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  1. Great idea indeed. Though, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to hear more about the session itself. You know, like what scenario did you play, how many players, did you win or lose, how did it play, any insanity "issues" and so on. Yeah, I'm just being curious. Plus, I always like to hear about some Eldritch Adventures from other players.
  2. Glad to hear I'm not only one slowly going insane with no news/updates on the horizon.
  3. Where do you draw the line what is broken and what is not? Can't we all just agree to disagree? - You are kind of moving away farther and farther from the purpose of this thread. --- Back to the topic. We use every card, all random. Without setting difficulty and/or adjusting anything for the Mythos cards. Some games or harder, some are easier. We like it this way. [Still, our overall score is horrible compared to any who post here or on BGG. Go figure. :)]
  4. Welcome to this great game. Depends. If you only had one life left, you can't use that ability. Did you fight via psychic combat? (craft) - The Martyr's ability only works for battles. (strength) It may also be part of the digital version, as the people responsible for it tend to alter some of the rules from the board game itself. (Then again, the Martyr is not an official Talisman character, it was fan-made and published in a magazine (like some others) some time ago.)
  5. You could use Pandora's Box as an open ending, that would remove the threat of the Nether cards killing someone "in the middle" of the game. Concerning Harbinger, if you really only play with one corner board, depending on your draws and play style, he might be around much longer than you like. I do always recommend not playing with Harbinger or Dragon when you have other new expansions people will most likely want to explore, because those inclusions might hinder them which in turn could lead to less fun. If you really want to use Harbinger, I'd advise you to add at least one more corner region to the board.
  6. Can't help with the "wounded" Tavern Maid, unfortunately. --- :City: My playgroup also likes the Elementalist a lot. (By the way.^^) Funnily enough, we have yet to have problems with the Flails, because people don't see them as a viable strategy here. The last two times someone tried that route, they both went down very quickly, one of them even before he/she could acquire a Flail. [Target signs are dangerous. XD] Should we ever get there, I can always house rule them later. --- :The Woodland: The thing with "late" expansions like this is, less people buy them because not everyone follows the releases all the way through, be the reason money, taste, time or whatever. Which of course leads to less actual reviews and sometimes for negative and/or positive than usual, depending on the players. Plus like we already mentioned, this expansion changes the game quite a lot. Some people seem to prefer more of the same with these kind of games, so of course they don't like it that much. We have played games with "War of Seasons" and "Judged by Fate", both were pretty neat and fun. (The first one really increases play time a lot, especially if it is revealed as the hidden ending.) "Wanderlust" escapes us for now, as I wanted to give the players time to get more used to everything before we use that ending. I also really like the normal Adventure cards that this expansion adds to the pile. "Faerie Glade" and "Faerie Gate" are my favorites, the last one especially if it is encountered by a darkbound character. [^^ - Yes, I know, sometimes I am a bit evil.] The Woodland Deck itself ... while there are some nasty cards in there, encountering any of them (for me) always feels like getting my favorite cake. [Yeah, I know, biased and all, but I was already turned into a toad twice and got killed by his majesty himself and yet I still like the deck.]
  7. I'm also in, sign me up please. - Sounds like a great opportunity.
  8. Thanks for the report. Glad to hear you had even more fun than before. So, back to the main board discussion. I'd honestly say, it is all about how much you are willing to change your play style from game to game. A few days ago, we started a new game with a mix of old and new players (again). We have played about 3-4 hours now, with 6 players. Most time for everyone was spent on the main board, even though a Lich (Craft 10), a Demon (Craft 7) and a few dangerous places popped up. [I'd say about 1/3 of the cards drawn were Denizen cards.] We've had two people go for a quick trip to the city and 1 player being forced into the Dungeon, but running out as fast as possible. --- I suggested it before, after your first session report - try to "stack" your next 100 basic adventure cards (or 70 or so) you are planning on using before playing. To do so: Sort what you have (all basic adventure cards) into piles (card types) and use bits and parts of every card type to create stacks that have a good balance in cards types and well as Enemy Strength and Craft, then give that first stack you want to use a good and long shuffle. That's what I did for our last four games. You can still get unlucky with your draws, of course, like always, but it reduces the possibility of getting too much of anything at once. Concerning Items with the same name but different text: None of these items were ever changed and/or had their text upgraded/modified. [They were made by different designers.] They are all different items. Just treat them according to what their text says. Gauntlet of Might: When you are unsure if the text on a card is correct, try looking at it on the wiki. http://www.talismanwiki.com/Gauntlet_of_Might The Gauntlet is no weapon, therefor, you can use a weapon and the Gauntlet at the same time. (If you think that makes it too powerful, you can leave it house ruled, of course.) Cataclysm Board and specific "Characters" that are harder to find than on the main board: We have only played 4 games like this so far, I can confirm that some negative followers are harder to get rid of, however, I do not think that cycling through the Denizen Deck a bit is that hard if you are looking for one in particular. Actually, this gives you more reason to stay on the main bard, does it not? Highland gems sure are harder to turn in, but like you saw in your session, there are multiple Prospectors in that deck, so it is not like the Alchemist is your only out, apart from other random draws. If you really need more "incentive" to go round the main board, I'm afraid you'll have to come up with some house ruled random special events of something else to spice things up or use an Alt. Ending that helps with that maybe. [Don't know if I ever wrote that here too, but I came up with an idea to have the Nether Deck from the Nether Realm expansion in play without having to use one of the Alt. Endings you usually need. Why am I mentioning this? - Because my change takes place on the main board. Of course, there is a lot of risk associated with them, too, so if your players don't like taking risks that much, it might not be for you. I'll give you the details, if you want.] One thing, concerning the Monk: I hope the player did not forget that the Monk can use weapons or armor in psychic combat. (Or that he can at least carry weapons or armor for battle with him without using them for that matter.) [Fun fact last: I removed the Talisman cards from the regular adventure deck after we played our first game with the Highland expansion back in the days.] --- I second the Reaper and Werewolf adjustment, we've played like this for a while and it really adds to the game.
  9. Thanks for the report. (Warning: Lots of text incoming.) Yes, that does sound like you need to take a good reshuffle with the adventure deck. Pretty mean draws there. On the "reliable" corner spaces: Well, from my point of view and with everything my group has access to, it is kind of easy to land on one of these spaces multiple times and while I also tend to enjoy that fact, there are times when I think it is a bit too exploitable. We have played so many games with them, gotten very used to them always being there, that not having them around gives the game a new pace for us. Wow. That sounds like your Mutant was the luckiest player in the world. Easy access to fate? - Let's check the math. 6-7: Replenish 1 fate. 8: Gain 2 fate. That's 3 out of 11 possible outcomes to gain fate. Doesn't seem like good odds to me. (Plus, you still have to pay 1 life each time.) Hell, I still remember my first game with the Mutant. I got so unlucky with the mutation rolls, I almost killed myself within 3 turns. Which also left me unable to use that ability for most of the game. On the Dervish: That's pretty much the same with every character that uses a certain type of cards but can't seem to get any of them. A popular example around here is playing the Gladiator without getting any followers. It stinks, yes, but randomness tends to do that sometimes. On the Barbarian: We still have not seen him in action, but he's already on my radar, as I view him as possibly too good. How was his ability to maybe negate life loss from lost psychic combats? Did it come into play a lot? On the Ending: As long as the Barbarian can manage to land on the crags, this ending seems to not be too bad for him either. I have yet to play with the ending myself, but unless you get multiple enemies over multiple turns, I would say that this ending makes for a longer game than usual. Well, you said that the Mutant got lucky there on the road, too. It happens. (I know, I'm repeating myself, again. XD) Edit: Wait, I just reread the board space. The Mutant's Den does not say to reroll every turn. "Roll three dice for the Mutant's Strength, then fight it in battle. If you lose, lose one life and fight the Mutant again on your next turn." It says to fight again, it doesn't say you have to determine its Strength every turn, so you played that wrong, I believe. It doesn't say "same creature", but I'd be inclined to say that does not matter. Guess we'd have to hope to get a statement from yours truly to confirm that, if he is still around from time to time. I shall try. "Useless" objects: On the "old" board, you can always get rid of them via the Alchemist in the city. On the "new" one, you obviously have to get lucky enough for him to show up first. Talking about Gold, I can't talk about random chances on adventure cards (there are too many), but you could actually (while there are a lot of other cards as well) at least better your chances of drawing bags of Gold. There are 5 Bags of 1G and 2 Bags of 2G in the Frostmarch Expansion. Later small box expansions usually only gave random card chances of getting more gold, because people did not like drawing too many bags of gold with just the basic cards and the Reaper Expansion. Corner Boards: We played a lot of game with Highlands and Dungeon as the only corner regions until the other two came along. Yes, some players tend to rush into the Highlands because you can absolutely do that at the start of the game even, but that does not mean you have to. In fact, I'm one of the players who always enjoys seeing others rush there fast. Why? - Gives me more space to move on / control the main board and also better chances of drawing stuff I might need/want. "No reason to stay on the main board" is a bit harsh. Eventually, they have to return there to go for the crown anyway. While there is a "chill" space on the Highlands Board, many things you can definitely get on a space on the main board are only available there via drawing adventure cards. So you to get lucky to draw everything you need as well. Otherwise, it's usually common to see people finish "a round" of the Highlands and return to the Main Board to collect some spoils. Expansion contents: Depends on what you view as essential and/or substantial. People tend to like different kind of mechanics, card types etc. :Small Boxes: Blood Moon is very controversial usually, because of them Time Card, that changes between Night and Day (whenever events are drawn) which many seem to find too fiddly. I think you just have to get used to stuff like that. (There are a number of Adventure Cards that play around with this mechanic, too.) If you don't like it, that's not because it's too fiddly, but because you don't enjoy the mechanic. Then there's the "Halloween connection", where some say the cards are too Halloween themed so they don't fit the general fantasy setting at all. Again, point of view. I think they just expand the general setting. (Though maybe I am biased because Halloween is not a big thing where I come from and also I'm not a big fan of these things in general.) Blood Moon also has the Werewolf NPC, who can turn you into one as well. Though arguably, being one in the "raw" version has way more benefits than it should have, as there are not many cards that are dangerous for a character turned Werewolf (oversight in my opinion). He's also more generous than the Reaper, though he doesn't have as good of a 6 roll as him and he can kill people as well, they just have to roll worse (concerning his results). Frostmarch gives you more Warlock Quest Cards, though without Sacred Pool's Rewards, they might not come into play that much if you are already having trouble using them in general. (Though there is an Alt. Ending in here that forces you to use them.) Other than that, this expansion is mostly more of the same, although there some pretty cool adventure cards in this pile. (For example the Basilisk who rolls two dice for its attack roll and uses the highest result. If it rolls doubles, you are killed. Then there's the Arcane Archive which is a place where you can sell Spells you don't want or can't use or there is for example Ragnarok, the good old board clear that removes most cards from the board.) Sacred Pool. [Warning, I'm biased because this expansion has Neutral Alignment Cards (not sure why they were not included earlier) and the character I love the most: ( My wonderful / ) the Cleric.] As previously mentioned, this has Quest Rewards, so you finally have a reason to go on a Warlock Quest other than getting a Talisman. It also includes the Stables Deck, which only comes into play via Adventure Cards / character abilities, but gives you a higher chances of getting the horse you always wanted (more mules, Warhorse (buff in combat) and more - as long as you can pay for it.). One of the Alt. Endings also features the Quest Rewards and as such, makes you go for Warlock Quests. [Makes for a different game, but we always enjoyed it.] Other than that, I already mentioned the Neutral Alignment Cards. The other "unusual" thing, many Adventure Cards in this expansion care about your Alignment and some have more consequences for Neutral Characters for the first time as well. :Big Boxes: The Dragon, another very controversial one. If you are not playing with the main mechanic of this expansion, which alters the game a lot and also makes it more deadlier, all it gives you is this: - one Alt. Ending with a "Boss" to defeat on the crown - 6 new characters If you are using it, you can also deploy an overlay for the middle region, which is double-sided for more variance. You will also encounter three different Dragons Decks, one contains lots of Strength Enemies, the second one lots of Craft Enemies and the last one is divided almost evenly, so you don't know what you'll get. Of course, there are also the other usual cards in there, like events, places, objects and stuff. Back to the new "Main" mechanic. You will be drawing special tokens/markers, which, for the most part, will enable and/or force you to encounter dragon cards. More and more the longer the game goes on. But there are also tokens/markers in there that can harm you. The City: There is something you desire? You have gold, you don't know what to buy for it though? You've found your haven of shopping. Whatever is it you're after, the City will most likely have it available, as long as you pay good money for it. Potions, Pets, Weapons, Armor, Horses, Spells, Magical Artifacts, you name it. Just be careful you don't get yourself in trouble with the Law and get thrown in jail. (Depending on your money and dice rolls, you can actually die in there.) There are even some possibilities to gain gold here, although some are a gamble and some might cost you time (turns). While there are some Enemies in the City Deck, it is not a good place to fight for trophies. However, there are quite a lot of cards in the deck that can influence cards and characters all over the board. The Woodland: People have been talking about the double-sided Fate markers for years, now they are finally put to use. The golden side is treated like you already now, but the black side can now only be used to force another character to reroll a die. Whenever you gain fate, you have to decide if it's a light or dark fate you desire. Mainly in the Woodland Deck, a lot of cards care for whichever kind of fate you have more of and react differently depending on what that is. At the end of the Woodland, there is no "set" boss to defeat. As you enter, you draw a path card that modifies your journey for as long as you don't leave the Woodland. Each path has a condition you have to fulfill in order to get a reward. If you manage to get to the end of the region and fulfill that condition, (which can be a fight you have to win there, but doesn't have to be) you get a Destiny Card most of the time. These are very powerful rewards that you can not lose, even if your character dies. In fact, there are almost no tricks in the game to make you lose them and you can have as many as you like. Another thing to note: The five characters in this expansion all have their own set of tokens concerning one or more abilities they possess. I guess you'd call this expansion "advanced", because it has a lot of stuff that changes the game a lot, so you really have to get used to it. --- @ Last post: Don't let the 1 Strength of the Sprite fool you, always having two Spells is nothing to laugh at, also, notice she starts with 5 Craft. Then there's her evasion ability. Got a number of players (while playing the Sprite) already thinking they could jump me not looking at the space I was on. "Wait - you can evade on that space? - Crap, I just wasted my whole turn..." The Valkyrie may be better than you think at first glance. Her first ability basically says she has 4 Strength / 4 Craft from the start (in battle / psychic combat) and while the Follower resurrection does not play much part in every game, being able to use the Graveyard as though she were evil (seeing as she's a good character) with 3 fate makes her a tough fighter. The Rogue has decent stats and 4 fate. She's good at monopolizing gold, better against multiple enemies than most characters, but where she really shines, that is her last ability. Having two dice at the Mystic or Enchantress on the Base Game board and a bit of luck can easily give you an early edge. Not much to say about that Alchemist, yes, he is that powerful. The Highlander isn't bad, but ability-wise the weakest of the bunch by a large shot. From personal experience, it can be quite hard to get everything on one table, so if you have two of the same height, using them together might be a faster solution. Took me a long time to find a good table to comfortably put everything on and still the corners don't exactly match the size, but almost is enough for me.
  10. Now that's a welcome surprise!! Would've not guessed this one. Looks difficult indeed, but I like it (I think^^). Yes, Rita, finally. Hope she's as cool as always. Wonder if the Disaster Deck can only be used with Shudde M'ell though. (Funny that Rome is ´first to fall. "Faith?! - Did you really think your childish idols and saints would save you? It seems your madness has already grown worse than I thought.")
  11. I'm guessing you did not want to link the entire rules questions section?
  12. That does not make any sense. The alignment is checked before any cards are even drawn. (Same with the desert and water bottle.) Why would it apply again at the end of your turn?
  13. Another game, yay!! (Wish my group would finally manage to get get the first game of the year going already. It's been very slow planning this time around.) --- Sound like you got really unlucky this time. We had something like this happen a couple of games, but worse, as we only got enemies starting from 5 up to ridiculous numbers of craft/strength for the early game. It can happen, as variance dictates. You might also want to consider manipulating the card distribution a bit before you shuffle them for a game. Same numbers on top of each other do sound a bit suspicious. Yes, the Highlands might help with the early game, in terms of people spreading out more, because having 5 or more people drawing cards on the main board will inevitably result in some of them not drawing enemies / not drawing some they can beat. There really are not that many straight up Talisman cards within the base adventure cards, but there are others that can give you one in certain circumstances. Yes, the Warlock Cave remains the main source to get one of them; also, I do realize with just the expansions you have at your disposal, it's not that easy to get there. [ I guess the easiest path would be to get an Axe and get to a Woods space. That is, if you can't beat / evade the Sentinel. ] The Dungeon: Talking about randomness and variance again - yes, I know, I'm repeating myself^^ - we have had games where no one or just one or two players went there, but we've also had plenty of games where the region saw a lot of action. Of course, as of now, we do use multiple corner boards, so that enables even more variance for every game. Speaking of which, adding Highlands might provide easier access to the middle region as well, since there are some cards in the Highland Deck that can take you there or give you a Talisman. Beating the Boss of that region includes a teleport that can take you to the middle region as well. The Dungeon cards are, rules wise, considered to be adventure cards, yes. Sometimes you do really have to watch the wording, because there are effects that are only applied to adventure cards of a certain region. So far, I can only agree with you about the Swashbuckler. We have seen him be incredibly swingy in both directions, however he hasn't won many games around here. But that might just be because he got unlucky trying to finish the game and died (multiple times). Yes, getting a spell with no target on a spell cycling character sucks, but sometimes the fates are cruel. There are cards / spaces in other expansions that allow you to sell spells you don't want or can't use [for ex.: Frostmarch (adventure cards) or City (board space)].
  14. Owl + Riding Horse? - Nice combo. That's one of the reasons we like to play with face down random treasure draws. --- "There was no evading me." That's where your roommates made the same wrong assumption. This ending gives you the option to get to one of two regions, but you can't leave the region you are in. "Player 1" should've chosen the middle region, "Player 2" should've chosen the outer region. Which gives you ("Player 3") the choice who you want to hunt down and kill, but the other player is safe from you. "The Atlas": Ah, it was that item. Still wonder how she was able to use it every turn, since you have to spend 1 fate each time you use it. "Dungeon Rush": Figured as much from what you told us before. Though I would actually not call my group "power gamers". (No offense taken.^^) Yes, we play because we want to win, but also because we enjoy the journey itself. We don't have any set moves we do every game or some kind of pattern we follow. That would be boring. We try to adjust to wherever the game takes us. The randomness is one of best things about Talisman for us. Of course we also take risks sometimes, but even with just a bit of experience, you know that some things are too much of a gamble, if you don't want to lower your own chances of winning the game. I know that some people like to play the risky way though, so of course we could have a player like this here. I wouldn't know without seeing the game being played.
  15. Thanks for the report. --- Not a good ending for three players? Not sure why you think that. Also, the tokens don't spread? I'm not sure if you read this ending right. Once you end your move, you place the tokens on every space around you basically. Yes, I guess the owl helps evading them to an extent, but I don't think it would work long. Your roommates might have also made a tactical error as you revealed the ending. They should've spread out as well, because that way, you would not have been able to encounter both of them to fight and kill them. You really played pretty carefully, yes. We don't usually have such a high strength/craft like that in our games, because we go for the win much sooner. Guess that's also part of the experience (you have or not). Ah, the Ifrit Cloak. In the scenario you described, I would call the person to have it extremely lucky. However, the game has tons of effects that can make you lose objects and other characters certainly have lots of ways to take them from you. Sometimes, the stars align just right for one player. It's part of the randomness. Not sure if it would do any good, but I do recommend advising player RA to stop rushing into the dungeon every game. You may get lucky some time, but you can easily die before you even get out of there - once your luck turns. About that other object to move (remove ?) firelands tokens, it wasn't the Dousing Rod or the Taweez Amulet by any chance? I'm asking because you usually have to get rid of those after you've used them once. You can of course try to get the rod back, but that is not that easy. Concerning player RB, she should've probably tried to leave the middle region as soon as possible right at the start of the game. With just the adventure cards you had in play, it gets even more dangerous there. Then there's the 3-player "problem". Yes, in Talisman as well as probably every other game, with 3 players, you always have the risk of running into the "king/queen" scenario. The only way out of it here is for the other two to try and dethrone the player who is ahead, which will probably not be much fun for that player either.