second room. Or am I reading the card wrong?
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