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  1. The main (if not the only) reason we got more at the start is the "import" from the first edition. Without it, this would be a whole different story altogether, apparently. Your problem is now the quality? - Didn't you say the quantity was your main gripe? What exactly is this quality issue we are talking about now?
  2. About those "little" monsters: Is it just the poses or do they look a bit mutated? And I almost forgot, I can finally play as my favorite redeemed cultist with this expansion!! Yaaayyy!! --- Well... if we are getting technical - it's 5 scenarios for this year so far. [counting SoA already] Nobody said we could not get another DLC along the way. Doesn't have to happen, but it just might... Honestly, waiting with no information at all is far worse. -- I was pretty impatient in general when i was younger - and I would still say I'm not really a good example, but... I have learned to wait, to be more patient than I ever was before. Will the game continue to be a success? - Only time can and will tell us. To quote Julia (other thread), if it doesn't float your boat, it just doesn't.
  3. Looks awesome!! Liking that chapel art - a lot. Can't wait to tell my friend about this - he's a big Arkham lover. Didn't think we'd actually get improvements in this game. So the madness of waiting with no info can finally be exchanged for waiting for new content. I can live with that. --- I remember somebody claiming that this game had been abandoned... Lalala...
  4. Not everybody keeps up with the news. - Unfortunately, Fantasy Flight no longer has the license from Games Workshop, so there won't be any new content for the 4th edition, as well as what Doma said. However, GW has already announced that they will be making a 5th edition, though no further information is available up until this point. Other than that it is supposed to be released "later this year", whatever that means. [No guaranty.]
  5. We have only played two games with 8 players so far, I'd say it was about 5-6 hours each time.
  6. Yeah, I would not recommend 3 players. Makes for a hard game, from what I can tell. -- I guess it depends on what you expect and/or are willing to invest talking about time, for example. My group has played 17 games so far, we have only won 3 out of those games, but we had fun playing the game and people still keep asking for it. With more games under the belt, more experience, our play style has definitely changed. The games we played with our more "seasoned" players were... very focused, pretty strategic and I think we played much more efficiently than before. In terms of "feeling to just be forced to do stuff": This is a game where your current objective will shift, if you just try your hardest to get the mysteries solved as fast as possible and ignore everything else, you will lose. It's a delicate balance and sometimes you have to make difficult choices on the fly. Basically, you adjust to the situation which the game (and the players to a certain extend) keeps changing for you. I haven't yet talked to the other players about this, but most of the time when I start playing this game, my objective is to see how far I can go and to have fun, not to win the game - because I don't expect that to happen. --- Small expansions: - Forsaken Lore: Yes, you get a new Ancient One and lots of cards for the decks from the base game and I really like this expansion, but... if you only add this expansion, it will ramp up the difficulty. - Strange Remnants: This does give you a little bit more of everything, the Mystic Ruins Deck, which is either used with the Ancient One in this expansion or the corresponding prelude, Unique Assets, Adventures, Focus and 4 Overview cards. - Signs of Carcosa: Again, a little bit more of everything, a new Ancient One, Unique Assets and Impairment Tokens. These are basically the opposite of Improvement Tokens, as they lower your stats. Many people seem to think they are too unfair and while I agree that there are a few cards that seem very, very bad - should you encounter them - I'd say they are part of the game experience.
  7. Not to rain on your parade, but she really didn't help us that much the two times we tried. I honestly wouldn't say you have to have her on the team for this scenario. It's more about managing time and progress at the same time. --- EDIT: @ LordPyrex: That's why i was trying to keep any answers regarding scenario content as vague as possible. --- I feel like we just haven't figured out how to do it yet. We'll probably give it another go with a full team in the near future. Considering the difficulty, it should be a challenge and I tend to enjoy going at them.
  8. I hear you. We've played 5 times so far and we didn't win even once. Experience certainly helps, but I feel like the game can still screw you over, if it wants to. Shattered Bonds was pretty close, but we got unlucky right at the end and lost. Could've gone either way. (Even though it would not have been the perfect ending.) @ totgeboren: How many people died during your game? We lost Cycle of Eternity because we got stuck with the task at the end and ran out of time. Tried Escape from Innsmouth 2 times, the first game, we didn't manage to do everything we were supposed to but we could have still won, but we lost 1 turn too early, running out of time. The second time, we did use our knowledge, but we got unlucky with a few randomly placed map elements and lost faster than before, because we suddenly had even less time to win. Sentinel Hill... well, I guess we did not have a good team to handle so many monsters at once, almost got overrun and afterwards we ran out of time once more.
  9. Thanks. - Diving into Exotic Materials right now. A little bug: I had no ad. content selected, yet when I started the scenario, it told me to start with the Arcane Insight spell from the Beyond the Threshold Expansion, which I obviously should not get.
  10. Great idea indeed. Though, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to hear more about the session itself. You know, like what scenario did you play, how many players, did you win or lose, how did it play, any insanity "issues" and so on. Yeah, I'm just being curious. Plus, I always like to hear about some Eldritch Adventures from other players.
  11. Glad to hear I'm not only one slowly going insane with no news/updates on the horizon.
  12. Where do you draw the line what is broken and what is not? Can't we all just agree to disagree? - You are kind of moving away farther and farther from the purpose of this thread. --- Back to the topic. We use every card, all random. Without setting difficulty and/or adjusting anything for the Mythos cards. Some games or harder, some are easier. We like it this way. [Still, our overall score is horrible compared to any who post here or on BGG. Go figure. :)]
  13. Welcome to this great game. Depends. If you only had one life left, you can't use that ability. Did you fight via psychic combat? (craft) - The Martyr's ability only works for battles. (strength) It may also be part of the digital version, as the people responsible for it tend to alter some of the rules from the board game itself. (Then again, the Martyr is not an official Talisman character, it was fan-made and published in a magazine (like some others) some time ago.)
  14. You could use Pandora's Box as an open ending, that would remove the threat of the Nether cards killing someone "in the middle" of the game. Concerning Harbinger, if you really only play with one corner board, depending on your draws and play style, he might be around much longer than you like. I do always recommend not playing with Harbinger or Dragon when you have other new expansions people will most likely want to explore, because those inclusions might hinder them which in turn could lead to less fun. If you really want to use Harbinger, I'd advise you to add at least one more corner region to the board.
  15. Can't help with the "wounded" Tavern Maid, unfortunately. --- :City: My playgroup also likes the Elementalist a lot. (By the way.^^) Funnily enough, we have yet to have problems with the Flails, because people don't see them as a viable strategy here. The last two times someone tried that route, they both went down very quickly, one of them even before he/she could acquire a Flail. [Target signs are dangerous. XD] Should we ever get there, I can always house rule them later. --- :The Woodland: The thing with "late" expansions like this is, less people buy them because not everyone follows the releases all the way through, be the reason money, taste, time or whatever. Which of course leads to less actual reviews and sometimes for negative and/or positive than usual, depending on the players. Plus like we already mentioned, this expansion changes the game quite a lot. Some people seem to prefer more of the same with these kind of games, so of course they don't like it that much. We have played games with "War of Seasons" and "Judged by Fate", both were pretty neat and fun. (The first one really increases play time a lot, especially if it is revealed as the hidden ending.) "Wanderlust" escapes us for now, as I wanted to give the players time to get more used to everything before we use that ending. I also really like the normal Adventure cards that this expansion adds to the pile. "Faerie Glade" and "Faerie Gate" are my favorites, the last one especially if it is encountered by a darkbound character. [^^ - Yes, I know, sometimes I am a bit evil.] The Woodland Deck itself ... while there are some nasty cards in there, encountering any of them (for me) always feels like getting my favorite cake. [Yeah, I know, biased and all, but I was already turned into a toad twice and got killed by his majesty himself and yet I still like the deck.]