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  1. Don't know, but there's a picture of Che, Lech Walesa... didn't look carefully at the pictures though. It was my first time I played this game and I love it! They say it's a two player game, but we had a crowd around us making up stories based on the cards. That was awesome!
  2. wikear


    Sorry, but I don't like it... Although it has a 90s game look
  3. One Suport Token for every re-roll, not another series of three shots. They are three separate shots resolved as ususal.
  4. wikear


    Why don't you simply use a piece of cloth that can be rolled? Buy a green or red piece of cloth and use white marker to paint stuff on it. I would do it this way
  5. Makes sense... very well spotted.
  6. wikear


    It's gonna be hard. Do you make spots for all 12 Space Marines in the Formation? What if I want to play alone? I have a big Formation tongue sticking out ?
  7. So what? Four Terrain cards on one Space Marine? How?
  8. wikear

    Brother Leon

    DoomKing said: Hey guys, just got an email response to my question for Corey (game designer). He states that Brother Leon can target up to 3 different GS, even if in different swarms (facing and range apply). Brother Claudio can slay any 3 GS from any swarm within range 1 when using his heroic charge attack. The Librarian can target any GS (facing and range apply), and he can keep going, even switching swarms, as long as he keeps rolling skulls. Hope that helps! Big Thanks!
  9. Can't agree with that. p.21 Spawning Genestealers are always drawn from the blip pile on the side on which they are being spawned. By being spawned they mean come to play on to Terrain card. Plus on p.23 you got an example. Read through it carefully. It reads: p.23 The current player takes three cards from that side's blip pile and places them on the position containing yellow Terrain card.
  10. wikear

    Brother Leon

    You're correct lexlloyd. Three different attacks, choosing Swarm every time.
  11. I'm not sure if the words Space Marine are not protected by some weird GW's IP policy. You never know with them I'm too a fan of either translating all the names or none (to keep you in the know). I just wonder if there's ever going to be a Polish version I would be more than happy to help FFG in the translation process. Of any game for that matter
  12. Well you will get two locations, one on each side of him and they would be the lowest numbers on the Location card. Then yes, GS spawn on both of his sides (front and back), as long as an Event card tells you so.
  13. wikear

    Blip Piles

    Macronx said: Gregaria said: If you didn't miss a rule, it's not a FantasyFlightGame ;-) Indeed. 30!!! pages for a card game. Granted they're half size. But even at 8.5x11 it'd be 15 pages. Sometimes I swear that FFG comes up with a game idea that has 8 pages of rules, then says "Okay, boys, we need 32 more pages. What can we add?" hahaha, brilliant
  14. This could also mean that the SM you just moved comes back to his postion, cause your fellow player also wanted to get piece of action Completely legal move, I think.
  15. Oh... so every Swarm containg a Stealer with that icon moves? The whole lot? ****! I've been playing wrong again!...
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