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  1. Can I use a S&V maneuver dial for a rebel ship (Z95 or Ywing) and vice versa?
  2. I decided to order these anyway. Not only is the pain job superb, but they are the same scale as my current DDM minis. THey will be an awesome addition to my game. If you are interested in using these with D&D or Pathfinder games, I highly recommend them.
  3. The miniatures look amazing. What is the scale?
  4. jwmercer

    Miniature Scale

    Does anyone have an idea of the scale of the minis? I have some of the WotC starship minis and I'd love to add to them for rpg gaming.
  5. So I purchased Tannhauser and played my first game this past week. What a game!! It was exciting, and fun. Once my friend and I grasped the rules, which wasn't that difficult, we had a blast. Some very memorable moments include von Heizinger's utter failure with Sha Na Ra. My theory is that he started singing Sha Na Na Na. Sha Na Na Na, hey hey hey, goodbye instead! The best moment came when my friend and I thought that the game was over. I had his big hitter trapped and unable to do anything other than melee. Instead of keeping the game that way, I risked finishing him off quickly. Well the game turned dramatically at that point and pushed him to victory instead. Great game! My only complaint is that the revised edition rule book fell apart during that first game. The back bind came completly apart. Has anyone had experience with that? Other than that, I can say I'm very pleased with the purchase of this game.
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