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  1. Lorinor

    How to get City Wanted Posters?

    The City Gate is not a shop space, which is why the rules for shop spaces do not apply here.
  2. Warning, another Spoiler here ; I guess we can probably call this scenario notorious for this soon. This is from the last time we played: Spoiler: "We were playing "Gates of Silverwood Manor", figured out what we needed to do pretty quickly, but failed at one point. Then we had to do something extra and thanks to the "special" feature of the scenario, we didn't all make it to the final room in time. This triggered a map change that confronted us with a boss fight, which we won, so far so good... However, now the game told us that we started investigating a new case, which was actually the same as the last one, but we couldn't remember anything that had happened before. That was the ending."
  3. Lorinor

    Overlapping cards on tiles with abilities

    No. Drawing is part of it, because it's part of the space instructions, as you just said yourself.
  4. Lorinor

    How to get City Wanted Posters?

    It says you have to visit the space, which is only possible if you are on the space and you are encountering said space. There's a reason I separated those two paragraphs below the first. That's because they describe the two different ways to earn your bounties. 1) If you are on the City Gate and have the needed trophy/-ies to earn any bounties, that's what you will do as your encounter. (In case it's not clear: That means you are not paying for any Wanted Posters nor do you gain them at any point.) 2) If you have bought a Wanted Poster and you have the needed trophy/-ies, you can claim your bounty anywhere on the board at any time during your turn.
  5. Lorinor

    Draw/Encounter order

    I wasn't home and I didn't have the time to react when you posted. The last response should (hopefully) help. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/276447-overlapping-cards-on-tiles-with-abilities/
  6. Lorinor

    Players picking up objects

    You read the space before you move there. Unless you draw a card that forces you to draw more cards, as long as it's a "draw cards" space, it's right there on the board how many cards you have to draw on each one and even if there are already any cards there, you can look at what's on the board. Otherwise the game would be pretty unfair and a lot of character abilities that care about certain cards on spaces would be useless.
  7. Lorinor

    How to get City Wanted Posters?

    [City rules, page 8: "Wanted Posters"] "Wanted Posters are available to all characters who visit the City Gate, as described in the instructions on the space. Characters may either buy any Wanted Posters on the space for one gold each, or claim the bounty from Wanted Posters on the space (see “Claiming Bounties” to the right). If a character buys a Wanted Poster, he may claim the bounty any time during his turn."
  8. Lorinor

    Overlapping cards on tiles with abilities

    Let's take the Ruins as an example, then. The space says: "Draw 2 cards. If there are any cards already in this space, draw only enough to bring the total to two." Now we'll assume that there is 1 card already on the space, let's says it is the http://www.talismanwiki.com/Sorcerer_(Adventure) You end your move on this space, since there is 1 card there already, you have to draw 1. You draw the Shrine (place, ECN 6), which is added to the space. You now encounter the cards on the space according to their encounter number, meaning the Sorcerer first, then the Shrine.
  9. Lorinor

    Can you choose which loyal companion?

    [City rules, page 10: "Shop Decks"] "If an encounter allows a character to gain or take a card from the Potion, Pet, or Wanted Poster deck for free, he must draw the top card of the deck."
  10. Lorinor

    Players picking up objects

    The game uses the term "visit" to describe many of your encounters, but you can't "use up" your visits as there is no restriction to how many cards you can visit on your space in one turn. Otherwise you couldn't encounter multiple cards on the same space, which you have to, according to the rules. Basically, any cards you draw must be encountered on that same turn unless they specifically tell you otherwise (there are a few though not many).
  11. You (temporarily) stop on his space - if you are trying to cross over - for the duration of the battle. But you will stop there for the turn if you lost the battle or if it was a tie.
  12. Lorinor

    Visit limit?

    Many strangers simply offer you things to take/do, yes, but if you are instructed to roll a die and/or do something with no "may", you have to because you can't just not encounter a card unless an effect allows you to. For example, you always have to roll the die for the Witch: http://www.talismanwiki.com/Witch
  13. Lorinor

    Dungeon Entrance drawing?

    Not sure where we are going with this. Are you asking if the effect of the events would end if you switch regions?
  14. Lorinor

    Overlapping cards on tiles with abilities

    Alright, sorry for the mess, let's clear this up. I was talking about a non-draw space just now. If you land on a "draw cards" space, you have to check if you need to draw more cards ( to make up the difference), before you encounter any cards on that space. Basically, you can't just do nothing on a non-draw space if there is no other character there. Let's assume you land on the City space with no other characters there. If you don't have any objects to give to the Alchemist and/or you can't heal any lives at the Doctor, you have to visit the Enchantress. Though for example, if you are neutral and land on the Chapel and you can't heal any lives and/or have no gold to pay, you'll end up doing nothing because you don't have any other option.
  15. Lorinor

    Players picking up objects

    I'm not sure if you aren't confusing two things here. Let's say I'm playing as the Thief and it's not my turn. The Wizard moves onto my space (it's an empty "draw 1 card" space) and draws the pool. He gets a counter and ends his turn. On my turn, I can't encounter the space I started my turn on, so I can't get anything from the pool. --- Also, if I have moved and drawn a card, that doesn't end my encounter, otherwise enemies could not attack and you couldn't pick up objects that you've just found (for example).