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  1. Corbon said: I found that text in descent faq list. And came to think that is it possible to play spiked pit next to crushing block? Yes. It has always been possible to play pits next to blocks. Blocks next to pits is forbidden, but that is another thing entirely. hmm, i am not sure how you find that as another thing. In faq it says that the reason why you cant play crussing block next to pit is so you cant block walk ways. So what different it makes if you block hall way by playing crussing block first and then spiked pit, than other way around? So simply that faq rule in case of pits is pointless becouse it doesnt change anything becouse you can still do it. Corbon said: From road to legend quest 34 there is 2x two way gateways. Yes there is just straight way to other side. But blocking these gateways it just make this map last so much longer and when i played this i came to think why there are these gateways? And it just stupid that you can abuse these gateways like that Corbon said: I think both of these things should be FAQed, point of first question is clearly error or some brainfart, yes it is impossible to play block next to pit but it still is possble to play it. Other one makes on nice piece of design pointless.
  2. ahh ffs what is wrong with this forums QUOTE i think i just use my own brain to solve these major problems and major errors of faq. bye.
  3. I found that text in descent faq list. And came to think that is it possible to play spiked pit next to crushing block? Q: Which map items count as obstacles for the Crushing Block trap card? A: Crushing Block may never be played in a space adjacent to a pit or any token (or built-in map element) that blocks movement. The reason for this is to prevent the Overlord from sealing a hallway completely and preventing the heroes from ever progressing. This is a list of all relevant obstacles, current through the Road to Legend: Boulder, Crushing Wall, Rubble, Water. (Villagers are figures, not map elements.) And other thing i have been thinking after our most recent game, can heroes or overlord block magic gateways by standing in both spaces at other end? I have seen these kind of teleports only in one map. Well in that map there was other way than just the gateway to the level leader, but still blocking these teleports ruins whole idea of the map, right? If there is not other way than gateway to the level leader or to the level teleport, heroes can't finish that level and dungeon if and when overlord block the way (i am not sure is there these kind of maps). Magic Gateways Magic gateways allow figures to move on the game board in ways that would normally not be possible, entering one gateway space and emerging in another gateway space in an entirely different portion of the game board. Each magic gateway has two ends, which usually appear on different map tiles. The linkage between a given gateway’s ends is indicated by color. The Road to Legend includes magic gateways in five colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple. Magic gateways are color-exclusive; that is, a figure can’t enter a red gateway and emerge from a blue one. Each end of a given magic gateway is composed of two adjacent squares, as indicated by the glowing, colored area on the map piece. Both squares at one end of a gateway are considered adjacent to both squares at the other end of the gateway for purposes of movement, and only for the purposes of movement. Thus, for example, it costs one movement point to move from either square at one end to either square on the other end, but it is not possible to make a ranged attack or trace a breath template’s attack between a gateway’s two ends. (found in descent road to legend expansion rulebook)
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