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  1. You could try www.rpol.net. It's a site devoted to PbP of all varieties and has a very dedicated WH40K community.
  2. You could try here: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=91371 It is a conversion for Rogue Trader, but it may give you a base for converting to BC.
  3. "In addition, whenever someone with an Unnatural Characteristic succeeds on a test utilizing that Characteristic, they gain a number of bonus Degrees of Success equal to half their Unnatural Characteristic." In this case, the Unnatural Characteristic is the +x given to the normal Characteristic Bonus. So your Warptime which gives Unnatural Weapon Skill (+6) only yields 3 bonus Degrees of Success.
  4. Furious Assault requires you take the All Out Attack, which precludes swift/lightning attack.
  5. Does anyone know if Fantasy Flight plans on doing a sequel to Broken Chains. History would suggest yes, but it seemed like the sequel adventure came out faster for Deathwatch.
  6. cis013


    Or you have the enemy(ies) with the Heavy Weapons target the CSM (which would be the smart thing for the NPC's to do anyway). Honestly, in my game my CSM's have taken wounds, my humans have taken wounds, and everyone has killed stuff.
  7. Another instance of copy/pasting from Deathwatch, I believe.
  8. As far as I can tell from my Gencon copy, it seems pretty normal for a FF book. Typos and grammatical mistakes and a touch of poor copy/paste from other books.
  9. Yeah, it's not uncommon for starting Deathwatch characters to be able to carry 1.5 metric tons before hitting Light Encumbrance. It's because the numbers on the table increase exponentially. Since they've clearly stated the other changes to the base system, I would think that the Carrying Capacity rules would be the same as the other games.
  10. I didn't find anything in the Encumbrance section about Unnatural Bonuses not counting. It just seems weird that my CSM is Encumbered at 56 kg and my Legion Heavy Bolter is 45kg. And the Reaper Autocannon, when I get a hold of one, is 60kg. On a different note, The Careful Maintenance option on the Power Armour Customization chart allows 2 additional sub-systems. You have 1 on the sheet.
  11. Just Wondering. How do you account for the Unnatural Strength and Toughness and the Power Armor boost to Strength in the Characteristics section? The Encumbrance Auto-Calculate has my Str+T at 8.
  12. There are some other things you could do if you think Humans need to be enhanced a little besides the obvious addition of starting XP. Under "The Quick and the Dead", add a line that allows Humans to buy Step Aside a second time. This gives them an extra Evasion, which should help with survivability. Only allow Humans to buy the Veteran(+30) level of skills. CSM have the general +5 to everything(Through increased Attributes), but humans become better specialists. Give humans a "Lucky" trait that grants Unnatural Infamy (X), where X is whatever you feel is appropriate. And instead of adding degrees of success equal to half the trait, it could make Acquisition tests easier by one step per two levels. That would have the additional effect of getting them a gear upgrade. If you wanted to explain this other than lucky, you could say that the same feat accomplished by both a CSM and a Human is much more impressive for the Human. Anyway, these are just ideas off the top of my head. My group hasn't actually started playing yet, finishing up a RT adventure, then giving the current DM a break, so I haven't used these. If anyone does, I'd be interested in how the work out.
  13. P. 82, P. 302 Mark of Khorne grants the Brutal Charge trait, but fails to give the level of the trait.
  14. You are correct. Master Cyber is just extra sweet looking.
  15. I agree with Umbranus for blast weapon. Despite doing 8 damage from Blast, it is still only hitting the hoarde once. However, for a weapon that could fire more than once, I would probably award the Devatating bonus to each shot that hit.
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