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  1. Sorry, I could have sworn I posted this in the main forum, buuuuut, yeah. Thanks again, that's what I figured and you confirmed it!
  2. I just started AH and I've searched these forums for the FAQ (really only found the rules in reference form) and as many posts as I can, and I can't seem to find the answer to this, but I still apologize if it's been asked. Anyway, spells confuse me a bit. I'll use Find Gate as an example: Cast and exhaust to immediately return to Arkham from an Other World. So I pay the Sanity Cost, and roll. It fails... does the Spell exhaust and become unusable or can I pay the Sanity cost again until I go insane and roll again each time? I ASSUMED it exhausts right away, but it does say cast and exhaust, which leads me to believe that it only casts and exhausts when you can actually cast it... And while we're on that topic, if you're battling more than one monster, and you cast and exhaust a spell on the first monster, does the effect stay for the second monster? Or, when you're starting combat with the second monster, you can't use that spell since it is exhausted? I assume that second one, but I just want to be sure. Again, I apologize if this has been asked, and just direct me to the answer if that is the case, thanks!
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