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  1. Well, with those 2 available, if I might make some suggestions... - We've already tried Ithaqua with 3 players and came to the conclusion that the difficulty was too high for that player count (at least for us) - so if you'd want to play against him, I'd say better add another investigator. We've had multiple goes at Yog-S., but for some strange reason, right in the middle of the game, something always goes wrong and we lose. - Might also be tough with certain mysteries with only three investigators. Haven't tried it with 3 players yet. As for Cthulhu, he's always a challenge. Last game (third try) with 4 players, we lost all our investigators in one turn due to a nasty combination of a rumor, monsters on board and the next mythos card. Still, we almost had him. One more turn, two failed tests less and we would've won... but nooooooooo - you just had to wake up...
  2. Well, it wouldn't be a struggle to use a proxy for that second monster, would it? [Good to know still.]
  3. True, using the prelude as written does exclude this AO, guess I forgot, because I hadn't read that card in a long time and we've already used both the antarctic adventures and the Elder Things together, there was not really any problem with that. [I guess the point is to have a reason for going to the sideboard more if you are not using the AO, but still...] Just try it, it works fine, even though the card says you shouldn't. As for the movement, the first games we played with this sideboard, I found myself constantly having to remind the other players about the acquiring assets possibility to get there. I don't know why, but everyone but me kept forgetting about it. [Later games with the sideboard did not feature this problem anymore though.] Though having played with the Egypt sideboard (Under the Pyramids Exp.) as well, I have to say that one if much more accessible, because it connects to multiple spaces on the main board and has useful local paths to move around faster.
  4. Adventures are not tied to AO's at all. You have the prelude cards for that. I've only played two games with larger numbers against this AO so far and both didn't go well at all, mainly because everything took sooo long that doom just ran out on us and we lost very quickly afterwards. You know the saying about personal preference... And while it is possible to take out all the cards of the expansion/-s that you don't want to use, I'd find that too tedious. But I also like having every card available. Makes for great variance, because you can never be sure which cards show up and which won't. Though Eldritch does have the benefit that since you always have to chose an AO to play against, that alone can drastically change every game you play.
  5. The Digital Edition does not follow the normal rules of the physical board game. So, I don't know exactly how the card is supposed to work in DE, of course, there could be a bug involved. But either way, there are no special rules concerning any character with the lycanthrope card (at least in the physical boardgame) and I kind of don't see how this would make sense, but then again, I'm not on the same page with many of the rules changes from DE.
  6. With everything I know up until now (and what I don't), I guess I'd have to go with this order for the scenarios we/I have already played: Shattered Bonds Cycle of Eternity What Lies Within Escape from Innsmouth Cult of Sentinel Hill Dearly Departed Though I do have to say, the only reason DD is on the bottom is that we are still trying to figure this one out and I'm still not sure if we are just being stupid or I should call it bad design and/or implementation/explanation. That's funny, because we have only tackled it with two players yet and I felt like even with three, it would still be one of the most difficult scenarios to ever win. (Doesn't help when you're already half-crippled when the end is coming, of course. )
  7. It's actually quite literally: "A character" on the ... must roll 1 die ..." -> 2-3) Lose 1 Life. So, long story short, if it were any other player/-s, the card would say so. For example, the "Armageddon Crown" Ending [Harbinger Expansion]: 2-3) All characters lose 1 life. Or the "The Eternal Crown" (Cataclysm Expansion): 2) All characters lose 1 life.
  8. I have to admit, you piqued my curiosity, as I've never played with just one investigator. What transpired next is written down below. [Used every expansion except Dreamlands and Cities in Ruin. --- May contain spoilers for some, so read at own risk.] Honestly, I can't say I can see how you did it. You kind of want to go for gates/rumors, so that you'll have more time, but... With just one investigator, you either can't make it sometimes or you just can't get there. Kind of doomed if you do and doomed if you don't. One versus Azathoth Investigator: Ursula Downs Doom: 15 ; Eldritch Tokens on Green: 1 Mystery (1): Seed of the Demon Sultan Expedition: Buenos Aires Gates: Buenos Aires (Blue) - Monster: Ghoul Antartica (Blue) - Monster: Leng Spider Clues: Buenos Aires Start Marker: +1 Influence Turn 1: - special action: Move from Heart of Africa to space 15. - prepare for travel (ship) - travel to Buenos Aires Encounter: - Ghoul: Will: 3D, 1 success (no dmg) ; Strength: 3D, 2 successes (no dmg) -> Ghoul dead. - Research Encounter: 4D (w. special ability), 1 success -> Gain 2 clues. Mythos: (green card) - Omen moves to Blue, Doom down to 13. - Monster Surge: Buenos Aires: Wraith [Gain a Cursed condition.] Antarctica: Spawn of Sebak - Clues: Tunguska - Card itself: Not relevant. Turn 2: - prepare for travel (ship) - travel to Sydney Encounter: - Sydney: Will: 2D, no successes -> Gain a Hunger and a Paranoia condition. Mythos: (yellow card) - Omen moves to Red, Doom stays at 13. - Reckoning: Green mythos card from last turn is removed from the game. - Cursed: Rolled 2, condition stays. - Hunger: 2D, 1 success -> nothing happens. - Paranoia: 2D, no successes -> flip the card. -> Lost +1 Influence marker. - Gates: Buenos Aires (Blue) - Monster: Wraith Antarctica (Blue) - Monster: Leng Spider ; Spawn of Sebak Arkham (Red) - Monster: none [Cthonian moves to Heart of Africa] - Card itself: Draw and resolve another mythos card. Mythos (blue card): - Clues: Tunguska ; space 15 - Card itself: Each reckoning removes another mythos card from the game. Turn 3: - prepare for travel (ship) - travel to Shanghai Encounter: - Shanghai: Will (-1): 2D (w. special ability), 1 success -> +1 Will. Mythos: (yellow card): - Omen moves to Blue, Doom down to 11. - Reckoning: 1 extra mythos card gone. - Cursed: Rolled 5, condition goes away. - Hunger: 3D, 1 success -> nothing happens. - Gates: Buenos Aires (Blue) - Monster: Wraith Antarctica (Blue) - Monster: Leng Spider ; Spawn of Sebak Arkham (Red) - Monster: none Amazon (Red) - Monster: Dark Young - card itself: Impair Influence, lost 2 health and 2 sanity to not impair anything else. Turn 4: - prepare for travel (train) - travel to Tunguska Encounter: - Mystery: Observation: 3D, 1 success -> Spend two clues to solve Mystery (1). Mythos (green card): - Omen moves to Green, Doom goes down to 10. - Monster Surge: - Gates: Buenos Aires (Blue) - Monster: Wraith Antarctica (Blue) - Monster: Leng Spider ; Spawn of Sebak Arkham (Red) - Monster: none Amazon (Red) - Monster: Dark Young Shanghai (Red) - Monster: Zombie - Clues: Tunguska ; space 15 ; space 19 - card itself: Gain a Debt condition. Turn 5: Mystery (2): The True Name [Token: space 13] - Rest: +1 health, no sanity ; Hunger: Rolled 2, condition stays. - Gain a Focus. Encounter: - Research encounter: Observation: 3D, 1 success -> Gain this clue. -> Now there are 2 tokens on the green comet. Mythos (yellow card): - Omen moves to Blue, Doom goes down to 8. - Reckoning: Dark Young: Doom goes down to 7. Zombie: Zombie Horde spawns on Shanghai, Zombie discarded. Another extra mythos card is removed from the game. Hunger: Will, 3D -> 3 successes -> Nothing happens. Debt: Will, 3D -> 1 success -> Discard Debt condition. - Gates: Buenos Aires (Blue) - Monster: Wraith Antarctica (Blue) - Monster: Leng Spider ; Spawn of Sebak Arkham (Red) - Monster: none Amazon (Red) - Monster: Dark Young Shanghai (Red) - Monster: Zombie Rom (Red) - Monster: Gug Turn 6: - travel to space 19 - Gain a Focus. Encounter: - Research encounter: Strength (-1): 5D (w. special ability) -> no successes -> Lost 4 health. -> Dead. -> Doom goes down to 6. -> Move corpse to Tokyo. Mythos (yellow card): - Omen moves to Red, Doom goes down to 2. - Reckoning: Another extra mythos card is removed from the game. - Gates: Buenos Aires (Blue) - Monster: Wraith Antarctica (Blue) - Monster: Leng Spider ; Spawn of Sebak Arkham (Red) - Monster: none Amazon (Red) - Monster: Dark Young Shanghai (Red) - Monster: Zombie Rom (Red) - Monster: Gug Pyramids (Blue) - Monster: Sand Dweller card itself: Nothing happens. Turn 7: New investigator. ... Mythos (green card): - Omen moves to Blue, Doom goes down to 0. Game Over.
  9. It's Rita Young, btw. --- Thanks for the report, that sounds horrifying, but I like it. Seems like this is the expansion DreadStar has been waiting for... or is it?!
  10. I'll just copy this from the other thread, credit goes to moytank. "LOL you're right. I'll start by noting that this was our first impressions of 1 game BUT the new disaster deck dramatically increases the difficulty. You can also add the disaster deck with any ancient one. We played with 4 investigators, Ashcan pete, The athlete (i forgot her name), Dexter Drake and Harvey Walters along with the prelude for Shudde's set up. Things got bad really fast. The round track starts at 15 so we thought we had plenty of time to get buffed but my god were we wrong. We failed to close the first gate and doom advanced once which triggered the first of many disasters. A polar storm swept the map hitting most parts of the game board (barely into the game and we nearly died lol). The second disaster destroyed Istanbul and any investigator who's caught in one of these are pretty much dead. The game now has environmental hazards in the form of destroyed cities. You wanna do everything you can to avoid them since the encounters in them always result in you losing health/sanity, items , gaining an injury, disease etc. Basically everything standard location cards have without the good stuff from succeeding. By the time we hit round 13 everyone either had injuries conditions and/or low health. The situation got out of hand and we couldn't gain traction to get ourselves properly equipped. Trying to keep up with the world caving in on itself and dealing with disasters made closing portals even harder. This would often advanced doom 2 or 3 times in one mythos phase triggering multiple disasters at once. T-T GG much? By the time we finished the first mystery, one investigator had died and everyone else were hanging by a thread along with the doom track close to awakening the big daddy. We had to create a relief effort within the destroyed cities to advance the second mystery. Harvey walters got blown away by a tornado, Ashcan pete managed to get a small group of people out of destroyed rome and got obliterated by a meteor storm in the process (we saluted the poor drifter and his dog T-T). Lets just say it was definitely game over at that point. We failed miserably but maan was it epic! TLDR: Disaster deck increased the difficulty creating hazards around the game board. Health and Sanity management are even more important. GG Shudde Me'll GG Overall Impressions: I really loved the disaster deck. You are constantly paying attention to your teammates because health and sanity management are even more important. Encountering destroyed cities captured the apocalypse scenario extremely well. The disaster deck brought more theme and helped tightened the gameplay. I'm a huge fan of what this expansion brought to the eldritch horror and would highly recommend it. That being said I CAN'T say that the disaster deck is for everyone. Eldritch horror is already an unforgiving game and some people might not enjoy another layer of difficulty. (One of the players in our group got frustrated from all death and destruction)"
  11. Oh, come on, you can't just post one sentence, seriously. More info, pleaseeeeeeeeee... (A session report would be gold here. ) You can not let us all get mad by unknowingness.
  12. I guess you've been pretty lucky with ( Warning, Spoiler:) the research encounters. There are at least two that do not even give you a chance and just put another eldritch token on the green space. [Plus, since this is in addition to the gates, it can get out of control very quickly. We had one game where doom went down by 5 in just one turn.] Since you do have Forsaken Lore now, I'd suggest playing against Yig / Cthulhu. [If you still come back with the same results, you should probably consider a career change in order to earn tons of money. ]
  13. That was already revealed in the first preview: Bob Jenkins, Rita Young, Roland Banks, and “Ashcan” Pete. “Ashcan” Pete: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/2/17/cities-in-ruin/ Roland: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/5/8/disaster-strikes-and-the-world-burns/ Bob Jenkins is the one we still know nothing about.
  14. Yes, it's true, "Cities in Ruin is Now On Sale" - https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/7/6/shudde-mell-shakes-the-world/
  15. The main (if not the only) reason we got more at the start is the "import" from the first edition. Without it, this would be a whole different story altogether, apparently. Your problem is now the quality? - Didn't you say the quantity was your main gripe? What exactly is this quality issue we are talking about now?