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  1. Looks like it's time for a proper introduction (of the investigators): https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/18/a-proper-introduction/
  2. What if it's the first sideboard that you don't need a certain ancient one and/or prelude for?
  3. Different exp. here, though I really feel like we have to say it depends heavily on the scenario you play. We've already seen multiple Star Spawns and the other big bads quite often. I believe there are 2 monsters from Suppressed Memories / Recurring Nightmares that we haven't seen at all for now, three who only made a few appearances and one monster (type) has only shown up in exactly one scenario so far. We recently added Beyond the Threshold, but we have yet to see the new monster after 4 games played with the expansion. The most Cultists we've seen in one scenario (at the same time) would have been 5, if we hadn't killed some of them rather quickly. Still, I feel like the variance of the app is doing a good job randomizing most of the time; mind that some monsters will always appear in certain scenarios. [Almost forgot to add: We usually play with 3-6 players.]
  4. You said it right there: Different people, different approach. For my group, while we are trying to win (obviously), it is more about the way than the goal itself. Every game is an adventure and having all expansions in means every time we play is gonna be totally different and will have its own story that is just waiting to unfold around every corner. You'll never know what will happen next, you can't be sure what will be important and what won't. Also, the game (for the most part) never feels repetitive because all the cards are in the card pool. --- Back on topic: Didn't expect to see the painter in EH this soon, but I'm glad she'll be joining our team. Wonder who else is hiding behind those masks...
  5. And since there is a hint about this in Dreamlands - if there is a sideboard in this expansion - it will most definitely be in Asia. Seriously though, it seems like they read my thoughts and reflected on my wishes what I would want to add to the game and then decided to give it to me all at once. Guess that's what true bliss in paradise feels like. --- Also, stop talking about wraps, people, please. - If this is going to be the end, we'll be told, but as long as we are not... We can expand this beautiful game some more, as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Well, I for one didn't have to get a campaign mode, but let's see how this 'll play out. Expanding on the personal stories is a neat idea. Oh my ... - that - that's a Mystic Ruins card... (Guess that means they are doing what I always wanted... ) Already pondering how exactly Nyarly is going to work... While this is great news, at the same time, it's such a tease not knowing more... - They really crafted that preview carefully this time around.
  7. No, not really. The title is just misleading, I guess. [Even though it didn't work on me.^^]
  8. No, there will be 3 scenarios, which means we'll probably get a preview for "Gangs of Arkham" & "Ill-Fated Exhibit" as well.
  9. While I have yet to see it myself, I've been told that there is a new [& interesting] map variation for the first scenario with these tiles. (I could also imagine them being used in a few other scenarios, based on the general types of tiles needed.)
  10. Not everything. Brawn and special rules for ex. are not listed within the app. EDIT: So, you also never do horror checks with multiple monster types in play and/or any evade checks? I don't see the problem in bringing the chits in a bag, that's what I would do. No need to make proxies just for one game.
  11. Short answer: Yes, yes and yes, you can. Rules, Page 6: Once per die roll, a player may pay one fate token (returning it to the stockpile) to reroll one die he has just rolled under the following circumstances: 1. Rolling a die for his character’s movement. 2. Rolling a die to determine his character’s attack roll. 3. Rolling a die due to the instructions on a card or board space. If a player pays a fate token to reroll a die, he must accept the new result; he may not pay another fate token to reroll the same die again.
  12. Some games are easier, some are harder, depending on the GOO, mythos cards, mysteries to solve and so on. Honestly, there is no picture perfect strategy because what you need to do depends on what the game tells you to. Of course, depending on what you need to do, there are different ways to accomplish your goal. With some games worth of experience, it does get easier to decide how you tackle the challenges coming your way. I feel like we should probably talk about why you had so much trouble in order to help you. Who did you play against, which mystery did you draw and why did it take that long? @ KBlumhardt: I would not recommend doing all reckoning effects at the same time. The problem with playing it this way is, whatever happens as part of a condition and/or something else can easily influence other characters which in turn can either make the whole resolution quite messy and/or affect how you use what you (or someone else) has at their disposal which in turn makes the whole thing more difficult anyway.
  13. I guess we could call the whole thing one big clarification. I was just using their terminology. * In addition, a sub-bullet below this should read as follows: “Do not discard any other tokens placed by the Rumor Mythos card such as Clues, non-Epic Monsters, or Gates spawned by its effects. Do not discard any Conditions or tokens gained by investigators due to the Rumor Mythos card’s effects.” *
  14. Interesting addition concerning rumors. This could've changed quite a number games that we played in the past. -- Finally, the Abhoth errata. (So we can now play against him once more.^^)
  15. Well, with those 2 available, if I might make some suggestions... - We've already tried Ithaqua with 3 players and came to the conclusion that the difficulty was too high for that player count (at least for us) - so if you'd want to play against him, I'd say better add another investigator. We've had multiple goes at Yog-S., but for some strange reason, right in the middle of the game, something always goes wrong and we lose. - Might also be tough with certain mysteries with only three investigators. Haven't tried it with 3 players yet. As for Cthulhu, he's always a challenge. Last game (third try) with 4 players, we lost all our investigators in one turn due to a nasty combination of a rumor, monsters on board and the next mythos card. Still, we almost had him. One more turn, two failed tests less and we would've won... but nooooooooo - you just had to wake up...