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  1. Well, seeing as all the core stuff was suffering from cavalry tax, I'd say that potentially the new Stronghold is a tax return. That said, I wonder if it's going to affect the future pricing of other Unicorn cards as I recall Unicorn started with more gold in oL5R but their cards were taxed in the same way with often no abilities to speak of. But yeah, old cavalry was also stupidly good.
  2. In Search of Honor seems like the best one considering its Glory is going to be high?
  3. Hordeoverseer

    Getting things wrong

    So trying to get a consensus of how people play their games here: What do people do when they find out they got things wrong mid-game or after the game? Like, someone should have taken damage or that chaos draw should have been -4 instead of a -1. Do people keep going, go back or redo the whole campaign again?
  4. Hordeoverseer

    Is game result determined by match-up?

    Admittedly, it might be kind of unfair to go "X Clan, Crane Honour Rocket, and random stack of cards can't beat a Scorpion Clan deck, so there's no reason to play this game". I suppose my friend felt the game would be playable if it was entirely fair. They did propose that a sideboard would make the game bearable. I'm a bit skeptical about that, wouldn't Scorpion be able to dump all of their attachment removal for other cards? There might be a fallacy to think you've played your best game and believe your opponent played less than that yet still beat you. It can happen, as we are playing a card game with random draws and not chess.
  5. So this came up a few times when I talk to my friends who quit the game and I feel rather obligated to get to the bottom of this with some more opinions. Generally, the consensus is that if two equal players play against each other, the match up is determined by what clans they play. Let's take an extreme example and say someone chooses to play Crane honour rocket into old Scorpion SH, that would be 'impossible' for the former. Their hyperbole aside, let's say impossible is 20/80. Is there potentially some truth to that?
  6. A Mantis who honours himself, now I've seen everything!
  7. Let's not end the game just yet, please. I expect to see this card one year from today, at best really. I don't think it's going to be in the pipe for a while because art + testing + production + announcement + shipping etc.
  8. Hordeoverseer

    Tic Tac FFG ( 2019 schedule releases)

    Hey, Children of the Empire could still be a multiplayer pack. MAYBE the one-of cards are actually ring cards. If they are sleeved in different colours, the multiplayer format could be less tacky in that aspect as rings are moved around. You really need unique rings for it to work.
  9. Hordeoverseer

    New Hatamoto rules

    Yeah, the new Hatomoto requirement is harsh. It was already harsh that some Unicorn didn't even get a hatamoto at some events earlier in the year, I believe. This policy apparently escalated to where you need a perfect record (on paper) to get hatamoto status. I could only assume this is potentially a measure to save costs and prevent people from parading in a cape made of hatamoto mats. However, I do wonder what TOs are going to do with their other 6 mats that won't see the day of light, ship them back? The prize wall is nice but this does further skew people to play the best stuff. Getting two koku is better than one, right?
  10. Hordeoverseer

    Tic Tac FFG ( 2019 schedule releases)

    I suspect (completely baseless) that there will be no dynasty cycle this year. It seems rather crazy FFG would overlap releases upon releases. This would make it a moderate year, however it would also make it a stale one outside of the Clans getting their releases.
  11. Hordeoverseer

    The Jade Throne Podcast

    Yeah, it's a bit of an issue and especially listening through headphones/ear buds. The content is entertaining but it feels like you have to lose 2 honour to play it. Doable but my ears pay something for it.
  12. I was on board at zero fate but at 2 fate, wow. Sometimes you might be able to hit the discard pile jackpot but 2 fate is pretty high. Then again, there are people who think that stealing secrets card is playable at 1 fate + 1 fate from a character, so this is for them? On second take, this is perhaps more comparable to Ancestor's Strength. It makes it okay, perhaps one fate too much. This gives you the ability too, so perhaps why it had to cost one more. It can't be recycled however and has a steeper requirement.
  13. With the Scorpion AMA on Halloween, I wonder if this preview will be the most bone chilling one of all? Pay 5, dishonour everyone on your opponent's side?
  14. Unless Chasing the Sun had a built in effect like Pathfinder's Blade, I don't think it'll see play. It's like giving your opponent the advantage of running into two provinces in one attack. Maybe if Chasing the Sun worked like old school cavalry...but that would be so non-interactive.
  15. Especially when Keeper Initiates are pretty good with Witch Hunter and their box (not that the box is great but using it on 3 Initiates on defense is pretty good). Double down on Seeker in Crab would be crippling in options. Also, I used to be for opening up the roles but I'm starting to see that the role power level are really starting to become an issue here. Void is just way too good and Elemental Cycle has failed to close the gap on some roles. Nobody is going to pick Earth because of Specialize Defenses or the Lion +3 POL writ. With FoF on RL soon, that just surges the value of Void upwards and everything becomes secondary. I agree FoF was a problem but this just furthers the role inequity. I suspect (baseless speculation) the designers thought that provinces with a low strength and break effects were a bad thing. Upholding Authority would have been a big boost to earth but having it at 5 strength is actually lousy.