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  1. Yes, I know the settings are centuries apart but I was curious if anyone has seen any Deathwatch house rules for incorporating Primaris marines? I have some ideas but it's difficult without starting them at higher XP equivalents since Adeptus Restartes are generally better in the fluff than Secondus marines in most comparisons. The XP system I think reflects the disparity well in that "normal" marines would get additional skills/traits/equipment to reflect their experience/renown whereas a newly inducted Primaris would have a boilerplate better starting point in terms of stats and basic equipment. p.s. I'm a big fan of the basic primaris Mk X models (not so much the others) but am having difficulty incorporating the IMO needless changes to the fluff.
  2. It has been a while since I regularly followed Deathwatch but I was surprised to see no news about it since the middle of last year on the tabs above especially no upcoming products. Is deathwatch getting a 2nd edition that will use the new mechanics I read about a while back in DH2? If FFG has stated otherwise and it isn't getting a revision, can someone post a link to that? With multiple new 40k rpgs post deathwatch getting the limelight and now Star Wars, I'm not sure what is going on with the future of this game line.
  3. Sheldon is going to be so pissed when he finds out…
  4. Picasso said: Ummmm….. Read the part about the creators Q&As. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4082 We are talking about this. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=254&efcid=6&efidt=809310
  5. ziggy2000 said: Now that I look at it more carefully, it does look like that may be the case! Unless, of course, they make the announcement before then. Plus more detailed info on the "Edge of Darkness" expansion for the card game. Now I'm even more excited to attend! Bring a camera and/or make sure your cellphone is full charged! P.s. is anyone else having problems with typing in this crappy forum software? It doesn't want to ever register my return button which is why this message is so badly formatted. Not having the problem anywhere else so its not a hardware issue on my end.
  6. Picasso said: Now I know a lot of people are running the math in this game and that is fine. I don't play that way. I also believe that if you don't roll three hits with a homing missile it is a fluke. You have a reroll. I roll two hits almost all the time with them and then pick up one or two more with the reroll. That happening four times in a row to a Falcon is going to bring it close to death if not death. Also if you get a little lucky and get some crits Poof! How are you getting the reroll you're talking about? Han doesn't let you pick and choose your dice for the reroll.
  7. DarthBart said: The major issue here, I think, is with the release date….it is like a year and a half too late. In my opinion this Starboard Game Tile Kit should be availble with the 1st wave. Now, when 90% of players already have a mat this won't be such a bestseller as it could be. Half of us, mats owners, would rather buy the tiles in one go with the core and expansions and save the bother of searching the net for a suitable mat. Hotz Art Works, GF9 and a lot of other companies saw the gap the FFG left them and did their business well. IIRC the game only came out last summer at gencon so it's been less than a year since it was prereleased at a convention (and definitely not a year and a half late). I think that this product unfortunately isn't specifically aimed at the superfan you generally find posting on forums like this who likely already owned a mat prior to the game's release and/or picked up a star wars themed one after. I think the target is more mass market like the kids you'd find waiting for their parents at Target or adults who grew up with star wars who might see it at Barnes and Noble and pick it up out of nostalgia. I doubt its a mistake that the box looks stackable (both for gamers and stores) with the core set. Those types of more casual gamers don't have ready made gaming setups and would find this set particularly useful since they likely wouldn't know about any of the alternatives mentioned in the thread (like mats or even felt material). They're not the ones who know what minis are coming and their status on the FFG website (whether on the boat, at the factory, etc)… They're not the ones who know that you can buy laser cut foam to store the minis in rather than just keeping the plastic bins (if they even do that). Casual gamers would find a table setup (with extra tiles above the "standard" 3x3 size they're likely to play) that is easily storable with no effort required to make (unlike 40k tables/terrain you need to assemble and paint) a very useful product. You'd be surprised how many internet savy gamers simply don't follow tabletop games online. At the local store in the area I moved into (not the one I currently play at though), they were playing 40k on white fold up tables and were amazed when I took a group collection up to buy some green felt to delineate the tables as no one had thought of that prior. I agree that the majority of gamers who post on these forums likely own or play on mats of some kind but that isn't true of the majority of gamers out there. Out of the 6 people I've played xwing with, only 1 person was registered on the forums and he hasn't logged in since early fall of last year. None of the people except me own a mat to play on despite owning over $100 each of xwing minis. 5 of the 6 local players are possible customers for this product… unfortunately, as the most die hard of them, I'm the odd man out. We're an important and vocal minority that shouldn't be ignored (as we unduely influence other gamers) but we're a minority nonetheless. The other important point is that despite the whining in this thread, it's likely that some of the people unhappy with it will buy it ANYWAYS. FFG knows that die hard fans are fickle but loyal and they're likely counting on it. I'm not happy with this product as it voluntarily excludes me as a customer and will NOT be buying it as I have no need for it at all. If they come out with a punch out set of terrain pieces, I'll gladly (ok.. well… maybe not "gladly" at $40 but gladly at $30) buy it as it works with what I've already got. In the meantime, I'll express my displeasure without the rhetoric and exaggeration that would make a North Korean PR agency blush. (not directed at Darth Bart specifically) p.s. Is anyone else finding their return button not working at all on this stupid forum software? I keep having to copy/paste text from other forums to break up paragraphs as the return button on the keyboard doesn't seem to work here. It works elsewhere both on/off the internet so it's not a hardware problem on my end but specific to this site.
  8. Have they come out with anything different for the game night kits besides the larger mill falc/slave 1 cards and target locks? WOTC used to change them every month or two for D&D and SWM when they had the license so I figured I'd ask.
  9. There are actually stars on each tile but they're admittedly very hard to make out. I didn't see them when I first saw the announcement and only noticed them when I clicked to enlarge the pics. I prefer my much more visible mat made from a hubble telescope picture. ">
  10. Viceroy Bolda said: For a mission I am planning, I will allow players to use Tie Advanced in place of Tie Bombers. They will cost the same points and pilot skill etc. but they will not have shields. Instead, I will let each "bomber" have three missile icons. As usual, players must use additional points for missiles. Thoughts? I think they'll end up playing very strangely. I'm not sure what they've come up with on BGG but I'd recommend following trends set up in the existing minis. Imps have no shields but equal hull and 1 better defense so I'd base the bomber on the Y wing and give it 5 hull and 2 defense (same offense). Give it the option for an ion gun (not turret) like in the old x-wing PC games for a point or two less than the cost of the one on the y-wing. Also, keep it at 2 proton max.
  11. Lets not get ridiculous and melodramatic here, people. Is this a worse idea than coming out with a mat and then with larger punchout terrain that everyone can use instead of tiles that knock existing customers with mats out of the potential pool? Absolutely, but it's not some game disaster. Is the set on the expensive side? Sure… but the old D&D tiles from WOTC were a great deal and came 4 or 5 in a pack for $15 before they discontinued them as individual packs and that was several years ago. These tiles are bigger and you get 12 for $40 which isn't much of an individual price increase considering its been a few years and there are licensing costs involved in this that weren't involved in the D&D ones. Again, I'm not saying that I actually like this idea compared to the alternatives nor will I be getting it but it's not the unmitigated disaster that chicken littles are chirping about.
  12. DarkFather said: The SD is already in 2 pieces, the nose section and th larger rear section. I do have plans on it eventually going to my LGS for use, but our local SW:XMG playing group is only 4-6 players total. With that in mind, most games will probably be played at my house, in my gaming room, where I have an 8'x4' purpose built gaming table/cabinet. I do have an SUV btw, and the 2 sections do fit in it comfortably. Cool, glad you thought of it first. I was worried that a nice piece like that would snap at the base of the tower if lifted by a single person. Bringing and hosting that will definitely make some kids' and even plenty of adults' day at a local convention. As for movement, I'd probably just recommend an increase in elevation taking off 1 from the movement as measured from directly above. i.e. if you want to move 3 forward but that takes you over a one step elevation change, you must declare a 4 forward but use the 3 forward for actual movement as measured from a top down perspective. Firing is a bit harder though since the ruler is different… maybe and elevation change equals half a range bracket as measured from above? i.e. shooting at someone one elevation up/down and over two and a half on the range ruler means the ship is out of range.
  13. It's looking incredible so far so kudos on the work being done. I don't know where you're located but that would be a great addition to any local minis gaming or scifi conventions you have locally. The only suggestion I'd make is that you cut it up into 2 to 3 pieces for easier transport. Unless you've got a large SUV or truck, I suspect it'll be difficult to transport to the FLGS or cons (assuming you attend or play at either).
  14. Yeah, I kind of figured that they'd sell out at the store level and need a reorder but I'm a bit surprised at them selling out at FFG if its true. When you guys swing by the game store the next time, ask them if they've had trouble reordering (assuming that they've attempted to) to see if we can confirm the sell out at the manufacturer level.
  15. Yeah, Target carries the starter and Barnes does the starter and boosters (at least with wave 1.. haven't been there this week). I just figured I'd give some local alternatives to look at right off the bat if the FLGS do sell out and can't reorder. Even when people were mentioning not being able to pick up either core or boosters, they were sitting unsold at the big box stores in my area.
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