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  1. We almost always play with random characters (draw 3, pick one of them), so I don't really think I can talk much about my experience in particular, but rather general stuff. The Thief - while he has won some games - seems to lose most games he's taken part in, also dying quite often. The Djinn-Blooded was made out by many to be the next "Dark Cultist", yet, he has up to this date never once won a game at this table and he was always either killed before the game ended or he didn't have any chance of victory. [Side note: While she has once won a game, the Dark Cultist also has a very bad track record here.] The Chivalric Knight seems to be a character that people just can't figure out how to play and struggle with every game. - I wish I'd already had a chance to play a game with him to turn his luck around, but fate wouldn't have it - for now. The Ghoul is considered weak by some and has lost its fair share of games around here, yet I can't even remember one game where I really felt like his abilities came into play more than once of twice. Often made fun of, the Leprechaun has won quite a number of games and people should start to learn that it's a mistake to underestimate him. Players always enjoy giving the Necromancer a go, yet things never turn out as expected for him and never well either. He has lost each and every game he has taken part in, often dying right at the start or rather fast, at the very least.
  2. Some questions?

    In other words, bonuses that only work during combat or have other limitations usually mention them on their card, e.g. the item Holy Cross: "Gain +2 during Combat Encounters."
  3. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Same here. -- I get that they didn't want to put all cards on the table just yet, but they didn't give us that much at all with this preview.
  4. Some questions?

    Not sure I understand your last statement. Are you sure you're doing combat right? Anyhow, the reference card which determines such numbers is chosen as the beginning of the game and doesn't ever change. So there'll be no reduced Toughness, sadly.
  5. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Okay. Let's start at the beginning. -- There is a prelude with specifically mentions an ancient one by name - there's one for each of them. Now let us say we choose the following AO's for a campaign: Yig, Yog, Nyarli, Hypnos, Ithaqua & Cthulhu. First game preludes: The one that specifically mentions Yig and the one that specifically mentions Yog. Second game preludes: The one that specifically mentions Yog and the one that specifically mentions Nyarli. Third game preludes: The one that specifically mentions Nyarli and the one that specifically mentions Hypnos. Forth game preludes: The one that specifically mentions Hypnos and the one that specifically mentions Ithaqua. Fifth game preludes: The one that specifically mentions Ithaqua and the one that specifically mentions Cthulhu. Sixth game preludes: The one that specifically mentions Cthulhu. Since all of these preludes have at least one conditional effect depending on who the AO is, the nature of the preludes will change from game to game.
  6. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Then let's navigate through the swamp as best we can right now: To play a campaign, you will need to decide on six Ancient Ones to defeat. (Should you lose one of these six games, you're out and the world ends.) Each game will use 2 preludes, the one from the Ancient One you are currently facing and the one you will face next. [Question: Does this not mean the last game will only have one prelude?] The Personal Stories for each investigator have to be used as well. If the Personal Stories are meant to carry over, like the article says, it's only logical to assume you keep your investigator until you lose him or her. No group could possibly play six games in a row. The sanity loss would be wayyy too high. I fully expect something to keep track of things that need to be tracked from game to game.
  7. Becoming a Toad when in Pits

    We don't even need the FAQ for that. - Basic Rules, Page 19: "In the Inner Region, a character may only encounter another character on the Plain of Peril, the Valley of Fire and the Crown of Command." No need to make anything more complicated. Both characters are on the same space and will be encountering the same space, therefor: If you are on the Pits with another character that gets turned into a toad while you are still dealing with the Pits Fiends, the answer is yes, you can pick up the stuff that was dropped before the next fight. (This doesn't work if you've already defeated all your Pit Fiends when the other character lands on the space.)
  8. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Not sure. The only mention is at the very bottom of the preview: "As gates to other times and strange worlds continue to open at sites of ancient civilizations across the globe..." - But I'm pretty sure that's only a general reference to the fact that some other world encounters take place in the past. Could also be about the picture above "Cults Drawn to Ruined Sites of Power". (Title is "Return to another Time".) Though I have to say it does look like the artwork for a mystery to me. We can't really tell if or how it would/could be related to the mystics ruins. My guess would be a special encounter or something else to do once you're on the space of the marker. EDIT: Just checked the "old" mystic ruins. No mention of time travel at all. The only thing that comes somewhat close to it is one where your reward is to move the omen without advancing doom and the flavor text says something like "...the spirits bend time and space for you...".
  9. Will there be any more expansions?

    Back when I made that post, we didn't really have any detailed statements on what to expect. It wasn't until much later, that we learned about the bunch of 4th Edition reprints that were planed instead of a new one. As for the future: With the recent announcement about multiple new games which use Talisman's setting, it was also said that there are currently no plans to make anything new for 4th Edition and/or reprint anything, including the batch that just has been. Sadly, this probably marks the end of any content for this one being printed, old (reprint) and new alike. To be honest, I don't quite understand why GW refuses to fully milk the cow they forced to come back to them - but many (big) companies make stupid decisions these days, so I guess it can't be helped. If I'm wrong, I'll gladly be so. If not - it was a great run with 4th Edition for me and my friends and we will still play lots of games with it in the future, because I can't see it getting stale any time time soon (we've got all the expansions).
  10. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Time for the next preview: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/1/29/ruins-reborn-stars-align/ Wait... what? - Already?! - Guess that means we're getting closer... This time: Sefina, Calvin, their Personal Stories and her starting item. Mu & Hyperborea revealed as new Mystic Ruins locations as well as the fact that they are used with Antediluvium.
  11. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Honestly, it's not even that... While I have to admit that, due to the long waiting time, there probably couldn't have been a preview that really satisfied me at this point, this time - compared to the last one - we have a mountain of text that is just flavor text, with only one pic to the side and they didn't even bother with putting a few spoilers in the text (like they usually do -- I'm not counting that one card I can see without that.) or make the whole thing seem less bloated. It just doesn't feel like whoever made the preview thought about it much / and/or looked at it before posting it. Don't get me wrong - I'm as excited as the next guy (and I like seeing Adventures being used for mysteries), but this preview is mainly disappointing (in my book) and not much else.
  12. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Finally, time for the next preview and to: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/1/23/beat-back-the-crawling-chaos/ Unfortunately, it's not much. A bit on mysteries, we get Miss Crane and Father Mateo, but that's it for now.
  13. Mask's of Nyarlathotep sideboard

    Unfortunately, we don't know. There is nothing in the article. - Some think that because there is a campaign mode coming with this expansion and at first glance - though we don't know that much yet - Nyarlathotep seems to be more global, that there won't be a sideboard. On the cover, we have the Shanghai skyline, so we could maybe get a sideboard in Asia. -- I could see both being true, but we simply won't know until they decide to reveal what's the case here. (Don't count your chickens before they hatch. )
  14. Statistics / submit your plays

    Do you know that one rather imperfect possible victory for Dark Reflections? [It's still a victory, but if I were playing a Pen & Paper game, I'd say that ending would be a cliffhanger to be continued on the next session. ]
  15. Carolyn Fern/Vincent Lee action

    Unfortunately, this is not true. Carolyn's ability reads: "Action: You or another investigator on your space may discard 1 Madness Condition and/or perform a Rest Action." -> Which means, while you could use her ability to discard 1 Madness Condition for another investigator, you can't have them rest again. It doesn't matter that another investigator is trying to give you the same action. (It's the same for Vincent.) [ Rulebook, Page 7: "Each investigator can perform each action only once during a round. For example, an investigator cannot perform two Rest actions." ]