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  1. I would like to add that it is also irrelevant. How things work in the game is up to the GM and the players, not the developers. Even the published rules are a common ground for understanding, not a mandatory gospel. If I want to say that armor is actually a layer of midichlorians wielding tiny lightsabers, and my players agree, then that is what it is in my game. Heck, if I want to say that shields are a numeric rating that subtracts from damage and armor is a number of setback dice, I can. And all of this is on top of the fact that until it is published, all it is is an opinion, like HappyDaze said.
  2. So HMS Glamorgan must have been a hero ship. Seriously tho, I agree. Rebels is a 23 minute show made for little kids. They dont have the time to waste on pounding ships apart, and showing them crippled and holed by multiple attacks, and the good guys only lose due to plot.
  3. 'Hey GM, can I replace (insert talent here) with Prototype Engineer on my talent tree?'
  4. To-may-toe, To-mah-toe. Add rebalancing the CRB talent trees and races with the current full rules, and we are talking the same thing. I think FFG Star Wars need closer to as much change as 1e to 2e WEG Star Wars more than as much change as between 2e and 2e, revised WEG Star Wars. Up till WOTC screwed it all up that was what a second edition would be.
  5. Also, technically I was just trolling everyone with the 2e at gencon idea, so lets not get too worked up please?
  6. I also think alot of people protest too much. Mind you, there are alot of big ifs with a second edition. If they game is significantly better without being significantly changed, and if the game is still mostly back compatible, then I think most people will end up buying it. But to even imply that the first edition of the Star Wars RPG doesnt have problems, and that it isnt getting a bit unbalanced us as much burying you head in the sand as much as saying that I somehow miss the 'simple beauty' of the first edition. The problems in the game are not enough to make me stop playing it. It is a good enjoyable game, but just like I would buy a better phone if it was significantly better than the one I have, or a better computer, or a better almost anything else, I will also buy a better game. On the other hand, if they do a 4e D&D with it, they can burn in **** before they get any more money from me.
  7. Does that mean they would be clear to announce second edition at gen con?
  8. Or they can look like whatever him and his players want them to look like Plus, he never said 'looks like'. A rather cursory examination should have shown he was talking behavoir, not looks
  9. Or Obi-Wan just doesnt like droids? I wouldnt read too much into it. Andreievitch has a pretty good point about the writing....
  10. A starship is a ship that flies between stars. Effectively, that means exactly what HappyDaze said.
  11. Interesting take on how the Bothans would operate. I wonder if there would be very little small talk from bothan to bothan in public. If information is the coin of the realm, chatting in public would be the equvalent of tossing money out the window.
  12. My arent we cheerful Seriously tho, I would hope that if they did edition the game they would be smart enough not to do a WOTC and that they would actually make 2nd ed back compatable as much as possible. Maybe also smart enough that if they are going to make 2e back compatable (yeah, I am to lazy to look up the correct spelling) that they could reprint a couple of the books to hold people over till the 2e replacement shows up in 4-5 years. Now if they are going to just let the RPG wither on the vine, then I hope they print too many cthulhu board games and accidently summon an elder god.
  13. Are you going to say the same thing to 2P51? Or is my PTSD less important than me not being condescending? Or is it that because you agree with 2P51 he must not actually be as condescending as I am? As someone who still occasionally wakes up at night when scenes of real death come out of my memories and into my dreams, I only have one thing to say: This is a game
  14. I have news for you guys. No one dies in a game. There is no real risk or reward.
  15. Thats the thing that gets me about this whole thread. Technically what is on the screen is nearly completely irrelevant to what you do in your game. Do what you think is fun. Dont think about the science too hard. This way lies madness.
  16. You expect a cartoon for little kids to be accurate scientifically?
  17. Well, yeah. Its more that it shouldnt be used to short circuit an adventure by having the first minion give away the BBEGs location and plans
  18. Just because you can always tell when someone is lying doesnt mean you ever hear the truth. Good operational security means that the spies shouldnt know anything particularly useful, so even if they cant lie convincingly that doesnt mean they actually know what the players want to hear. Add on top of that a BBEG who is willing to lie to the spies to spread disinfo and the spy may never even tell a lie but also never tell the truth.
  19. Cause that would have been really hard to guess. I imagine the number of people who guessed that one is in the trillions
  20. See everyone? Flee before it spreads to you!
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