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  1. Hi, We had a discussion about sustaining the psy powers. In the book there is very small paragraph about this, and it is not clear how long someon is able to keep up a power, especialy those with free action to sustain. Player feels that she can sustain a free action power indefinitely. ie boost up in the morning and then have all the powers running till she sleeps. GM argued a free action is still something like reading and needs a moments thought not like breathing that goes automatic. a concentration one is unable to muster 24 hours a day. And so powers sustained this way are sustained for the current scene but not longer then that. We want to follow the rules but sadly I was not able to find anything in the books to decide it, but maybe I was missed something. Thank you for your help.
  2. Ok so no matter how good the attack roll was, dodge will always negate hits meaning 6 degree auto hit with a weapon rate of fire 4 against a dodge 1 degree will be only a 2 hit not 6-2=4 hit. THX
  3. Hi Please clear it to me how dodge and auto, semmi autofire succes degrees are working weapon with a S/2/4 Powermarine do a single shoot 7 degree hit - Luckman dodge but no degree just succes - it is still a miss Powermarine do semmi auto shoot 7 degree hit - weapon max 2 hit - Luckman dodge with 1 degree - result is a miss as defender dodge the 2 bullet or 2 hit as attacker still has 5 more degree? THX
  4. Power field is not the same as forcefield. The lesser shield in the book has both, i want to create one withouth the forcefield, so no field rating just 4 ap.
  5. About modern shields from a guy from other forum: -We used a ballistic shield on every op we went on when I was in SWAT. - Ofc i dont know the guy so it can be just a geek who want to talk big. Basicly they are using some soilder with shield to provide cover for the others. To be honest i dont have any real fighting experience, only from airsoft, but a good shield cover could be extremly usefull. On game side i agree with u; there is a bit imbalanced with the rules we have, tho i see no problem for a marine to use something usefull if he want, especially as tech marine will have the contacts to make astartes version of the human shield. With powerfield the wh40k world has the technology to create good shield for cover, and with forcefield they can further improve it as stormshield.
  6. Thank you for the replys. Maybe i am too generous, i will tell his to the players when they will cry next time hehe. He want to requisit a common shield because the 2 shield in DW needs a lot of honor to get, meaning around rank 4-5. At rank one u have to choose alternative solutions. Sadly we do not have a basic shield without forcefield installed in the core game book. Shield rules are lacking currently for this game, as in normal world those are very usefull even in our current age, not mentioned what can we could do with them with powerfield. I think i will create a basic shield as a AP4 for arm and chest, balanced weapon and nothing else. I just feel we miss something cool without better cover rules, i realy like old roman tacticks, experienced infantry, big shields, cover against missiles, shield walls, push enemy, kill the horda without loosing too much, or the horda manage to break the wall and big mess, chaos all around. All idea is welcome; i shoud develop some house rules without ruin the balance if i want shield actions more in the game.
  7. Hi, Situation: Imperial fist tech marine requisited a Naval shield - Inquisitor handbook page 168 average item - cost is 8 requisit. In combat he would like to use it to dig in - cover 8 + iq bonus 6 - using the solo mode ability x2 cover - total of 28 cover, or is it 2X8+6? After fights he throw up some repair cement and he is good. Until this i could use the normal rules, no matter how powerfull i feel it is. But what will happen if i throw against him some melee guy. He will have a primitive defensive weapon. He expect to have at least the extra AP for the chest and the left arm locations. It is a promitive weapon so i think the AP should be 4, but as the cover rating was 8 i am not sure i coud half of this or not. Armour 8 would be a bit too good compared to the storm shield AP 4. And i think the other shield in DW core book do not give AP so i am a bit confused how to handle shield rules in the Deathwatch. Ofc because the shield is primitive i will destroy it with a power weapon, so he asked me the cost to improve it with powerfield quality. He is a techmarine and willing to spend wargear to create his own shield. Based on his RP all is good, but i do not want to give him too much power over the others. What should i do if i let him to get powerfield on the shield, AP 8 and cover 16??? I already agree with him there wont be a forcefield option. THX
  8. What is the difference between a psy created fireball and the strange eye power what is a fireblast that can harm non living thing. The 2nd is weaker; do self damage, and dont let u use any other powers int that combat at max level. For me it means its is not a balance questions, more likly it is a concept. One is a rare mutation generated warp effect; but the other is the same. Do you know any more source what i can read about the difference and why it is linked to the daemons. I would not mind to to tell a story about the dirty secret of the navigators - small sheeds of the 5th chaos god. As far as i know there is no other rules about daemons warp powers immunity. Or i should consider it is just because► ps, I am wondering too how the wall try to avoid the gaze but oh well this power is strange.
  9. Sorry i was not clear, i am talking about Scourge of the red tide. In the power descriptions: Note that the damage dealt out from this power can be applied to physical inanimate objects as well and will also damage non-living targets (but not Daemons, Untouchables, or any other warp entities—see the sidebar Psychic Powers in ROGUE TRADER and DARK HERESY, page 172 of the ROGUE TRADER Core Rulebook for explanation). So this power can blast a hole into the wall, but canot hurt daemons. How can a wall see into your eyes is not clear, so i guess this power is not a visual power at rank 3 anymore. From page 172 i found no explanations only this: Daemons & Warp Entities: Creatures with the Daemonic or Stuff of Nightmares Trait always use their powers at Unfettered level only, and whilst they may generate Psychic Phenomena from the powers they employ at the GM’s discretion, they are never adversely affected by them or suffer Perils of the Warp.
  10. Hi! Someone please explain why daemons are immune to the navigator powers. I mean the warp fire powers and so on. Based on the rules Daemos are weak against psy attacks as thier daemonic trait has no effect. Navigators are psykers; thier power is some kind of psy power technicaly: It looks illogical. B.
  11. Math is so wrong if u multiply the ap... Do it separetly. Some damage can be reduced to 0, and a single hit with 10+ damage will hurt cohesion too. And usualy a long burst will hit 2-3 different location. Sadly u canot be lazy here.
  12. Based on my personal research and opinion Psychic null person canot be effected by psy power, warp powers or faith related powers - the warp, holy weapons simple not working when they using them. This means for me they can not be trusted to be loyal and faithful servant of the God emperor. Having a chapter of possible traitors is not tolerated. Conclusion - Space marines can be very resistant against psy power due to faith, they should use that against a daemons instead of a rare genetic deformation.
  13. Full respect to the creators to create this very good game - realy this game is so easy to play and still very enjoyable fights... They are still humans. In this very book they misprinted the name of the tactics some pages later - oath rules. So it is possible they messed up a bit, and we have something what a smart player will exploit. Its no a big problem ofc, this is where a house rules come into the play, but I like to have as few house rule as I can. I already asked them for confirmation. Based on the normal rules you do not have to pay 2nd time for any tactic, so if this is different they should mention it somewhere. Not the cohesion cost is wildly unbalanced, the rank 85 forcefield is unbalanced with a 95 percent psy immunity or with a powerful lib who can hurt and focusing his wp naturaly.
  14. Thank You; I will try to ask them. About the reactivation, this is a tactick what provide a forcefield if the theam use it. For me this means if u activaite it all marine have the shield. Like strong point; mark a place; use the tactick, move use it again, it will cost nothing to reestablished 2nd time only a command roll. Yes willpower is not easy to get; but some class will improve it for sure, this is why the libs and the deffensive oriented tactical marine will be boss level strong. If there is a ultramarine lib who decide to share his high wp with the party then things will get realy ugly for the enemys. If u want all out attack yes it is not the best to use; but still most situation except suprise or against weak enemys a rank 85 party forcefield is better than any offensive tactick. If they are able to go close, a good kill team would kill a boss level enemy in 1-2 rounds; with the forcefield they will just ignore the elites, jump in, finish the boss with focus fire, clean up after.
  15. Sustained tacticks cost nothing to reactivate after the first activation. That means the leader can put the barrier back with a single leadership roll. I dont know how do you handle requisition points but iron halo and the other forcefields are far from easy to get in my game and cost huge requisit. In my team the rosarios was a big deal to aquire; and noone was good enough to get the iron halo yet. Not to mentioned they do not have 85 field rating. I just checked the elda forcefield, it has 75 rating, so seems this field is not unbeatable, but still too powerfull for a tactic. How can I ask developers what was the main goal with this tactick?
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