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  1. the deathwatch adversaries are not really underpowered, most of them are just right but need the appropriate situations to really be scary. figthing 2 warriors in an open field isn't a problem, 2 warriors and a mag 30 horde of hormagaunts is. the only enemy I really have any complaints about is the tau commander. he feels much more deserving of the elite classification than the master, as when my players fought him (in disadvantageous terrain to them) they managed to shred him down to -30 in less than a single round (krak missile x 1 RF, bolt pistol burst, double RFed stalker hellfire shot) I've been toying with some profiles for the other nids in the codex that are not represented in deathwatch. Genestealer (modified from the landsholm genestealer in final sanction) WS / BS / St / T / AG / Int / Per / WP / Fel 65 / -/(12)60/ 60 / 60 / 30 / 55 / 40 / 12/24/36/72 move, wounds: 30 skills: awareness, climb, dodge +10, swim +10 traits: multiple arms, unnat str, Imp natural weapons (claws), dark sight, size (hulking), Natural armor (6), tyranid, brood telepathy weapons: rending claws (2d10+12;pen5;special) specials: stealth and rending claws - Ravener WS / BS / St / T / AG / Int / Per / WP / Fel 55 / 30 /(12)60/ (10)50 / 60 / 20 / 55 / 50 / 12/24/36/72 move, wounds: 50 skills: awareness, climb+10, dodge +10, swim +20 traits: multiple arms, unnat str, unnat toughness, Imp natural weapons (talons), dark sight, size (enormous), tyranid, fear(3), natural armor (8), instinctive behavior feed Talents: Fearless, swift attack, lightning attack, rapid reaction weapons: rending claws (2d10+12;pen5;special) specials: stealth and biomorhps (range weapon in excg for lightning atk, toxic d10 ) let me know what you guys think!
  2. Lucky_Strike said: Bluephoenix said: 2) jump pack removes bolter magazine capacity and replaces it with bolt pistol cap, grenades also reduced to 6. Just an idle thought, shouldn't assault marines have more grenades than tac marines and not less? my reading of the index astartes was that nromally the 4 or so grenades not on the belt are stored close to or hanging off of the backpack power unit, and since assault marines have the jump pack taking up the space normally reserved for this it preculdes having the 4 grenades. I'm still refining the ammo cap stuff and might likely swap the mags/grenades cap limits for assault marines, but for the moment I've been focusing more on the devastator/tac and the techmarine the main reason for ammo limitations in the first place is both to promote good gear selection by the team to complete objectives, and also to keep them thinking how best to tactically approach a situation instead of the omni-present solution being "I auto-fire my bolter". the other effect this seems to have is promoting more use of the squad-mode system to do epic stuff as a team rather than just a collection of marines all being epic individually.
  3. most interesting/fun mission I've come up with for my players was admittedly inspired by the ciaphas cain book series. from my original mission WIP file: "a human colony has defected to the side of the tau, denouncing the imperial creed, a strike force of guard and ordo hereticus elements is enroute to cleanse the planet, however first the xenos threat must be dealt with and avenues for xenos support of the heretics removed." their core primary was elimination of the heretic/tau command and control center, with a second primary of eliminating the tau commander. ended up being a 2-session mission, with about 43 different primary/secondary/tertiary objectives scattered around and ending with the full scale assault of the planet by IG and Witch Hunter forces.
  4. I've run into this as well with my players in some of our early deathwatch games. in the end I went back to an old copy of index astartes (#2 to be exact) and found a page that listed a marine's standard combat load using that and a little logic/ comparisons I came up with the following: 1) Fire selector modification: 2 magazines simultaneously loaded maximum ( different argument, only listed because it has bearing on the current one) 2) Grenades: 10 maximum, combination up to the player, the "non-excessive" requisition limits for the purposes of that cursed little RAW footnote in the book is 4 3) 6 bolter magazines on person, 2 in the gun (unless fire selector absent, then ) 4) bolt pistol cannot accept a fire selector, max spare clips 2. modifications for other wargear: 1) backpack ammo supply reduces spare bolter clips to 2, grenades to 6 2) jump pack removes bolter magazine capacity and replaces it with bolt pistol cap, grenades also reduced to 6. I have found that these limits keep the realism factor there (your character doesn't look like a walking arsenal, but a professional and competent soldier) and yet even on extended duration missions my players did not have too many worries about exhausing their ammunition supply. for those that want to know: Devastator maximum full auto rounds: 25 HB, 28 bolter (53 total) tac marine full auto rounds: 56 a multi-session mission (or very low req mission for the circumstances) is the only thing that might start to cause strain on the players, but keeps the absurdity out of a setting it doesn't belong in
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