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  1. I am still in love with this game. Sadly I was never able to run one group for more than three sessions, but I played a lot of oneshots, and it's my favourite game to gamemaster.
  2. I just don't get, why carriers you never use could possibly annoy you that much. The same with action cards. Because I don't see too many useless cards. The useless ones are in the box, the ones I use are on the table. I have, let's say four players in the group, so I need exactly four carrier cards, and they are used, so they are not useless. All the other carriers are invisible, because they are in the box, useless at the moment. And I also don't see the difference between this situation and more conventional rpgs. I never need all the classes, the spells and the monsters in any rpg. I always only need a few at any given session or campaign. But I would never complain, that they are there. Would you really feel better if there were just 19 different, but useful carriers?
  3. @James Sparrow: You're right: I can develop my own adventures and stuff and pick NPCs, monsters, trade items, locations and stuff from v1 or v2 material or from anywhere else. But then I still don't have the cards. And of course, there is a lot of great stuff in Liber Fanatica, but I am not fond of printing and laminating the cards myself. I am not good at it, too. So the reason why I want the line to be continued and I want new products is mostly the material. And there are still things I am missing. Most of all the leeches and worms of the Marienburg marshland. And although adventures of former editions are easily converted to 3rd ed, I still like to see adventures that are designed with the mechanics of 3rd ed. in mind (like the progress tracker).
  4. I don't so much care that there is nobody in this forum, although that's a very sorry fact. But I am pissed that they decided that the player's of WFRP don't deserve any new announcements, previews, development reports and stuff. There is no news since May! Sorry, but that is unaccaptable for a game that so depends on supplements. Thos so called policy not to talk about planned products in advance is, pardon my french, crap. The new TEW was announced on 1st of March. Since this module isn't to be expected before September, that's at least six months in advance. So when they cannot due to their so called policy announce something beyond TEW, that means, that there isn't anything planned until at least February 2013. If TEW is going to be released this year, we only have two supplements in 2012 and four PoD-Sets of cards. That's not much, and it looks like there will be even less in 2013 since there are no further announcements. If they are really working on new stuff or even a new edition of the game, they don't seem to understand roleplayers at all. Because if they did, they would feed us with some information or at least some teasers. Because that's what roleplayers need, according to myswelf and my experience in the internet.
  5. At 3:48 of this video, you can see the name tag of Jay Little. So it really is him. But why no news about WFRP?
  6. No one? The seminar is way in the past now (16 hours or so). Nobody attended it and likes to post the news (if there was any news)? Oh, please, I am dying for some news!!!!
  7. We have a long running Ars Magica campaign with our group. With another group we wanted to take turns playing WFRP3rd and The One Ring, but we never find the time for it. One-Shots I played: Fiasco Dungeonslayers I a Wicked Age Song of Ice and Fire Desolation
  8. Doc, the Weasel said: This is another thread where I am reminded that people misunderstand the creative agendas in Big Model (e.g. Simulationism =/= trying to be realistic). WFRP 3ed is a Simulationist game, with some Gamist elements. It best supports "The Right To Dream" agenda, while it's resource management decision-making (stances, allocating die results, etc) lend themselves to the "Step On Up" agenda (though to a much lesser degree). There is very little if any Narrativism in this game. There are no character traits defining the character's motivations or beliefs, and there is no sharing of narrative control (it always resides with the GM). Many GMs may add some of these elements (I certainly have), but there is little right out of the box that supports true Narrativist play. You are so very right!!! I agree with you that much of the earlier posts suffer from a general misconception of what the Big Model really is (or describes). Most of all WFRP1st being narrativism?!? Totally missed the point. Thanks for the clarification, Doc!
  9. The obvious thing is an elf supplement of course. But after that I would rather that they don't spread the background to Bretonia, Kislev or Norsca so soon, but rather come up with one or two more source boxes for the Empire. I don't feel that it is covered already as it should be. Of course you can use material from 1st and 2nd editions if you have them, but I believe that there are still a lot of "empirical" things that should be covered with 3rd edition mechanics. Like a lot of creatures, locations, cards to handle trade, rules for travelling (with encounter tables). I would very much like to see some kind of Gazeteer (like Sigmar's Heirs) in a 3rd edition approach and -- the summit of source books -- a city sourcebook (like Sold down the river or City of the White Wolf). If I think more about it, what I would really like: A fat hardcover book about the Empire with tons of fluff in it: An overall gazeteer, articles about special topics like trade, travelling, crime, sample factions and characters, sample buildings, one or two cities in some more detail, new creatures (like the eel for example). Something like the books for W40k. Let's call it Empirial Compendium. And accompanying that an extra box with all the creature, action, location, items, trade, encounter cards and faction sheets and what not. The Empirial Vault. I think I would like that. And they could sell the Compendium also to people who only want the fluff and don't want the cards and stuff. And after that Kislev, Bretonia, Lustria.
  10. k7e9 said: Captain Fluffy said: The locations are:- Main Deck Below Deck Overboard Captain's Quarters Crow's Nest (which IMO should hurt a lot more to fall out of!) Rigging All those locations require you to be on a ship, which doesn't happend very often in my current campaign. I had hoped for at least some locations that were on land, such as docks and sailor taverns, maybe a pirate island/hideout and similar locations. You could use some of them while playing Death on the Reik. You could use the Captain's Quarters for a posh hotel suite in Altdorf or the bedchamber of a very powerful noble. You can use the Overboard Location when someones is falling off a bridge or something. You might also be able to use the Rigging Location while moving through an arachnarok's nest or an elven tree settlement. Or for acting out Tarzan in the Lustrian jungle. The Crow's Nest can also be a treetop perhaps. I haven't examined the cards closely yet, but I am sure the NPCs and action cards might be useful too. A lot of actions and stats can be relocated to other settings by ignoring names and fluff, I think. But I am not very happy about the cut out standups. I'd rather have some more monsters. (I really hoped for some more creaturelike sea monsters, but all the monsters in this set are more or less human.)
  11. And since it is your game, you can have your ogres start with any careers you like.
  12. I really like the map in Hero's Call. It is the best WFRP3rd map I have seen so far. There is everything on it you need. I also like the Fauligmere and Übersreik maps. I don't see any need for improvement there. I rather think that there should be more floor plans and stuff like that. Yes, and handouts would be nice.
  13. The shop is called Sphärenmeister. http://www.sphaerenmeisters-spiele.de/ But I fear that it is already out of stock at Sphärenmeister at the moment.
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