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  1. Just read through the introduction to Heirs Of Blood and was blown away. Alric, Merrick, and Eliza feel completely different now and I find myself craving... more! Aside from the expansions themselves are there any good lore sources for the world and its denizens? Cheers!
  2. While Heirs Of Blood (which I just picked up) seems pretty great in comparison to the Shadow Rune (the pages of lore alone add a great deal), I'd rather pick up a brand new expansion book then a reworked Shadow Rune - simply for more original content. The Shadow Rune would pretty much need to be a completely different campaign to the original for it to make sense for me.
  3. Thanks for the response Andrew. I know it's only the Base Game required, but does it use Lieutenants from the Base Game - I'm pretty sure I saw Eliza Farrow somewhere - and so be helpful to pick up those Lieutenant packs? If so - who is featured?
  4. Hi guys, I searched through a bunch of heirs of blood threads but couldn't find what I was looking for - aside from the miniatures in the base game, what miniatures (I'm guessing just Lieutenants?) would be useful to have for Heirs of Blood?
  5. The quest vault seems to be offline for me as well. It was working earlier this morning. Maintenance perhaps? Thanks for the quick response, I'll check again tomorrow.
  6. This is very helpful, thank you Zaltyre.
  7. I might have missed it if you've already posted your thoughts - but what do you think of Mists of Bilehall? The news about "The Chains That Rust" makes me happy because it looks like there will be more support for Descent in 2016. No worries - found your post here.
  8. I'm new to Descent so I've still got plenty to acquire, but here's hoping there's more to come this year!
  9. Hi guys, is the Quest Vault still active? When I click the link it simply never opens. Tried a new tab, tried turning off adblock. I'm using Firefox. Many thanks.
  10. Human only campaign: Apprentice Wizard. Barber-Surgeon. Coachman. Scout. Watchman.
  11. shinma said: The Strolling Bones said: I understand the reason that the design team went with a Humanocentric approach, however most of my players play roleplaying games to escape from the humdrum of everyday life and are not interested in playing humans. With this said I find it strange that the powerful elves who taught the humans to control the winds of magic have no arcane spell caster career (atleast in the boxes that I've so far purchased). There's a lore reason for this. First off humans are far more numerous than any race - with Dwarfs being by far ahead of the others in second (I believe this is the correct Warhammer spelling of them...). Therefore most of the locations/classes/cards etc are going to be about humans (who I actually find alot more palatable than in other settings). Secondly - Elven magic is game-breakingly broken. As is quoted in the core book, the worst elven magician is vastly superior to the best human magician. Their spells can wipe out entire army squads, rearrange the battlefield, and affect the world itself. In other words - the reason there is no elven caster class is because it's outside the scope of a playable character. I have no doubt that there might be an elf expansion, but I doubt you'll see a full fledged elven caster in a playable manner (albeit if I recall in earlier editions, you can play a young elf just learning how to channel a single wind, before they get the full brunt of Quaysh). That's an interesting point. I had assumed (along with The Strolling Bones, I find) that eventually we would see a full set of archetypal careers for the various races. I'm intrigued to see what an Elf expansion would look like without magic (which seems such a large part of the High Elf civilization) or at least without a "full fledged elven caster" as you mention. Side-note: I have no knowledge of Warhammer prior to the current edition. All the setting information I know of is from the Core Set.
  12. Lucas Adorn said: Have you seen this? I have indeed (but thanks for the link). I have also seen the videos, read the designer diaries etc. FFG have done a great job so far of keeping their players "in the loop" but the OP asked what I'd like to see, and hungry as I am for that close link between designers and customers I mentioned in my previous post, I'd like to see more.
  13. boggle said: find it here sorry missed that bit dohhhhh. Great video, Sean. Your enthusiasm for WFRP is infectious! I look forward to your future videos.
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