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  1. Nor have I. The lack of consistency or sense in the starship rules is the greatest failing of this game, in my opinion. Its at least half the reason I bring up editioning the game now and then.
  2. The density of space is about one atom per cubic centimeter and that is 75% Hydrogen by mass. Even in a thick nebula, thick enough to block out starlight, you are talking 10,000 atoms per cubic centimeter. That compares with the about 10^20 atoms per cubic centimeter in Earths atmo. Not only that, but enough gas to cause any sort of atmospheric sort of effect would be enough gas to collapse by gravity and become a star. Dont try to make space opera make scientific sense. This way lies madness.
  3. Have them start fighting the Empire. I think there is a whole rules line about an organization that does that.
  4. You can buy a bulk cruiser for less than the cost of a consular light cruiser. Maybe that is a bit more apples and oranges than what you are talking about, but yeah, that sort of thing is all over the place. Action VI, Xiytiar, and the YZ-775 are another example You really dont want to think about it too hard tho. This way lies madness
  5. And after that he led a mutiny. A mutiny that got most of the resistance killed.
  6. The biggest problem with that is that he did the exact opposite of being a leader and ended up being one of the biggest heroes of the First Order. And that is before the mutiny that should have ended up with his dam fool head getting blown off. By Leia at that. Someone is going to put together that Poe is directly responsible for the plan to sneak away not working, and that is what got most of the people there killed. As a matter of fact, had he been in his fighter, and launched like a hothead maniac right when they came out of hyper, then there would have been even less losses and no flying Leia. As a matter of fact, if Leia had just told the guy she trusted to go find her brother what was up in the first place, they would have succeeded in their plan to dissapear without most of the resistance dying. And Hux is the incompetent one?
  7. I think I would say that model is a modified sil 3 utility shuttle. Basic model is a week of consumables and maybe not even a hyperdrive. The actual model presented is modified for longer range by the user
  8. Which you would think that if the gravity well isnt a real impediment to jumping, that there would be an override to keep an interdictor from preventing escape. Basically a way to force the ship to jump over the navicomp's instructions. It goes back to what whafrog said about the restrictions on jumping being a plot device more than a physical law.
  9. Technically, I am pretty sure everyone could do without nazi references, neo or not. Technically, I think everyone could do without nazis at all, neo or not. Seems like some people are more interested in annoying people and saying outrageous things than having a civilized discussion. I would say we are all better off not responding to it, but I am probably just threadcrapping.
  10. Dude! Dont get your reality all over my joke! To be honest tho, I dont think we would see a big PDF with suggestions simply because the amount of effort to do that would be enough of the way to a second edition or a revised edition that they would just go ahead and try to sell us a new book. It would be alot more than a 2 page errata
  11. I think a second edition would require alot less courtroom battles to come into existence. I mean the court case would get really dramatic then someone would make a joke and spoil the whole thing
  12. I dont find it reasonable that hutts would be in starfighters actually. One high g turn and the bucket of frog things would be all over the cockpit! Yeah, tho. At least two human sized seats.
  13. Almost like it could use a second edition to fix that
  14. You might just make the Astrogation roll a number of successful checks instead of a number of successes. You might use the same modifiers to the piloting roll on the astrogation roll. Same number of upgrades and setback dice. Say it is modifiers due to the ships wild manuvering causing difficulty in the astrogation. Then say as soon as they make three (or so) successful pilot checks and the same number of successful astrogation checks, they get away. If they have too many failures on one or both, then they get captured
  15. Or maybe I just find that on the average his posting is more of a contribution. He did a molehill, yours is more of a mountain.
  16. Yes it is. Then 2P51 responded to it
  17. You are spelling it wrong. It starts with an O
  18. If I remember correctly, there arent alot of non-human races that have any colonies. Most are one planet and as such should be exceedingly rare.
  19. I dont think there is much reason to give a near-human race such non-human stats, and Martial Grace is a bit strong for a starting talent. If you want to make an Echani, a baseline human is a good start point. Going with two stats at level 1 smacks a bit of minmaxing.
  20. How would I do it? Well, when the NPC says 'Hey you cant carry that rifle around in here' I am pretty sure my basic light blaster pistol will work better. On the other hand, when things go south and there is a bunch of hovertrucks dropping off hordes of stormtroopers outside, I am glad that autoblaster is around. The whole pointlessness of this discussion is that there is a competition between builds. Asking 'Can Pistol builds compete with Rifle builds?' is like asking can 'Charm builds compete with Pilot builds?' It isnt a competition. I dont lose Star Wars if I dont kill as many stormtroopers as the guy with more guns on his wall than words in his vocabulary. No, pistols are not as damaging as rifles. So what?
  21. DUDE! Be careful with that. You cant just launch B-52s at people all willy-nilly. Someone could get hurt.
  22. And remember, if they arent saying anything interesting, send in a few B-52s to make them..... Oh wait, that was real life.....
  23. I have never understood why GMs let players do that. I would simply point out that if they dont like it they can take it up later, and if they get all lawyery, as in the "Well the book doesn't say I can't, so that means I should be able to." arguement, I would just point out that I can give them as many setback dice as I want to for any reason I care for. Someone who plays against the rules set or the GM need to be broken of that habit or need to be driven out of gaming. I am not saying you should never question rules, but like most everyone here, I think you shouldnt stop the game to argue. It ruins everyone elses fun including mine
  24. It was the GM dealing strain because he didnt like the way some players were playing their characters, more than it was PvP
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