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  1. Antistone said: Say you have a speed of 4 and want to double-move 8 spaces. If you do two consecutive move actions, you need to expand after the 4th space of movement.If you declare a move action, move two spaces, then interrupt with a second move action, you have to expand where you are - but then you can move another 4 spaces before you have to expand again. So you'll be expanding on the 2nd space and the 6th space instead of on the 4th space. What stops you of interrupting your second move action with the first and vice versa - thus gaining you free movement points per movement point (as long as there is no obstacle in your way, that stops you from expanding)
  2. Look one page back, there's also a "Movement Example" on page 9, which shows diagonal movement. In Addition: JitD p. 4 #Every space that is touching a given space (even at the corners) is adjacent to that given space. JitD p. 9 #Figures may move into any adjacent space (including diagonal spaces) for 1 movement point each So yes, you can move through such a gap (and of course trace LoS).
  3. In the same time I'm excited to hear new stuff is coming for descent, I'm a bit sad that the "old" descent, I fell in love with, dies. I don't think there will be any significant updates now. I'm not sure if I am willed to pay for the new edition and then the conversion kit. But even if there will be no more updates to the old descent I have plenty of quests and playtime left =) On the first glimpse the changes are big, but don't sound too bad. Shorter, more concentrated quests, revised mechanics, integrated campaign, class-based heroes ... ideally the changes are so genial that no one misses the old version. But ... I'm afraid this will not happen.
  4. Thats an interesting question - i don't own RtL and have no leasure and money to get a copy, but I'm curios to see if the current "hype" mainly by new players, who stepped in later, is justified. Is it really this great thing or is the real reason the difficulty to get a one and maybe romanticization of the past or the bad critics of SoB here and there?
  5. You have to give the file a new name (in the saving dialog) before saving - or overwrite the existing one. Export campain should be correct.
  6. My impression is, that a reprint is relative unlikely. An employee of the german publisher mentioned, that RtL did not sell well and he could'nt understand the current hype about it - also from gameplay side. In addition SoB is relatively new and RtL would be some kind of economic rival. Availability seems quite bad for me - especially in Germany, where the AoD reprint was sold out after 3 month and only SoB and WoD are available at this moment. (fortunately german ToI reprint is comming) Together with comments in similar threads (low sale figures etc) I'm personally not all that optimistic - but thats not based on facts.
  7. Seeing it as an monster under control of a hero, i would think: it can open doors but no chests, just like normal monsters.
  8. Everyone can use all kinds of armor. But if its stated "You cannot equip Runes" you have to discard Runes into your backpack. As you assumed this is suboptimal for a mage who uses Runes, but he could use e.g staffs.
  9. a.) Power cards should stack. (opposite is not stated) b.) I seem to remember, that if something triggers at the same time, you can decide which one occurs first. So you should be able to upgrade a Horde of Things monster. c.) Command reaches 3 spaces. So its Blast 3 or Range 3. Note that Command (and similar abilities) work like "placing a square template of 2xrange + center field" and not by calculating range/movement. (FAQ page 7)
  10. Hm maybe I have to try it again with cold water after the correction. I bent them in hot water and although it looked fine afterwards, now my trolls are doing push-ups again ...
  11. What happens if a hero with a rune-forbidding armor gets the darc relic "Sunder the Grave". Does he have to unequip his armor? What happens if he reequips it? If reequipping such an armor drops the rune, this would render the card quite useless. The hero who receives a dark relic must immediately equip it, un-equipping other items to do so if necessary. Worse, the hero cannot unequip or drop the dark relic. In fact, the only way to get rid of a dark relic normally is to die, at which point any dark relics the hero is carrying are discarded.
  12. I think it's sometimes worth the threat, even if you only use the master spider (and this is what counts). A webbed tank is always a nice view :-) especially when you are able to attack the party multiple times from behind. Also because there are weapons with web, it can be used quite often.
  13. dragon76 said: Appreciate the clarification. I would say it was then partially correct rather than incorrect. It is still a free shuffle, just limited to the item(s) received from another player. I am not sure if you mean this with Parathion example: Player-Player: you are only able to swap between the two weapons. Chest-Player: you get a free shuffle for all your items and you can arrange them totally new > you can also equip the shield.
  14. Parathion said: This is not correct. Any time they receive a new item, they may equip it and free up necessary slots for that for free. However, this does not grant a free shuffle. Example: When a hero wielding a two-handed weapon receives a one-handed weapon, he may equip the new one and put the two-handed into his pack for free. However, the shield waiting in his pack may not be equipped in this process. Only as long as the item comes from another hero: P. 18 A hero who receives an item from another player may immediately equip it, place it in his pack, or drop it (see “Equipping Items, page 13). P. 19 Items gained from an opened chest may immediately be equipped, placed in the hero’s pack, or dropped. A hero may immediately re-equip his items, place items in his pack, or items in order to equip the new item.
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