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  1. Hordeoverseer

    Agency Backup

    I feel it's a tad over costed with how much XP you're pumping into it. Beat cop (2) seems better economically, even if it does less. If it gave +1 investigation and +1 physical, now it becomes appealing. As it stands, it seems to only fit into potentially Leo and friends (or maybe not).
  2. Hordeoverseer

    Teaching the Game with TCU-Prologue

    There should be a manual to demo the game to people with things on the board and cards in your hand, only. Play maybe like 3 turns for people and end the game.
  3. Hordeoverseer

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    Man, I hope they aren't doing 1 of Neutral Provinces now. It hurts my multiple decks (first world problems). I guess we get a greater quantity of cards.
  4. Hordeoverseer

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    I'll wait and see where Disguise takes us, but I feel it's likely a power creep to make bow actions less relevant, which will in turn may see more bow actions distributed openly. We might even see Mirumoto's Fury being taken off the restricted list, who knows. I just kind of wish that they didn't name it Disguise, it reeks of sneakiness that bushi and etc from half the Clans likely won't do. Kind of wished it was called promotion or ascension or something, like a hero emerges from the rank and file, proving themselves to be worth of glory and recognition. You know, samurai doing fantasy samurai stuff in a fantasy samurai game.
  5. Hordeoverseer

    Arkham Novellas

    Well, it's out according to the site and stores around the world seem to have it. However, Canada (Ontario more specifically) does not.
  6. Hordeoverseer

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Hitomi is an actual beast, piratically a For Shame x2 on a stick (x4 if Way of the Dragon ever sees play), bowing and dishonour are just going to happen. This might even edge Dragon going toward the Crab style military/dishonour route into their tool kit. The Dragon 2 cost is pretty solid. I'm sure some Dragon players might brush him off but a 2/2 for 2 (really for 1) with zero glory an ability that allows him to slap off Ornate Fans at the very least is nothing to ignore.
  7. I recall there was a shipping delay during the Scorpion pack release where it ended up being lumped together with the RPG releases and its own novella. It wasn't intentional but that made it for a very pricey L5R weekend when it came to merchandise collecting purchases.
  8. Hordeoverseer

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    Back to the main topic, it seems they are still slowly churning material for all systems after reaching it maturity, which is good. However, still nothing for the Imperial side it seems. They are sitting on a mine of untapped material and it makes me think that they are deliberately avoiding it for whatever reason, by moral obligation or naive idealism that people only want to play the good guys forever.
  9. I like Political Sanction but I feel it's one those cards that would see play "because of X, Y and Z", mostly that it's contentious in the mirror and Scorpion. It also doesn't stop Kisada, Guest of Honour or Isawa Takeda.
  10. Hordeoverseer

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Maybe in "Bid 1 Scorpion" decks. Aggressive Scorpion decks actually want to maintain a higher bid than you, so that they get card advantage and City of the Open Hand ensures you don't really gain that honour that was handed over. In a sense, they are able to fish for those extra copies in their deck without needing the help of any other cards other than their Stronghold. However, I suppose it could be a game closer when you can use it to spam Way of the Scorpion/Court Games/For Shame on their whole board to dishonour them out but they might have already gotten the hint to lower their bids before that. Early in the game, you don't quite get the equity as fewer cards have been played. The lower bid require does make for an interesting conundrum to fairly balance the card. More of these cards would make for a more variety bid meta potentially.
  11. Hordeoverseer

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Here's hoping that smuggling deal doesn't police and hamper Crab characters in the future. I actually suspect that all of the Reprieve and Iron Mine tech might have already done that, making the design team not wanting to give something bonkers to something that might stay on the table all game (barring a Cloud). #crabconspiracytheories On the naming of Warm Welcome, sure it has nothing to do with the ability but I think I gave up on that in oL5R when event cards had typically two printed abilities on them, and an upwards of 4. Try naming 4 things on one card.
  12. Hordeoverseer

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    In any other Clan, he's meh. You have to understand that this is the first 2/2 Dynasty Crab character with a greater than 3 stat sum that doesn't have a restriction (like the yojimbo). Coupled with the rare courtier trait and zero glory, it's something to consider. that probably says more about Crab side dynasty than anything. At this point, the ability is just icing. I'm sure the Lion chats will blow up when they finally get their 2/2 for 2
  13. Hordeoverseer

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Uhm, I'm sure that answer previously existed in For Shame (albeit some work) but especially with Fate Worse Than Death. But sure, I guess you meant an out of conflict bow. Waiting for a Scorpion attachment removal, as Call in Favours is pretty lame to use on Cloud The Mind. Honestly, Cloud the Mind seems like a better answer than Kirei-Ko when thinking the gauntlet of things I'd rather stop than allow happen and bow re-actively. Other than Mitsu blocking a sacred sanctuary. If it's not January, is it March? I believe there was mention that FFG February release were less likely because of the manufacturers?
  14. Hordeoverseer

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    It kinda of baffles me that they'll print 1/3 stats for Scorpion two costs (another one) but I suppose their Dynasty is supposedly bad, right? Then again, I just personally think 1/3 is the best statline for any two costs, one edge allows you to freely poke and the other allows you to threaten break on an undefended province.
  15. Hordeoverseer

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    3 experience cards should definitely have 3 experience effects. The 0xp effects are okay and I'd be willing to experiment with them at no cost. The experienced versions are underwhelming nor do they introduce/reinforce an archetype. I've re-read the Mystic Scroll of Secrets to see if I missed something, it's so bad. I personally don't see value in encounter deck RNG, and it's only one card at that. Ward of Protection is reactionary and won't cost you two actions.