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  1. Force Awakens came out 3 years ago and I still don't have a mini Kylo Ren to play with.
  2. Thrawn and the deathtroopers tower over other models. Almost like they have been molded for Legion. Anyone else find this to be the case.
  3. I think you will find when they rule on it that cards that resolve a die showing melee will be able to work with old luke.
  4. Why does the new luke's left arm look like it is a miniature arm. I mean it should be at his side. What is that arm doing. Is he about to do the "sprinkler dance or something.
  5. Why does the new Luke look like he has a miniature left arm..What is that arm doing. It should be at his side..
  6. Go here bud....http://tlbiesterfeld.servegame.com/gemp-swccg/
  7. Having hard time believing this..
  8. Any word on its interaction with Second Chance....
  9. Why does Aurra Sing look like an overweight 10 year old boy.. Who approved that artwork.....
  10. I like to make more than 1 deck. Having extra commons helps with that.
  11. A friend and I have played 14 times now. We just played this last saturday and sunday. We complete a game in about 2.5 hours not including set up time. Rebel have won 8 of 14.
  12. One thing I would like to see is an alternate art Leia Organa, Jedi knight. Just in case yoda trains her. Also a dark version of luke and leia if the emperor were to turn them to the darkside. Of course that is my own wish. I am not sure how you would stat a jedi knight leia but it is cool.
  13. I agree that Jabba's Palace will be the next expansion. Gammorians and weequays. Also you could use maps with jabbas sailbarge and the other skiffs with the sarlacc as its own map piece. The rancor, a jedi robed luke would be nice. Slave Leia would be cool also.
  14. They can make as many expansions as they want. I'm not buying them. This game is star wars, empire strikes back, and return of the jedi, in a box. If the make the phantom menace, attack of the clones, and revenge of the sith, in a box, I will buy that. '
  15. I still think this guy is poking the bear. He apparently played an unplayable game with dice that don't work for 5 hours!
  16. If it was the developers desire for you to not complete named missions in destroyed systems. Seems like a major oversight. I am not sure how it did not come up. Unless of course it was not there intent and they want you to follow the rules given for destroyed systems. Until we know, I think you can do those missions.
  17. Whatever leader that moved the death star into this system would generate tactics cards that could destroy the x-wing. While it is possible, I could play this game everyday for the rest of my life, and it never occur.
  18. Well hell, then you could just look at his probe card and find the rebel base!
  19. On a related note. From all the rules questions posts from here and boardgamegeek. I look at those questions and can easily answer 99% without even needing to look in rulebook.
  20. I feel bad that you think you need to wait to purchase the game. The rules are not an issue, what so ever....No issue at all. The rules are easy to grasp and 99% just make since. All I need to know is if destroyed systems can have missions that name that system done in them. That's all I need. And there is nothing in rulebook that says that you cant do it. So it may not even be an issue. Rowdy what is your take on this rule question.
  21. Neither I nor any of my opponents have felt we needed a cheat sheet. Maybe 25 sytems it could be on. At least half that can be eliminated by having a empire ground force or loyalty. I dont mean to be fussy. But are the people wanting this actually played any games yet to see if its needed.
  22. I have played game 6 times now, 3 as empire, 3 as rebel. The probe deck was made a probe deck and not a checklist for a reason. Like previously stated there is a mission that can mess with it. As the empire player I had no issue with not being able find the base, even in the 2 games where my opponent moved it. I would not allow my opponent to use and checklist nor would I use one. All 6 games I played, the location of the base was known by the empire player at some point in the game whether empire lost the game or won it. Also I believe that mission takes the 4 probe cards out of the probe deck randomly. So it is possible to move the base to a location that the empire has marked off on a checklist.
  23. Your leaders are how you make every move in the game. Why would you want more ways to get rid of them.
  24. There is no need to change any movement rules. I have yet to lose as the empire. I just focus on building and moving fleets and always keep 3 big fleets spread out on the board.
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