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  1. Only a Greater Minion can have the Daemonic trait.
  2. Betraying a Daemon is risky, but workable. And bound to entertaining if nothing else! As to the Daemonhost, I don't think any would willingly go into any bound host, but some would accept an unbound host. Of course, then you have no control over said inter-dimensional nasty, but that's Chaos for you.
  3. Deinos said: "But that assumes that you've managed to break free of the weapon's bindings." So are you saying if a daemon weapon possesses someone, whoops, that daemon weapon is no more and the daemon is free, or does "breaking free of the weapon's bindings" just refer to overpowering the host's will despite the +5% to his willpower test? As I was under the impression that if you get possessed by a daemon weapon, its controlling you through the weapon, and so if its current host dies, you can just force a new prisoner to pick it up. And I'm sure some daemon princes don't like the Materium... but I'm sure some do. Yes, some greatly enjoy the Materium. But generally they enjoy it when they are in their true, glorious(horrifying), forms. If they are bound into a weapon they literally can do nothing. Their essence warps the weapon into something unreal, but they do not wield their own power. They do not strike down the fools who oppose them, nor can they bring a great and terrible torment on whatever flesh-thing they wish. They are trapped, and must obey some insolent Mortal with the temerity to bind a Daemon. And once bound, there is nothing they can do to break free. Even if they possess their wielder, they are not free, meerly controlling a meat puppet that holds their bound form. In order to be free, the weapon binding them must be destroyed. It is not the fact that they are bound that enrages daemons, They can be bound into vehicles comparatively easily, just look at the Defiler. It is the fact that they are bound, and powerless by themselves. A daemon weapon is not let loose onto the field of battle to reap a bloody tally of death and carnage, they are unsheathed to be swung around by some mortal until they deem the battle over, and then put away. In short, Daemons hate being used as glorified equipment.
  4. While you certainly could contract the Obliterator Virus, survival for a non Astartes would be difficult, As Gurkhal pointed out. Your best bet would be getting the modified version from the Iron Warriors. Not that they would part with it willingly of course. Assuming you get Virus, and survive the horrific transformation, I can't really see anyone keeping even a semblance of sanity after becoming on of those things.
  5. From what I have seen, the Astartes will always be better in combat than the Mortals. However the mortals, baring insane mutations, will be better at just about everything else. They get more skills, they will most likely spend more on skills while the Astartes stick to combat advances, and with the addition Gifts human characters receive you can get some interesting builds. Though an unwanted Flaming Skull can ruin a Fellowship based character. As to the Illusion of Normality, a Astartes with it will look like a normal Astartes, and those still stick out in most places. Though I suppose they could go undercover if they lost the power armor and all the Legion goodies, but that should really be a last resort.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. I suppose we were over thinking the problem. Though now I am interested in the whole Flying Fallen thing.
  7. So a friend of mine got the advance copy of Black Crusade and my local gaming group have started a game, but one of the players wants to play as a Fallen Angel. Well we are unsure of how exactly he should do this. What sort of special rules could we use to represent this?
  8. I have decided to spice up my game with some random, recurring dreams that can function as plot hooks, or just as interesting atmosphere. I have three themes decided so far, as well as descriptors for the first dreams of each. Eyes Everywhere: You are walking down a dark stone corridor with an important package under your arm. You cant seem to remember what it is or who it is from, only that it is a matter of utmost secrecy and importance. You are searching for a place to open it, but no matter where you go you are followed by the Eyes, and the Eyes see all. Even when you are alone the Eyes are there, watching you from the walls, glaring at you from mirrors, and staring at you from your shadow. They want the box, but they must not have it! You sprint off into the labyrinth of dark stone, trying vainly to find a safe place. You run for lifetimes, and always the Eyes are there, watching. You wake, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. As you gather your wits, you notice something in the corner of your eye. You whip your head around, and for a second, just a second, you think you see an eye in the wall, staring straight at you. You blink in shock and it is gone. The Door: You are standing in front of a massive stone door, one so large it reaches up into the sky. You aren't sure how you know it it a door, there is no sign of hinge or crease, yet you simply know it is one. It is covered in scratches and bound in brass chains. For some reason you are compelled to approach the Door. As you come closer you can see that the scratches are actually impossibly detailed geometric carvings. They all seem to be flowing towards something... There! In the middle of the monolithic Door, binding the brass chains shut is an obsidian lock. Again you feel your feet move forwards of their own volition. You see your hands raise up and touch the massive lock, and as soon as they do you hear a single titanic heartbeat. As your terror mounts you slowly bring your eye closer to the keyhole. You try to shut your eye, but are unable. Against your will you look inside. But there is nothing there, simply darkness. As you breathe a sigh of relief there is a blinding flash of light, and a voice that screams into your mind, drowning out all thought. I SEE YOU You jolt awake, breathing heavily. Your hands hurt, and feel wet. They are bloody. You slowly wipe the blood from your hands, and see several long cuts along your palms. You cannot help but notice that the cuts seem to line up with where your hands touched the lock... The Mirror: You dream you are walking through darkened halls, looking for something. But you cannot remember what. You only know that you must find it soon if you wish to live. As you sprint headlong down the corridor, something catches your eye. On the wall hangs a large ornate Mirror. This is what you need! As you reach for it, the glass flows outward and grabs you, pulling you into itself. You struggle with all of your might, but you cannot pull yourself free. Then you have something in your hand, something heavy. You swing it and the thing shatters. A shard of glass embeds itself in your hand. Then you realize that something is wrong, you can still hear glass shattering. You look around, and the world is slowly shattering. You realize that you too are shattering, from the feet up. You try to scream, but your lungs fall to pieces. As your head shatters you wake up screaming. You look about the room, assuring yourself that all is well. Your hand hurts though. There is a long sliver of smokey glass stuck in your palm. And that's all I've got for now. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
  9. Recently something very odd happened to one of my players. He ran into the middle of a psychic duel being conducted by two very powerful Daemons, and earned a "favor" from the winner. One of them has been plaguing them since the first session. I have mentioned him on these forums before, He of Rags and Tatters. So far it has hinted at deals made with someone in the party, and has saved them from certain death on at least one occasion. Overall it revels in the confusion and backstabbing it causes, but has not yet attempted to kill anybody important. What the players don't know is that the Rogue Traders ancestor, the first member of his line, made a pact with It back in M31, and it is now upholding it's part of the bargain. The other is as of yet unnamed, and is the more powerful of the two, if the less intelligent. It is sealed deep within the bowels of their ship. Locked behind a massive adamantium door five meters tall, thick and wide that is bound in brass chains a meter thick. It was prophesied that this Daemon would end his line, so the first Rogue trader had it summoned and bound, to be trapped for all time. The more powerful Daemon is normally dormant and mostly harmless, but during a space combat there was a Warp Drive explosion in the same void unit as the Explorers vessel. This massive spike of warp energy woke it up, and bad things began to happen. Daemonic laughter rang out across the ship and most of the low decks went mad. Things prowled the halls and riot suppression was ineffective. So the Explorers headed down to the lower deck to sort things out. As they got lower and fought back the mad hordes of former crewmen, the Arch-militant felt a rhythmic vibration in the floor. As they followed him towards the source, a noise could be heard along with the vibration. Eventually they came to the Door. It was halfway open and straining against the chains. Warp energy and random light were pouring out from inside it. He of Rags and Tatters was standing in front of it, and was trying to close the door with its psychic might. Every time the door was close to closing it would shoot open again. The players could see that He was losing the fight, and didn't want to tangle with whatever was behind the door. Before they could plan anything, the Arch-militant rushed forward and tried to push the door closed. With his Unnatural Strength totaling at 105, he rolls a 5. Next round a 1. He manages to help the Daemon close the door, and suffers around 30 Corruption from the rampant Warp energy and Daemonic proximity. At this point the party beats a hasty retreat and the session ends. After this I send him an email detailing He of Rags and Tatters giving him an item that can call Him once, and the threat to tell none of this affair. So, anybody have any thoughts on this? Is this a normal amount of crazy, or is this a little over the top?
  10. I would say be generous with the Profit Factor, +5, even +10. I know this may seem like a lot, but they are going to need it. Selling, a Halo artifact will almost certainly be the death of them. The Inquisition will find out, and will most likely end them. I would give the Enemy: Inquisition Talent to anybody involved in such a deal, as well as a -10 penalty to any interaction tests Involving any Imperials that know of there heretical disposition. Any such deal will haunt them for the rest of there lives, and may even be cause for the Forfeiture of their Warrant. So, while it will get them rich quick, it might not be worth it in the end..
  11. Most ships have a decent number of small cargo holds throughout the vessel, but these are a matter of necessity. The Components available are representative of large scale cargo holds, designed for the transport of very large quantities of goods. So, if you don't buy a cargo hold of some type, you would generally be unable to haul substantial amounts of cargo. But you would still be able to carry small, high value cargo, and almost all personal equipment.
  12. outofthedarkness said: @MILLANDSON- So I can safely assume that if I drop the cash on the warpsbane hull, I can cut out a gellar field altogether? The Waprsbane Hull is an add on to a standard Gellar Field. In addition to the standard miracle of technology, you also have a miracle of faith to help keep the Warp at bay. Of course, there is no way to be totally safe in the Immaterium, but it is better than nothing.
  13. ItsUncertainWho said: I would also go so far as to say that popping an atomic inside a ship should render said ship into unusable slag inside and out. Thus ruining any possible profit from salvage. Unusable Radioactive slag. Don't forget that part.
  14. Well, they all seem quite well made, I'm no expert, but I quite like them, very good at delivering that certain atmosphere. Any chance of you doing a Hive or Forge world?
  15. Ragnar Trollskin said: How did you determine what smallcraft they had in the lighter bay? My players also have the same component. I have already run an introductory published adventure Forsaken Bounty that assumes the players have a guncutter. Mainly It was my Players starting Profit Factor, 21. If your players are starting in the 40's or above, then by all means let them have a few more toys at the start of the game. Until concrete rules are given, hopefully soon, it seems like something you have to do different for each group.
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