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  1. TW, the only thing I can tell you about that is that regardless of terrain, GS spawned on the left side of the formation come from the left blip pile, GS spawned on the right side of the formation come from the right blip pile. The fact that there are two spawns on the bottom of the activation area of the event card, and you simply read them left to right, doesn't have anything to do with the actual location of the spawns. That is dictated by the color of the terrain. Some event cards cause both spawns to be on one side of the formation. Sometimes the a blip pile runs out of GS before the the spawn can be fully populated (in which case traveling occurs at the END that event phase, unless you're at the final location). But since the activation section of the event card is read left to right, ALL spawns take place before the GS move. Hope that helps. :-)
  2. DoomKing

    Brother Leon

    Hey guys, just got an email response to my question for Corey (game designer). He states that Brother Leon can target up to 3 different GS, even if in different swarms (facing and range apply). Brother Claudio can slay any 3 GS from any swarm within range 1 when using his heroic charge attack. The Librarian can target any GS (facing and range apply), and he can keep going, even switching swarms, as long as he keeps rolling skulls. Hope that helps!
  3. DoomKing


    Are you talking about making a playmat specifically for Death Angel? What would it look like?
  4. That's a good question! The card just refers to "the choosen swarm". The overwatch attack happens at the end of the event phase. In the case of formation shift, GS that are moved due to SM death also happens at the end of the event phase. So I don't see where the rules give us any guidance here. In absence of any other indication, my personal ruling would be to allow the overwatch attack BEFORE the swarms merge. My rational (such as it is) comes from playing the original Space Hulk game from GW. In that, marines on overwatch would be ready to attack anything that moved into their line of fire. So seeing as these new GS are "moving" to merge with the other swarm to form a larger single swarm, I see the intent of overwatch to allow the attack as they move across the marines LOS. That said, I think it also adds some value to overwatch, which is not (IMO) an overly powerful card. Just remember, it's a regular attack, NOT brother Leon's full auto attack!
  5. That's the way I read it too Lex. But I also prefer to do it randomly, the same way as you do. I think it makes for a more challenging game.
  6. DoomKing

    Brother Leon

    Hi Lex! You're welcome to play it as you read it, but what exactly on the card lead you to interprit that his attack could be at 3 different swarms? His attack card just says that he can attack up to 3 times instead of just once? It doesn't seem to give any indication about targeting. FYI, I fired off a email to Corey on this, so I'll make sure to post here with whatever he shares.
  7. Correct. In your example the Yellow Marine is not "moving" (since he did not play the move+activate card" that is being resolved. He is simply "switching positions" with the "moving" Red Marine, as per the top of page 17. My understanding is that if the Yellow Marine had also taken a move+activate card, he could initiate his own "move" once per resolve action phase, and have his position switched by other moving Marines as often as needed during a single Resolve Action phase. This could potentially lead to quite and exodus for a Marine in the course of a single phase!
  8. DoomKing

    Brother Leon

    Whitmire said: Why not? He gets three attacks made in normal order, one after the other. Compare him with Brother Zael, who can burn one area to cinders, which is a completely different ability. I don't believe that is correct. I re-read the rules, and it consistantly refers to attacking a "Swarm", not "Swarms" in the Resolve Action phase section. There are also no examples provided in the rules that show any Space Marine attacking more the one swarm in a single attack action. If you gain an additional "regular" attack as a result of an event card, you can choose a separate swarm, but this is a normal attack, not a special attack such as Brother Leons. I also think this goes along with playbalance issues, and makes the timing of a combat teams Attack action VERY important so that the entire formation will have the needed firepower and coverage in play on each turn. Of course, if Corey would like to step in and clarify this point, I'd be very, very happy. :-)
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