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  1. Glad to see I wasn't the only one cunfuzzled by that card!
  2. I've made two so far. "Reusable runes" Basically, when you use your rune, you apply any effects as normal, but also you test luck. If you make the test, you keep the rune, if you fail the test, your rune is gone. Each time you pass the test, put one determination token on the rune's card. subtract 1 from your luck stat for each determination token on the rune card the next time you use the rune and roll to see if you keep it. "Runecycleing" When you use a rune, draw another rune from the remaining runes and keep it, then put your previous rune in the stack of rune cards, and finally shuffle the rune cards. Repeat each time a player uses a rune.
  3. Personally, I'd make it a roll against luck, and the loot just a draw from the treasure deck. It's an interesting hazard, though. I'd like to see a hazard that has one of those "walls closing in" type traps (like the scene from star wars where Luke and Co were in the garbage pit) Maybe test agility to see if you scramble to the other side before it squishes you, and if the next tile has a portcullis or door you have to test strength to open the portcullis / draw a door card. If you fail to open the way through, you still get squished. Oh, I forgot to add something. The room with the wall trap, after it's triggered, regardless if the hero made it through or not, that room is now sealed off. Nobody can pass through that square again.
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