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  1. i have aim, yim, msn, and g-mail messengers, yim is fine with me, sjachmiirik is my add for aim and i added you already
  2. its your life point multipule, which is always based on your class. at least i think thats right, im still learning the system myself
  3. Yes it is, sorry another question about the advantage "Free Access to Any Psychic Discipline" Does that mean you dont have to spend the one 1 pp to become affinited with the discipline or what is with that?
  4. Ok not sure if this has been asked before but gonna ask anyways: Question, ok everyone here has looked over the frelancer class i hope, The secondary innate bonus, which to quote from the book says, "+10 to five different abilities per level?" 1) Does this include primary abilities? Or does it only apply to secondary abilities? Second of all the special of the freelancer, only paying 20 dp to change class Does this mean that a fighter wanting to change to a freelancer only have to pay 20 dp to do so, or does the fighter still have to wait two levels then pay 20 dp or just wait the two levels?
  5. Indeed, just i just need to roll up a character but now that my unstanding of things is a little better, epic trouble is ahead indeed
  6. I agree with Khairn, have a slightly better understanding of the system at the moment due to reading posts here and asking a question or two of my own but knowing when and where and which im you would use would be very helpful to know
  7. Sorry to double post but looking into it more makes me think it is based on class no?
  8. Ok a quick question then.. I was reading in the book about the primary and secondary abilities. And it gives and example in the book about how Celia's player spends 100 dp on Acrobatics and gets a base of 50 for acrobatics. So for secondary abilities however much dp you spend on them you divide it in half or what? Further more is the same type of thing for primary abilities?
  9. Hello i have had the book for a little while now. I have read into it some but havent really gotten around to studying it like a good gm or player should. I would love to play in a casual online game to see what it is like from a player stand point. Mind you it might take me a little to get things right considering it would be my first time and all but it sounds like fun
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