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  1. Hello FFG, We've only recently started using TTS due to the COVID19 situation and prior to that we were meeting face to face, using purchased materials of the product. TTS was an absolute saviour to our Arkham Friday nights. I understand needing to pull it because of your trademark but have you considered even the timing of the situation? And now to even suggest this, is an absolute tone-deaf suggestion or a slap in the face. I understand you might be thinking that you could sell more product (which by the way is very hard to acquire, if at all in the present situation) but I hope you've consider the PR or goodwill costs. It does not look good on you at all.
  2. I think not having an in-print errata is something we just have to live with when it comes to playing card games. I don't think Magic even sweats about this and that game has rarities where the price of cardboard is over inflated. Imagine going through hoops to get an errata version of Takada only to get him re-fixed and banned. Errata are faster than the presses (then shipping and release too).
  3. Hm, I honestly question who asked for this setting. I feel there isn't much of an overlap between the card game and RPG players.
  4. If Season of War was shuffling the cards back in your deck, I'm more inclined to agree.
  5. RIP the Wall Deck. I imagine sometimes game design goes through the process of introducing something and then introducing the counter, which is natural. Sometimes the counter is extraneous because the theme is strong enough to see play or a much needed answer. I suppose it was better to release the answer in advance rather than too late. However, I don't think the Wall deck was ever going to set the world on fire. Season of War should have been put into a Clan and/or the given influence (even as a neutral card, like they existed in Netrunner), so that it exists in the environment but doesn't hose complete archetypes without any effort. There is actually zero opportunity costs to running this card, it replaces itself so you can comfortably play a 43 card deck.
  6. Does anyone have an idea of how many player cards there is in this game to date? I unfortunately don't play this game from home and my current storage solution won't suit this game in the near future. Preferably, I'd like to be able to bring all of the player cards and there are many storage solutions out there but I'm just hoping that I'm buying the right one that will last at least another cycle. Player cards being investigator cards + all weaknesses and potential gains from the story. Thank you in advance.
  7. This thread has been infected by maho, the dead raising kind. Phoenix, should have known. 😐
  8. I wouldn't say that you always had free roles in casual, as some groups adhere to ban/restricted/erratas to play the game "as intended". Again, this is group dependent but this lift the burden from those groups.
  9. The twist: the Crab pack doesn't have a 6 coster as the FFG reasoning is that they gave them 6 holdings instead.
  10. At the moment, everything is legal at the moment and it should stay that way probably 9 months (at the absolutely unlikely earliest) to maybe a year. 3 core is absolutely needed for competitive play but I will say you can make legal and workable decks at 2 core for casual play.
  11. The Kaiu is going to be major sad times when she gets clouded and you opponents goes "whew, thanks for taking care of that busted holdings problems for me". But yeah, Dragon splash seems like the good call here.
  12. Right, but it would become the only trait to have mechanical benefits. I feel FFG wouldn't go back to add further complication to old cards but more likely print new things with those effects so that they can pay the bills with new product. Some of the Yojimbo cards have yojimbo-like themes (mostly defensive), just not all of them are very good.
  13. I suppose this my vary by difficulty, but let's talk about standard. When would you try an "optional" test (such as investigating for clues or location test to pass a story or even attempt to fight/evade) or just do something else (such as move to a location or draw a card or gain a resource). Would you attempt if you had a zero difference with the skill involved? +1? +2? When is it okay to risk a low difference check? Edit: I feel The Circle Undone need a mention as haunted really makes "trying" not really a good option as failure has huge costs. You have to be in it to win it.
  14. It's a bit unfortunate that an LCG's main selling point has inadvertently also become its barriers. The long term costs of playing an LCG is vastly cheaper than that of a CCG and cuts away the complication of chasing rares, especially in smaller communities. For a while during oL5R, playing with one-ofs even on the kitchen table felt miserable. However, people are interested in the immediate start up, especially when they aren't sure if this is something they want to commit to. Working with what we have with now and as they are, it would be neat see a community made "start-up shortcuts" if players are interested in certain clans so they feel they don't need to buy into every pack if they are interested in playing certain decks.
  15. I'll hit the "Getting New Players In" button every time when asked this question. Unfortunately, LCGs tend to suffer from this problem. From the release of core to the early cycles is generally the cutting point of who will be playing this game years from now. If your group has a strong early foundation, you might be set up for the future. At least, that's assumption judging from the local Netrunner community. Very few players got in after a certain point. Rotation is good for getting new players in but also a bane when it comes to designing starter product, which is even more true when lined up with the role locking process. Erik's deck could have been great but unfortunately illegal due to the role locking process and Restricted List (which I'd say that the latter is fully understandable...the former is debatable to this day). What would be my work around with the current structure as is? It would have to be some sort of role neutral, ever-green..potentially under-powered starter deck that will never make it to the RL. Unfortunately, this deck will lose 9 out of 10 times (potentially 10 out of 10 vs a competitive deck) but it does put a product in the market "start this game with playsets at the same price as a Magic starter". Even then, I feel something like this might be disingenuous or in vain. Supposedly, the Thrones starters did not inject new blood. . TLDR: I don't have a good answer.
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