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  1. You guys have covered this topic pretty well but let me add a thought or two. I believe that Dark Pit is substantively different from OEG because of the specificity of the language on the card. I generally abide by the maxim that where two rules or effects contradict, the more specific rule takes precedence. Dark Pit is VERY specific, actually naming Durin's Bane and telling you to discard it. OEG is more general. And too, Dark Pit is completely non-sensical if it cannot discard Durin's Bane but that's a different argument. While I'm comfortable in saying that Dark Pit trumps Durin's Bane, I have to admit that the above logic doesn't answer the question of whether OEG trumps Durin's Bane. Neither card includes specific language suggesting it is superior to the other. However, I intend to give the balrog precedence because otherwise OEG turns this scenario into a cake-walk.
  2. I want Space Wolves and an Inquisitor! But not together. Inquisitor would probably consider Wolves to be heretics, especially if he caught em at chow time.
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied! Rich I laughed out loud at your second post
  4. I apologize if this has been addressed...the search button on my screen doesn't seem to work. Impassable Bog includes a "when revealed" effect instructing me to put a resource token on gollum for each location in the staging area. Does the newly-drawn Impassable Bog count as one of those locations? I suggest that the placing of this location into staging occurs simultaneously with the "when revealed" effect...and thus the player gets to choose which to resolve first. Am I mistaken?
  5. You're correct that the word "may" indicates that you can choose whether you wish to use an ability or not. But of course, if you choose to role that die you can't look at the result and THEN decide not to use the ability. Once you decide to use it you're stuck with the result, good or bad.
  6. I'm also a Space Hulk fan (going back to 2nd edition) and I'd strongly recommend this game. It's one of the few games I've seen that plays just as well solo as multiplayer. And they do the 40K universe pretty much as well as Games Workshop does. I rate this game two thumbs up!
  7. Alchemist I think you hit the nail on the head. The spawn numbers don't increase very much at all from the solo game to the two-player game but you're getting a 33% increase in marines. So I suspect that the 2P game is easier as long the players cooperate effectively. The spawn numbers look a bit more worrisome in the games with three to six players though. Perhaps they are better balanced.
  8. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I only activate this ability if I'm in deep trouble. If you figure you're going to be overrun anyway, then why not take a risky gamble to try to bail yourself out? But otherwise I wouldn't use it. It just depends on how screwed your situation is at the time.
  9. I believe you're playing it correctly. The blip piles don't automatically refill after you clear them out. However, remember that there is an event card called The Swarm that adds two cards to each blip pile. I think there are two copies of that event. And a marine can also be slain by the Psychic Assault event, so if you're down to a single surviving marine you could still lose the game even after clearing all the genestealers.
  10. lexlloyd


    Dam described the Silver Line well in his post above. I'd add that the games are also budget priced at $25 (US), which is considerably less expensive than big board games.
  11. I always have Lorenzo kill stealers if he can. Blood for the Blood God!!! ...wait that's not right... For The Emperor!!!
  12. lexlloyd


    I'd love to see an expansion (Space Wolves!!!) but it appears to me that FFG doesn't really expand on Silver Line games. I know that Citadels had an expansion but I believe that was released before the game was added to the Silver Line. And in any case, I believe it has been incorporated into the main game now. It isn't even an expansion any more. Anyone know of any Silver Line games that were expanded?
  13. lexlloyd

    Brother Leon

    The card says he kills a number of genestealers equal to the die number rolled...so that should be 0-5.
  14. Generic box inserts...that sounds like a pretty good idea. And what about making the game boxes slightly oversized when you anticipate introducing expansions later? I like to consolidate all my game stuff into a single box if possible but with many games the boxes get too crowded. Alternatively, perhaps the expansion boxes can be sized so that they can hold the expansion PLUS the original game contents.
  15. This is why we don't use the metric system in the States. We can't figure out where to put the darn decimal.
  16. I haven't seen much commentary on which teams people like most so I'll start it here. My favorite is yellow team because Claudio is a monster with his Heroic Charge ability (yes, I cry when he dies on his first charge). I also really like blue because Lorenzo can cut through a stack of genestealers when given the support order and a support token or two. And I love blue teams ability to shuffle 0-5 genestealers back into a blip pile when they do a movement action. Very nice. I also like pink team's support and movement abilities but Zael and his flamethrower are pissing me off. I can hardly count the number of times he has rolled a 1 on an attack, then rerolled and gotten a zero. Curse you Zael!
  17. Yeah, the minis come in a newer edition of the game. Does anyone know if they changed any rules with the minis version or is it still the same game?
  18. Heh heh, that alternate card looks great. I defninitely want to give it a spin.
  19. lexlloyd


    Bought the game but haven't played it yet. But after reading the rules it really looks an awful lot like Citadels. And I mean a LOT. I don't doubt that it's a good game, but I probably wouldn't have bought it had I suspected it was so similar to another. I realize that FFG usually posts game rules online so shame on me for not checking before I bought.
  20. This is a solid game. My group has always played with four or more but I'd try it with less.
  21. This game is excellent. Card games have gotten pricey these days but this game is worth it.
  22. Tim has it right that you draw from the blip pile, but I'd add one thing. Page 14 uses exactly this event card as an example. In addition to what Tim said they specifically state that a player must choose a valid target for event card abilities if possible. Using your card as an example they state that a player must choose a marine that would spawn the most genestealers possible (two in this case). So you can't choose a marine that would result in spawning only one genestealer when the you have another eligible marine that would spawn two.
  23. I agree with Dam that you might want to re-read the rules just in case there's something you missed. I've played over 40 games so far, all solo, and I'm winning slightly more than half. And even when I win I usually lose at least one marine. Also, if you guys are choosing the best teams to play...maybe you should try assigning your teams randomly to add some interest. It's more challenging but in my opinion it adds much to the game.
  24. Vad you raise good points. I've only been able to play the solo game so far. I'd like to hear what players think about the multiplayer versions. I agree that you don't want one player dominating the game but it seems crucial to have at least SOME level of cooperation, otherwise isn't the game ridiculously hard? Even in solo play where I can perfectly coordinate my action choices I'm still losing almost 50% of the time.
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