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  1. the issue here is who the blade is for? If I were the Gm here is what I would allow. Space wolf personal weapon. The Space Wolves are well known for their preferance of melee attacks. Often the personal arms of the Space Wolves reflects the vicious nature of their homeworld. Runes and totemic icons are often added to these weapons. dam 1d10+2 ® PEN 2 WT 3 REQ 3( IF a space wolf requests this he can exchange for free with combat marine knife from standard gear.) Renown - Any. Space Wolf Shortaxe. Often used by the space wolves with their primary melee weapon this axe is well suited to injurying the vile foes of the Space Wolves. The head of the axe is of standard design but the shortened shaft on the axe means the weapon can be weileded comfortably in the off hand. dam 1d10+6(E) Pen 6 WT 8 REQ 20 Renown - RESPECTED. TRAITS -Power, Balanced (only in left hand). Space Wolf Chain Axe. Many of the Space Wolf legion bring back keepsakes from their trials on Fenris. The Ironpriests will often add teeth from the dread wolves of fenris into a weapon that mimics the Iron axes of the tribes of Fenris. dam 1d10+3® PEN 4, TRAITS Tearing, balanced WT 10 REQ 5 As ypou can see by adding a little flavour from Fenris backgrouond and the Space Wolves own mentality you can create what you need.
  2. hey man you got to remember that most Space wolf images are based on them in their own territory where maybe they have access to mono-axes or power weapons that are actual axes. As for the Deathwatch well guess its between you and your GM. The basic combat blade is just some stats. I suggest asking your GM that seeing you are a SW and You may have brought your own gear that the standard weapon is same stats as your combat blade but just looks like an axe. Failing that start trying to earn favours with your local tech marines and see if any will help you to make an appropriate item. not everything has to be a game mechanic some things can be done through active roleplay.
  3. Muzzyman something for you to consider is that unlike other chapters the Space wolf scouts are often veteran troopers as in they used to be grey hunter. So a tactical core should be the way to go and as a veteran you might have some of the command abilities. Just a thought.
  4. The major issue to be aware of when dealing with emotions is how you feel about something might not be the way that your players will. An example might be where the players are trapped in nasty firefight when you "arrange" for a librarian to appear and smite their enemies. you may be looking to solicit the emotional response of reflief but player a dislikes psychics and player b dislikes npc getting the righteous kills. So the Librarian instead of being a hero the players will work with becomes someone neither of them will trust. its not enough to set the scene (props music etc) you need knowledge as well.
  5. each of the types has flaws and benefits. Personally if your finding the player with a heavy bolter to be a game breaker change your game. I dont mean give up on deathwatch but just remember there are more aspects to the game than combat. As an example players are asked as part of a kill team to help out a captain in the imperial guard as it his men who are bleeding everywhere. But the captain wants to send them on a seek and destroy mission to best make use of their talents. Now they may have to crawl through sewers whose not say that some close combat ensues where he is not able to bring to bear the BFG... or maybe once they get to the enemy's camp the players make their plan in which the devastator must cover the enemy soldiers as they need a distraction so as to allow the rest of the team to kill the enemy commander. Try to think sideways rather than big gun and one way forward. Besides there may come a time when the players will need a bit of superior firepower.
  6. hi, So I literally read up both rules and examples of use. It does appear to be the case that any damage rolled that does not preclude Righteous Fury should be used, as far as the weapon being overpowered is considered then remember that a psyker weilding a force weapon could just as easily use Smite and push it which puts in even more damage. But remember the weapon is not guaranteed to do the damage as far as I can see. There must be the opposed willpower test. I suppose if you wanted a balance in place you could award a corruption point as the Librarian is locking minds with something beyond human (or heretical) and thus corrupt.
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