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  1. Hello there! On Oct 5, 2010, at 6:32 PM, Gavin Sayles wrote: Ross, I noticed you have been responding to questions about the many ambiguous / unclear rules and examples from Deathwatch Core Rule Book. Very commendable. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. However, I have a few questions of my own, if you would be kind enough to indulge me? 1) It states on page 159, in the 1st paragraph titled Special Issue Ammunition: “Special Issue Ammunition for Heavy Bolters adds +5 to the requisition total.” This is due to the increased clip size. Which clip size does this refer to? The clip size of 60 of the Heavy Bolter or the clip size of 250 for the Backpack Ammo Supply? Page 159, second paragraph simply states that Special Issue Ammunition for Heavy Bolters adds +5 to the requisition total. The +5 applies to all special issue ammunition for Heavy Bolters, regardless of whether it is in the backpack or the weapon clip/magazine. 2) I have seen in one of your previous responses that Requisition Points handed out for any given mission as set by Table 9-4: Setting Requisition is for the whole team, who have an equal share of, as opposed to being per team member. So, is the example following on page 274 wrong? This example illustrates that each Battle-Brother gets 62 Requisition Points to spend on equipment - not the whole team divided amongst them... Please post this answer on the message boards if you wish: Mea culpa...It would seem that my logis implant failed due to irregular maintenance and not enough blessed oils! The correct answer for Requisition is that it is per Space Marine in the Kill-team, not per group as I had previously stated. The servitor responsible has been duly re-lobotomized. 3) Does a Fire Selector hold 3 standard size clips for the weapon it is used with? And, if so, can it be used with a Storm Bolter? A) 3 Clips of 28 rounds each for the Astartes Bolter (Godwyn) B) 3 Clips of 60 rounds each for the Astartes Storm Bolter? That’s 180 rounds of ammunition! Yes (it can hold up to 3), and Yes. 4) Does Special Issue Ammunition purchased for an Astartes Storm Bolter (60 rounds) cost the same amount of Requisition Points as for a standard Astartes Bolter (28 rounds)? Yes. The armouries of the Deathwatch are well-stocked... 5) A Deathwatch Tactical Marine gets one clip of Special Issue Ammunition up to the value of 25 Requisition Points per mission as part of his Starting Equipment. Is this clip only intended to used in the Marines Standard Issue Bolter? Or, could the marine requisition a Storm Bolter or Heavy Bolter and use the clip in this newly acquired weapon, as long as the 25 points limit is adhered to? The special ammunition included in the Tactical Marine's standard issue is intended for the Tactical Marine's standard issue equipment. To represent the flexible nature of the Deathwatch's organisation, I think it would be fine if the GM wished to allow the Tactical Marine to use that special issue ammunition for another weapon he has requisitioned. 6) When an Opposed Skill test is made, do the degrees of success of the loser negate any degrees of success of the winner? i.e. A Librarian is using his Force Weapon’s special ability and makes a focus power test (with 4 degrees of success) vs opposed WP test of the victim (with 1 degree of success). Does the Librarian have 4 d.o.s. or only 3 d.o.s.? Yes, in an Opposed Test, degrees of success from the defender cancel out those of the attacker. In the example given, the Librarian would have succeeded at the Opposed Test with three degrees of success. 7) Can a focus power test made for using the Force Sword’s special ability generate Psychic Phenomena / Perils of the Warp? And, can the test be made using the 3 power levels as per casting normal Psychic Powers? Yes, and yes. Ross Watson Senior RPG Developer Fantasy Flight Games rwatson@fantasyflightgames.com
  2. Yeah - I got same answer from Ross. Requisition Points are per marine, not per team. Also, I got an answer on the Force Weapon Question. The special ability is used just like a psychic power i.e. choose power level, roll test + psy rating x5. This can generate perils and phenomena. Also, he confirmed that the D.o.S. from the defender subtract D.o.S. from the attacker on opposed rolls to determine the final D.o.S.... So, librarian rolls test and gets 3 D.o.S. Defender rolls WP test and gets 2 D.o.S. Librarian successfully uses ability with a total of 1 D.o.S. Dont know why, but I CANT COPY AND PASTE the **** email he sent me! Dont really wanna copy it word for word - I asked a fair number of questions. Anyone got any idea why I cant copy and paste in this text box???
  3. angelis1974 said: I don't have the book with me, but if you check before the traits section it shoul dtel you that tactical marines get the command skill trained Correct!
  4. ak-73 said: sayles78 said: Fury of Sanguinius: The cohesion is spent upon activation, the special abilities then last for the remainder of that turn, and the following turn up to the start of the activating team members turn. I'm not sure if you can use more than once (spending the necessary cohesion) per combat... Lead by Example is ALWAYS active - spending the cohesion once. A team member may out of squad mode to use his own solo abilities, then come back in and still benefit from LBE. For me - it's way better. Starts off a bit under-impressive, but gets good, and is always of some assistance even at low levels. Non-sustained abilities last one combat, page 219. Alex Yes, but the description of F.o.S. specifically states how long it lasts (page 222), which in my view, over rules the general description of how long abilities last. Quote: A Battle-Brother of the Blood Angels chapter may call out to his Primarch Sanguinius to strengthen his arm and and fill him with rage against his foes. Until the start of his next turn, the Battle-Brother, and those in support range of him add +10 to their Weapon Skill, Strength and Toughness... I do agree this is somewhat of a contradiction (and there are many in that book!), but, a specific description, for a specific power takes precedence over generalised descriptions.
  5. FoxPhoenix135 said: As the title says, my copy only has traits listed in the specialty section for the Deathwatch Tactical marine. Big oversight, or do I have a misprinted copy? I want some skills for my tactical marine! I'm pretty sure that's intentional. You can choose a number of skills off General Space Marine, Chapter and Deathwatch advance tables. The other specialities get skills to compliment their specialities. A tactical marine is pretty NON-SPECIALISED. Plus, he gets a good head start Equipment, starting talents (Bolter Mastery is awesome), and plenty of choice of good talents to choose from per level. Some specialities get less choice of talents than tac marines do.
  6. Fury of Sanguinius: The cohesion is spent upon activation, the special abilities then last for the remainder of that turn, and the following turn up to the start of the activating team members turn. I'm not sure if you can use more than once (spending the necessary cohesion) per combat... Lead by Example is ALWAYS active - spending the cohesion once. A team member may drop out of squad mode to use his own solo abilities, then come back in and still benefit from LBE. For me - it's way better. Starts off a bit under-impressive, but gets good, and is always of some assistance even at low levels.
  7. The more I think about it, the happier I am with the idea of less Req Points. That makes the Signature Wargear Talents seem much more attractive, and, much more useful. If you want specialised gear, that's the way to obtain it. The req points per mission should be used for: Extra Special Issue Ammo Clip (1 clip - not 5!) Pooling together for a heavy weapon you think may be useful. Obtaining a chainsword (not Powerfist) for your tac marine. A flamer for the assault marine. 1 meltagun (not one each!) for some extra close range punch vs armour. With lots of req points per marine, every tactical marine will end up running around with Powerfists and Thunderhammers and the like, which, if you've ever read any of the books, does not feel right. Every class of character starts out with awesome wargear already. At least this way a Tactical Marine will value and stick with his standard issue bolter a lot more, instead of getting that power sword and storm bolter combo as soon as he hits respected, swapping for a MC Storm Bolter and Powerfist at Distinguished etc.
  8. Lucius Valerius said: So are some tables and wording around the book.. Are we sure the table was infact updated to account for the change from "per member" (as seen in the examples) to "per group" ? Very true. That could be the case and the table wasn't updated. Possible, but unlikely. Either way - whatever was meant to be on that table, is obviously for the group, not per individual. It went from every kill-team member having what seemed like way too much requisition to them having bell all!
  9. LGD said: Basically, aside from what Mr. Watson said, which would be pretty easy to chalk up to an innocent error, is there any actual reason to think it doesn't work on a per-individual basis? Well, no. Is there any actual reason to think that book is really the Deathwatch Core Rulebook at all?
  10. This question was answered by Ross Watson, Lead Developer of Deathwatch. Posted in the Errata / FAQ thread. His answer was, that the Requisition Points generated from table 9-4 is for the whole team - not each team member. The example that follows on saying 62 Requisition Points per Battle-Brother is an error, as SO many examples in this book are.
  11. Cifer said: Um... was that ever the question? No RPG works by following the RAW, that's why tabletop gaming hasn't been completely replaced by video games. However, given the substantial evidence from the tabletop and more importantly the incarnations of Force Weapons in DH and RT, it's fairly clear what interpretation to choose - the one that doesn't suddenly require to construct a mechanic never seen in the rest of the game, a psychic action that doesn't conform to the Fettered/Unfettered/Push Focus Power rules and just picks out an arbitrary part of it. We agree on something sir. A psychic (force) weapon, being used by a psyker, making a test based on his psy-rating using same attribute as a psychic power, said test being described in the psychic (force) section. Jeez.
  12. Einbauschrank said: I would apply the -20 modifier as you still get the horde magnitude bonus from ~+30-60, which nets at least +10. By not shooting into the general area where your battle-brother is dishing it out you restrict yourself and should be penalized. This ^ I'm happy with that explanation.
  13. LGD said: Fairly bitter and I don't think that noting a sword is objectively inferior to a gun in a long ranged engagement over a barren field without cover is calling attention to a major balance issue that needs to be addressed. You're also using bad logic and ignoring context- for example a Heavy weapon doesn't prevent you from dodging but neither does the Power Fist and it isn't like you can use the Heavy Bolter to parry either. The Power Fist also can (and usually will) be combined with a Balanced weapon in the offhand, which can be swung for an extra attack using a 500xp talent you can pick up at character creation. While I certainly agree being a super-deadly melee combatant takes more XP and a higher rank than being a deadly ranged attacker the double XP thing is misleading as you really don't need to boost strength like you do Weapon Skill since you start with a decent strength bonus already. Plus, for all the opportunity cost associated with it, melee mastery has a decidedly higher "skill cap" than ranged combat. A ranged specialist is dangerous until you close with them and then they're extremely disadvantaged versus a better melee specialist in a way the melee combatant is not at range- a range your Assault marine should have zero trouble closing since achieving a base agility bonus of 5 or more lets you move 92 yards as a run action. You're emphasizing the disadvantages of melee specialization while ignoring the substantial potential benefits over ranged combat in the appropriate circumstances. And if you absolutely don't think you can engineer those advantageous circumstances (despite the fact that short range fights are probably going to be over 90% of the combat in DW) then you can get a gun that you'll probably be pretty effective with for very little requisition- the low cost of entry to shooting cuts both ways and your BS should be respectable enough even as an assault marine. I will agree, however, that melee characters are disadvantaged when it comes to starting equipment. This can be pretty easily rectified by letting characters start at the "Respected" rather than "Initiated" level of renown, which gives assault specialists access to their basic power weapons and gives everybody else access to the gear actual "veteran" Space Marines should have anyway. Bolters will still be a bit more dangerous more thanks to the DW rules for Righteous Fury but honestly the problem lies with the Righteous Fury rules more than anything else- look at how absurdly gross they make Lascannons. A number of good points. It is at the starting / early levels that I have a major problem with the balance. Just seems to bum a bit. Starting at respected is a good idea - but that is changing the existing rules to balance it out - which they should have done when writing the **** system! I do think that a team full of ranged experts would suck. Yes, they would kick out some AWESOME damage at range, but a canny GM would just send in a bunch of close combat monsters in a confined space and cause em havoc. A group containing melee capabilities would certainly help here. You are right on some points, but still, it does benefit to use ranged combat over melee early on for damage output. Big time. And yeah, righteous fury sucks big time. It is way over the top - and again, seems to benefit ballistic weapons more. It's too good with either group though. Needs dumming down.
  14. Cifer said: @stormyfs A close combat build is more than possible, excelling at single target takedowns. You just have to be sensible when it comes to the hordes. That depends entirely on your talents. The current record-holder for horde slaughtering seems to be an assault marine. It's the friendly combination of Thunder Charge (+1D5+1 unarmed attacks on a charge),Lightning Attack (three attacks), Preternatural Speed (use Lightning Attack on a charge), Two-Weapon Wielder (for yet another Attack), Wrathful Descent (flat +1d10 damage to horde magnitude on a charge) and Whirlwind of Death (double all that) that does it - 1d5+5 attacks, 1D10 flat damage and all of that doubled. And there's a few ways to upgrade that even further, but then you'll probably want a computer to help with all the die rolling and adding... @sayles Not to mention one might have to run (or jump pack) 100 metres to hit someone with said powerfist, by which time the ranged guys have probably mopped them all up causing multiple righteous furies on full auto bursts with all their special ammo and what-not. I give you a heartfelt awww... right before pointing out that this usually takes about one round of running (AB 5, Hulking -> 36 metres, doubled for the jumppack to 72, while being at a -40 to hit due to Hard Target) and one charge (18 metres standard, doubled for Jump Pack to 36). All those feats you mentioned that increase damage vs hordes have to be purchased, and aren't available to early level characters. With regards to the 100m sprint in 2 rounds - fair point. But that is still one round with 0 attacks, and a 2nd round with only 1. Compared to 2 rounds of full auto from bolt wepaons... Not everyone is going to take Hard Target. You cant factor in every single talent available to melee guys when talking about melee. Who the hell as ALL these talents??? And if a melee guy did have all these - think about the talents a ranged specialist could have taken with same xp.
  15. Brother Praetus said: evilamericorp said: The force sword's channeling is not a psychic power, it is an action granted by the item. You do not choose a power level to go with it (this only happens with psychic powers), and are therefore are not subject to phenomena/perils. You are incorrect. The special ability of a Force Weapon (page 155) requires a Focus Power Test. Per the write-up of the Focus Power Test action (page 239), it is a Psychic Power (this action is used to manifest Psychic Powers in combat) and is therefore subject to Phenomena/Perils. In fact, every iteration of the Force Weapon; from Dark Heresy to Rogue Trader to Deathwatch, has the potential for the use of this special ability to cause Phenomena/Perils. You are still tapping into and harnessing the Warp, and on an even more primal level. It is a power balance factor. -=Brother Praetus=- Same as my understanding. It simply tells us to make a Focus Power Test. So, use the rules for a focus power test. It is a Focus Power test that causes Phenomena & Perils. Also, I believe, when making such a test, one can choose one of the 3 power levels to take the test with. As I interpret - a Focus Power test - is a psychic power test - so all rules, limits, advantages and disadvantages should apply. I know this has no bearing what-so-ever, but worth a mention. In WH40k tabletop, using a force weapon's special ability is classed as a psychic power in every way. It counts towards the limit of casting pyschic powers per turn, can be nullified as per a psychic power and can also cause perils of the warp as per a pyschic power.
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