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  1. look on the bright side will give them more time to plan and develop wave 3 more time for us to home our skills and tactics on the ships we have more time for us to dream of A wings and interceptors more time to watch the escape from the death star scene till we know all the words and can do the sound effects without needing an audio file
  2. if crynd is an ace whats his ability going to be ? ramming enemy ships
  3. its the sound of a million fanboys crying out in pain and being suddenly silenced ha new films mean no yunzang vong ! no cloned emperor , etc
  4. i am going to run round my wargames room making vroomm noises with it in my hand tell the truth how many of you are going to do the same ?
  5. not enough models according to me too many according to my wife
  6. as always interesting and as people have said no formula is perfect but interesting exercise all the same although i have to admit this level of maths scares me
  7. Hardrainfalling


    let sleeping dogs lie , although i do still have my Gungan army including Jar jar I also had the orignal west end games star wars wargame which was half bad
  8. as i am starting to look at bigger game one issues i was thinking about was running out of damage cards? has anyone else found this ? or is it likely than when playing bigger games people are likely to have more than one core set so enough damage cards? I havent seen any expansions which contain more damage cards yet
  9. never thought of that i must mention to my daughter about Howlrunner
  10. so what squadrons would you go for ? Rogue squadron 181st Red squadron bomber wave? interceptor squadron?
  11. the first game i played against a friend , my 2 TIE torched his X wing easely only for the next game his sole Y wing nuking both TIEs!
  12. we also need an upgrade card for "come on baby hold together " and "I've been trying to tell you the hyperdrive has been disabled " lets face it this is going to be awesome and the must buy ship for 99% of X wing players I like the idea of luke in a turret great for sceanrios and the flexiablity of card upgrades is very nice for the EU fan boys they could release a set of upgrade cards and pilots just for that
  13. shadowjax your post made me laugh so much ! i wish there was a like option
  14. currently just 1 starter set , a Y wing and TIE advanced (feels wrong to have more than one) I plan to get a TIE booster this week and probably an X wing shortly after giving me to extra cards then waiting for Wave 2 but might add a second starter set before that depending on when the ships come out
  15. my local store matches online prices and sometimes is cheaper (in this case they sell the expansion sets for £9 in UK) so i get best of both worlds cheap prices and supporting a local games shop
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