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  1. worst comes to worst, buy a gantlet to use as the weapon for availability.
  2. The Emperor was sad part 2 wasn't ready before the holidays!
  3. You could always say that Augar arrays don't work against holo or shadow fields, also would allow for no lock on targets. the combined -40 or 50 ( can't remember the penalties atm) should make it a challenge for a high BS crew.
  4. probably the funnest i have heard of from a friend of mine, was when all the NPCs were boarding an enemy ship via their ( the players) transporter. Unbeknownst to them thou, the enemy captain had transported a very large bomb to the players engine room. The players got to the bridge and all but defeated the enemies on the bridge when the captain said something along the lines of " if i die I'm taking you with me" well one plasma shot latter and with a weak little laugh he hit the detonator. The players got to watch from the bridge of a ship they had all but totaled as about 2/3 of their flagship blew up. Apperinitly enough of there crew survived ( plus all their nifty gear they had built up) that they could make emergency repairs to the ship they took and limp back to home base.
  5. could be interesting, I would say one very important question would be how are the watch commanders reacting? As strongly as an individual marine might feel about an inquisitor, and may refuse their orders if they believe them to be heretical. If those order came from a watch commander though,duty would compel them to act. Another thing that may spice things up is if their are senior marines that could way in as well, say a Scythes of the Emperor marine might be favor of such a plan, while a chapter that had suffered humiliation by the Tau ( white scars maybe?) might have the opposite feelings, then there is a Tyranic war veteran from the Ultramarines who also saw action in the Damaculas gulf who might have a more balanced take on it. Oh and just wait till Ebongrave gets wind of this plan
  6. have you looked into getting a webber? A personal favorite of mine is to use de-tox in place of a damaging poison, a bit messy, but does the job.
  7. So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar So a Necron warrior walks into a bar Results of the first Annual necron limbo competition were less than rousing.
  8. flexibility, there is shotgun shell for every occasion, explosive, toxic, webbing, incendiary, corrosive, anti-pysker, holy, etc. true, there are bolter rounds for most of those too, but sometimes you don't want to stand out too much.
  9. I need a character that dual wields shotgun pistols in my Dark heresy
  10. Well it's only one player anyway, so squad modes really are not a thing for the time being.
  11. Has anyone ever used the extra hypo-indoctrination a marine gets in the deathwatch to run a "training day" style adventure? I'm thinking of running my player thru a series of training missions against different foes she might encounter, say one is trying to reach a hive chimney that is guarded by a tyranid hive guard, one is attempting to attach a melta bomb to a hammerhead that has been separated from it's escorts, one might be counter intelligence against a squad of pathfinders...etc. xp will be based on how many of the trials that she successfully passes in the session ( i had thought about making her replay them until she gets it right, but I think she would stab me in my sleep for that :0 ) With a small renown reward if she does exceptionally well. As she will be by herself in all of these I don't want to make them impossible, but I do feel that a watch commander would want to push a new member to the edge to see what they got. So I think I will limit it to 1 elite, or a mob of 30, or a lone vehicle in dense terrain and such.
  12. With the ML, I believe it was to give a devastator or tach marine an alternate weapon besides a heavy bolter to take if needed, while the grenade launcher can increase the killing power of any marine with a bolter, as well as probably being a lot easier to handle indoors.
  13. could always go wolf scout, they seem to make really good snipers. In general I like tac marines as my snipers.
  14. Whuzzat like? Basically if any roll of the damage die is a 10, roll a 1d5 result on the appropriate crit damage table if the attack caused damage. if no damage was caused after armor/toughness ( say auto pistol to hive tyrant scenario) than 1 point of damage is applied to character hit. The critical damage result does not count for the purpose of worsting crit damage. ( so say you got a 4 on the table due to RF, and then another attack drops the health to -1, that character is still at -1, not -5.
  15. Every time he leaves the group and throws a fit like that deduct a fate point ( as once again his soul has been summoned into the warp, only through divine grace did he make it back) his character will either die or he will stop. Normally I would say talk to him about these issues, but it seems like that has been tried and has failed.
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