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  1. No idea about over there, but there is still a bug that doesn't show this DLC via the game tab in steam. The direct link however, works: https://store.steampowered.com/app/929680/Mansions_of_Madness__Altered_Fates/
  2. Yes, all three of these are legal moves. ?
  3. Except that's not what they're going to announce. Hehehe... ?
  4. That's because the conversion kit only provides the stats and info, the miniatures and tiles required are either from the first edition (if you own that one) or the Figure and Tile packs for this edition, which have to be purchased separately.
  5. Which one? - Are we talking about one of the Mastermind versions`? If so, you wouldn't be the first player to have trouble with these. You not only have to find out all symbols that are being used, you also have to find out which symbol goes where. The app tells you that a symbol is in it's right place by using the success symbol, however, it doesn't tell you which one symbol that is, which of course makes it more difficult to solve. (From the rules: "The app will mark each incorrect guess with a number of success results () and investigation results (). Each success indicates that a single piece of the guess is the correct piece and is correctly positioned within the code. Each magnifying glass indicates that the guess contains a single correct piece, but that piece is not in the correct position.")
  6. The investigators that came with the conversion kit in the base game can be used once you activate the respective content in the app. (You have to tell it which physical components you have. -> "More" -> "My Collection") However, if you don't own the respective content from the first Ed. Mansions of Madness or the Figure & Tile Packs made for the second one, the app will also use tiles and monsters that you don't own. If you haven't activated any additional content yet, you should look at your tiles again first; since they are double-sided, it is quite easy to miss a certain tile among them.
  7. The City Gate is not a shop space, which is why the rules for shop spaces do not apply here.
  8. Warning, another Spoiler here ; I guess we can probably call this scenario notorious for this soon. This is from the last time we played: Spoiler: "We were playing "Gates of Silverwood Manor", figured out what we needed to do pretty quickly, but failed at one point. Then we had to do something extra and thanks to the "special" feature of the scenario, we didn't all make it to the final room in time. This triggered a map change that confronted us with a boss fight, which we won, so far so good... However, now the game told us that we started investigating a new case, which was actually the same as the last one, but we couldn't remember anything that had happened before. That was the ending."
  9. No. Drawing is part of it, because it's part of the space instructions, as you just said yourself.
  10. It says you have to visit the space, which is only possible if you are on the space and you are encountering said space. There's a reason I separated those two paragraphs below the first. That's because they describe the two different ways to earn your bounties. 1) If you are on the City Gate and have the needed trophy/-ies to earn any bounties, that's what you will do as your encounter. (In case it's not clear: That means you are not paying for any Wanted Posters nor do you gain them at any point.) 2) If you have bought a Wanted Poster and you have the needed trophy/-ies, you can claim your bounty anywhere on the board at any time during your turn.
  11. I wasn't home and I didn't have the time to react when you posted. The last response should (hopefully) help. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/276447-overlapping-cards-on-tiles-with-abilities/
  12. You read the space before you move there. Unless you draw a card that forces you to draw more cards, as long as it's a "draw cards" space, it's right there on the board how many cards you have to draw on each one and even if there are already any cards there, you can look at what's on the board. Otherwise the game would be pretty unfair and a lot of character abilities that care about certain cards on spaces would be useless.
  13. [City rules, page 8: "Wanted Posters"] "Wanted Posters are available to all characters who visit the City Gate, as described in the instructions on the space. Characters may either buy any Wanted Posters on the space for one gold each, or claim the bounty from Wanted Posters on the space (see “Claiming Bounties” to the right). If a character buys a Wanted Poster, he may claim the bounty any time during his turn."
  14. Let's take the Ruins as an example, then. The space says: "Draw 2 cards. If there are any cards already in this space, draw only enough to bring the total to two." Now we'll assume that there is 1 card already on the space, let's says it is the http://www.talismanwiki.com/Sorcerer_(Adventure) You end your move on this space, since there is 1 card there already, you have to draw 1. You draw the Shrine (place, ECN 6), which is added to the space. You now encounter the cards on the space according to their encounter number, meaning the Sorcerer first, then the Shrine.
  15. [City rules, page 10: "Shop Decks"] "If an encounter allows a character to gain or take a card from the Potion, Pet, or Wanted Poster deck for free, he must draw the top card of the deck."
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