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  1. ganapatiom said: Second Torotno AGOT evening at Deuling Grounds. Still just the two of us. Martel has rules the day again. Hope some more can join up at Fan Expo. I need to check this forums more often... I would have been able to make those days and lead House Stark to glory!
  2. ganapatiom said: Hi there. Just wanted to let everyone know we are still on for AGOT play at the Fan Expo next weekend so get your decks ready. If we have enough people show up, there will be a tournament. If not a tourney, then some sort of playing will happen. I'll write later in the week about where and when to sign up. Please help get the word out. Man this sucks... I won't be able to make Fan Expo. Make sure to get a list of peoples contacts, that way we can have meet ups. I DON'T WANNA GO BACK TO MAGIC FOR REGULAR CARD GAME PLAY!!! Please don't make me go back to Magic.
  3. Hey guys, after spending sometime with the rules, how do you think the game would run in a tournament setting? Also do you think that FFG could push a game like this to be competitive?
  4. Hey guys, I would love to get into this action as well! I was curious that maybe we do a meetup before fanexpo? I know in another post ganapatiom was talking about space for us at "Dueling Grounds". I would totally be down for some GoT. Just letting you know in advance my card pool is very limited (LoW, CS and 2 chapter packs) but I am willing and able to play. I also know another player who may be interested in joining in. Thoughts?
  5. ganapatiom said: Getting something going here in Toronto. What "something" means depends on who is around and what they're into. Mainly gearing up for some gaming, possibly a tournament at Fan Expo in a few weeks. Beyond that there is a great room at the Dueling Grounds gaming store on Brock and Bloor. I've talked to the owner and he's given us space on Friday evenings. I'd like to meet up this Friday. Anyone around and want to play? Do you think you could wait till next friday to do this ganapatiom? I would be able to make it then. Keep in mind I just have the core set and LoW but I would be willing to do a few fights!
  6. That seems pretty harmless and I think it would be a great thing for newcomers to focus on. The only issue I see is you lose all suspense of what you are going to be deal with on the hulk. Which is half of the fun with the game.
  7. Avii

    Favorite team?

    Well after playing my first solo game. I have to say that the green and grey teams are my favourite! Green is just great overkill abilities, block and dead aim are my friends. I love grey for the librarian! I mean his ability is able to sweep through swarms like a knife through butter. Not too mention the force field ability allows me to take a much needed breath.
  8. Never before in a solo board game have I been so thrashed. I mean this game should be the picture example in the dictionary for "unforgiving". It is hard as hell and seems like a pain to win...But my god is it ever fun. I never have been so challenged by a game before and I like it. My only issue is the set up time and the amount of flipping between pages in the rule book. I actually have a few questions regarding the game and maybe my teams will last a lil longer. 1) When a marine dies and you shift the formation, does the terrain follow and every thing get pushed up or down? 2) Why is it so easy to lose marines and is there a way I can prevent them from dying so easily? 3) What teams work best for a solo run? I can a green/blue/silver group and it was easy to work with till either the swarms got too big to manage or I lost key characters, thus abilities became useless. Thanks so much of the help guys. Hopefully I'll win eventually...Providing my strats are solid and that the dice gods favour me for once.
  9. Avii

    Upgrade Pack Question

    Alright everyone thanks for the advice. Upgrade pack it is! Also the board changes are not that big of a deal for me. I just wanna get my old game ready for the new expansion and Highlands!
  10. Hey guys, I have the Black Industries version of 4th ed and I know for the expansions that I need to get the upgrade pack. My question is, were there any changes to the board/ details in the spaces? If there were do I really need to fix up my board?
  11. Avii

    Video Game?

    Thels what are the name of the games? Also is there a 4th edition version? I mean I love Talisman but the newer editions are just so much for appealing to the eye!
  12. Dam said: Troll. Nothing is quite a cool as a Craft 10 Troll that can take on a Demon while flinging spells left and right . That is scary to think about...
  13. Avii


    Now imagine this online with like Vassal. O imagine the sort of scenario's you could do? Trench run re-enactment anyone!? I am..... I AM SO EXCITIED!!! *tuskan raider cheer*
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