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  1. For sniper work there is the solo boltgun or how it's called from into the storm. Boltgun damage and pen, tearing and accuate.
  2. If think there was a component (Hymn caster?) that loweres the moral of your foes or something like that. I gues that would be a component that affects you.
  3. I think for a mission behind enemie lines a single SM would be a great liability to a squad of veteran guardsmen. They know how to sneak and they know that they have to be low profile to survive. The SM just can not sneak unless he's using scout armor and stuff.
  4. I would take a melee oriented guardsman squad to accompany him. Give them tow weapon wielder (both) and equip them with chainswords, flame pistols and bucklers/combat shields and certainly some kind of armor with good craftsmanship photo visors to protect them from the photon flash grenades. If you don't want to depend on the conversion field photon flash you can give your squad some photon flash grenades, too. With those photo visors your men are immune to them. But the problem is that orcs tend to be tough so they will often succees at their T test to avoid being binded.
  5. The_Shaman said: So you're basically telling me they never statted slugs in any DH product, and even in RT they were added only recently? Seems so. In DW they stattet them earlier but I thing there they are somewhat stronger. If you use the errata weapon stats a astartes automatic combat shotgun with solid slugs does more damage than a boltgun. It just has less range.
  6. As much as I normaly hate unnatural traits, if you play with them I think the Scum should get unnatural Fellowship come ascension. That would make hin cooler hand give him an edge.
  7. As Darth Smeg said. And as to the lightly wounded: There are talents that let you always be treated as lightly wounded
  8. I would have liked it better if they'd combined search and awareness and left lip reading alone (or made it a talent). But a one in all skill is still better than three seperate skills
  9. If enemies have stuff thats relevant for our PCs we loot it and use it. If it's not interesting for the PCs the GM decides if it's enough (in volume or worth) to give us some bonus to achievement points. At least that's how I think he handles it most of the time. On one occasion whe stumbled upon a well stocked medical facility and just used those supplies and machinery to add a medicae deck to our ship.
  10. Cobramax76 said: Thats fine...you simply temper it with the actual cost of each bolter round..and the availability of bolters and ammo..and amp up the cost accordingly..they wont be able to get the ammo everywhere and it isnt cheap so...its a balance easily enough I don't know if it's RAW (in RT I'm only player) but as we play it you don't need to buy ammo in RT. And if you got special ammo you make your aquisition test once and from then on you got your supply.
  11. My main issue with this talent is not that it's to weak but it's silly. What will happen is someone has the talent? Example1: It is raining, the enemy is far away and running from cover to cover with his hard target talent. So as the modifier is already -30 and can't become worse I'll just do a called shot to his head and do that shooting blindly from full cover exposing only my right arm. Why take the chance that he shoots back and hits me? Example2: So there is that chaos tank coming at us through the ruins and the top hatch is open so the tank commander can see better. I'll take one of my grenades and throw it into the tank through the partly blocked hatch. What you say, it's impossible? But why my modifier can't be worse than -30. I could go on adding examples. So all in all the talent is absolutely useless because under normal circumstances it does nothing und when it would it gets too silly for the grimdark 40k.
  12. As you don't get any dos you don't get any extra damage. So divine shot is best done with a missile launcher (krak) or Las cannon. Something that counts.
  13. bogi_khaosa said: Kshatriya said: Feeling it and being significantly injured by it are two different things. Given sufficient time, it is going to be consumed by it. As rules stand now, an Astartes with a TB 10 can sit there, on fire, all day long. He will pass out from fatigue, but he will be lying there unconscious, on fire, all day long. You could use the RF rules, which would mean that about every 10 rounds it's gonna do an additional 1D10 which would me enough for most enemies to be injured. Or in the case of the whale add some vulnarability to fire (not too far fetched for a water living animal) but I see what you mean.
  14. ThethatGuy said: my rule has always been that for every amount of damage that equals the AP of the object reduces it by one, no mater the attack type. So if you hit an AP 4 door with 16 damage in one hit, the door is gone. That was what I thought about doing, too.
  15. Maese Mateo said: Umbranus said: An addition to the above: Isn't it so that with ZH you deal 1 point of damage instead of the critical effect if the original damage was not enough to overcome armor + toughness? Or am I mixing up something? You are right, if you score a 10 on a damage die and your target's Armour + TB is greater than your damage, you still inflict 1 point of damage to him (although on that case you don't roll the 1d5 on the critial chart). That seems a little bit powerful, specially since several untrained peasants of a feral world with sticks can hurt a Greater Daemon of Khorne. I think just that is the best part of the rule. if hundreds of guardsmen with las rifles shoot at a SM or CSM even without the horde rules will eventually kill it.
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