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  1. What sets do you need to build that deck? Took a lot of time off frustrated with this game (I suck at it) but wanting to give it another go!
  2. Rich, you say 6 x Dunedain Mark. I assume this is really 3, yes? Again, thanks for all the advice!
  3. Thanks, Rich! I will try to give this a try today
  4. Just starting to play, ready to expand a bit, but want to know of good combinations from core to start with. My collection will grow slower than I'd like. Aside from core, I did pick up the Hunt for Gollum and am looking forward to that. Suggestions?
  5. You are a wonderful fount of information! I'll take a look at both of those sites. I'm thinking easier quests to get the flow down, then work on complexity and power. I was using two players (though I was both) and went with tactics and….leadership? (sorry not quite there yet) I'll look into some of the more mixed mode decks and such for solo play. Thanks again for all this advice! edit: theme and order would be nice, but whatever is most likely to get me to stick with the game
  6. richsabre said: hey one guy can save the day here- Northern Tracker….places progress on locations in the staging area i would advice play Lore + spirit deck and avoid tactics until you have some more plays and more packs (unless you have a few of them?) rich He was actually the first casualty! I'll give the lore + spirit a try, thanks. What are some good packs to start with?
  7. Play the game for the first time today. Went with the suggested starting quest. After a handful of rounds there was an active location (the one that won't let you draw cards) and three or four in the staging area. Couldn't make progress against the active location to move any in the staging area so the options for finishing was death by threat or death by the monsters that would get through if everyone was exhausted. Didn't bother finishing. Is this just a case of a complete random horrible draw, was it being played wrong, any advice? thanks!
  8. zelq

    co-op play

    How does this game hold up for 2-,3-player co-op? My daughter is tiring of the competitive games and I don't dare let her stop playing altogether (though she still loves Citadels)! Looking at this and Battlestar Galactica, something we can play towards a common goal. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. I'm really tempted to pick it up. Primary group is just 3. What would your recommendations be for that size group? I'm looking for a good co-op game, which is why I'm interested in this, but really any GOOD game will do
  10. How does this game play for 3 people? I've that 2 player could be bad and 4 sounds good. Stuck in the middle here
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. Started reading the revised rules last night. Definitely cleared up some questions we had about the game. I look forward to putting them to use.
  12. Just finished my first game and it was fantastic. I can't wait to play again. Hearing that no new products will be coming out, I figured I should try to pick up what I can as quickly as I can. Any recommendations as to a general order I should pick stuff up? I have the original edition, not the revised edition if that matters. Thanks!
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