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  1. On the fence...AH LCG vs Elder Sign

    There's no feel of story in Elder Sign like in AH LCG and the board game.
  2. Anyone think we'll ever get a new expansion?

    No need.
  3. Core Set Value

    At least 60, you may have more.
  4. I will never go to Facebook.
  5. Opinion: is second edition a treacherous move?

    I can't handle the misnomer of the word "treacherous."
  6. Automatic deck shuffler for disabled friend.

    I've never met an automatic card shuffler (unless it's a $5,000 model in a casino) that works. Probably totally impossible if sleeved.
  7. What are we doing wrong?

    Just throwing this in. I'd be disappointed in any co-op game that I won more than 50% of the time. If you're winning 90% what's the point in playing?
  8. . I have no idea what a T any deck is.
  9. FAQs--two pages per printed page--ugh.

    Just discovered it's how the low rez version displays. The hi rez is normal. Thanks.
  10. Why on earth did FFG go to two pages of FAQs per page? It prints out too small for me. Is there any easy setting I can use to get one page per one page of printout?
  11. ?!?!!??!

    I guess this is FFG making an easy filler product like Love Letter.
  12. Android rpg?

    A brilliant series of articles. I was aware of Traveller in the late 1970s (or whenever it first came out) but never played it. If there are two different versions out there do you recommend either one? But it does sound like Eclipse Phase is the way to go.
  13. I'm picking this up and am looking for basic balanced deck like Darkbane's 2x Core and KotS expansion.
  14. I find the video that FFG has produced a bit troubling. As always it has great production value. But it seems to be more than 50% of it is storytelling with related animation. Nothing about the game is too interesting to me. Collecting tickets for boats and trains? Whoopee.
  15. That page 25 text is just poorly written. This question has come up many times before.