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  1. What's the card-count for this - 78? Just wanted to check I had all the cards before I pack it away ready for playing at some point, but it doesn't seem to say on the box.
  2. For the record, I've had an official answer from FFG by e-mail:-
  3. I'm not, at all, looking at the Campaign Rules section of the rulebook, just the basic rules for them:- These rules seem to be at odds with one another - the Choosing A New Investigator says to go through the steps 3 and 4 of setup, so that implies that you get the new investigator's ones, however the 2nd bold section above seems to categorically contradict this. I do rather agree with you about drawing the new ones, however in the back of my mind there's that wording plus the issue of auto-failure - the investigator that I was prepping has a fail condition of 3 cultists on the board, so if they were selected or randomly drawn (we always randomly select ours) you come in having failed the mission, before even having the vaguest chance to do anything about it.
  4. I was wondering about the Personal Stories and the inevitable demise of characters. Reading the RAW, it seems that you keep the Mission and Reward/Consequence of your starting characters throughout the game, but it doesn't say, either way, what happens if your character dies and you draw a new one. Taking the RAW it seems that the cards will carry over to the new characters, but this creates a bit of story-telling dissonance as they will then apply to a different character. I can see, from a mechanics POV that it makes sense to keep them, as a new character could well have their fail-state already achieved when they enter the game, if it's related to board-state rather than their own character board (I'm pre-setting up the game for tonight, and this applies to the character I selected), so that doesn't seem to be a great mechanic to put in, however as they're personal to each character, and this is quite a story-telling game, it also seems odd to carry both a Mission or a Reward/Consequence over to a new character. Plus, assuming you do keep them, it would have been nice to have this clarified in the rules.
  5. Ah, shouldn't be too long then. I don't think there is actually a "special edition" per se - it's just that you get bonus stuff for pre-ordering. So I'm guessing that it'll probably all come in together, then, so if GamesLore are saying they'll be getting it in Feb the pre-orders will probably arrive then, too. Of course, that's also assuming GL have a correct and reliable date - when I asked Esdevium they just said "it'll be here when it arrives on the boat" so I'm not sure if they really know, TBQH. I'll post here if mine arrives.
  6. Ordered mine through a UK game shop but there's still now news from either them or Esdevium (I'm assuming that's where they will get their copies through, as they're part of Asmodee) - anyone in the UK had their copies arrive yet, or can anyone from FFG give us any news or rough idea on an ETA, please? Not fussed if it's been a bit delayed, it would just be useful to have an idea as I was waiting for this to arrive before I started the Arkham Horror LCG.
  7. Sorry if this is covered somewhere and I've missed it, but I can't find it in the FAQ or forums and the rules aren't 100% clear. At the start of combat, starting with Dracula, and proceeding around the table each player "can play one card each", but the rules then continue to say "This continues until all the players have played all the cards they want/can". Does this mean that each player can play only one card, or that the play option continues round, returning to Dracula, and then everyone has another option to play more cards? I'm assuming it's the latter, and if so:- - once a player has "passed", can they stil elect to play more cards when it is their "turn" again - what determines the end of the card playing section - when everyone has passed in a row or when that happens and no-one still wants to play a card (I'm just thinking of the situation where Dracula might not want to play a card until he knows that all the hunters aren't wanting to, off the bat, play one - of course that may prompt more card playing, but that's an aside)? Cheers MH
  8. Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere but I can't find it in the rules, nor in this forum's search - if an effect halves a number, do you round up or down?
  9. mad-halfling


    Hi, is there a proper FAQ anywhere for BL? I know there's the sticky at the top but that isn't really suitable for printing out and putting in the box. Cheers MH
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