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  1. You would be correct, if I am being nice. If I am not being nice, I would say that the superweapons in those movies were...well all you would see here is a long string of asterixes. The TL;DR would be I am not looking forward to ep 9. I will go see it, but I already have very low expectations.
  2. You do realize that what I was saying is that an ISD is the smaller more targetted conventional version? Also one that doesnt lead to the next bigger Mcguffin? I dont find the 'next bigger gun' to be the slightest bit interesting, and really was the reason I didnt read any EU novels.
  3. Yall do realize that a downsized Galaxy Gun is called a Turbolaser on a hyper capable starship? Well technically a bunch of turbolasers, but an ISD isnt exactly short on guns. Or if you really want to go back to Clone Wars times, just stuff a Trade Federation battleship with droid fighters each carrying a bomb and you have several thousand self guiding bombs. Tho I do agree that the World Devastators would be a very Separatist sort of weapon.
  4. I think it thinks the same of you too.
  5. If you mean in The Last Jedi, that was an optical illusion caused by a moving frame of reference. Since Snoke's ship was above the Raddus and having to lead the shots, there is a maxima in the angle between the Raddus' course and the position of the turbolaser shot over time. Please dont ask me to show my work, it is a really nasty derivative with like 6 variables and a couple trig functions.
  6. Trying to apply real life to star wars weapons isnt really useful. Sorry, but a blaster wouldnt even be a weapon in real life, since like Archlyte said its shot speed is laughably low. People could dodge it with some skill and luck, much less the complete impossibility of hitting a moving vehicle at vehicle engagement ranges. The only rule is the rule of cool. Blaster suppressors exist because silenced weapons are cool when sniping. There is no physical rhyme or reason other than that. This applies to everything in star wars. Really, I have had to say it so many times in the last few weeks that I am starting to wonder about everyones sanity but: Do not look to closely, this way lies madness!
  7. True, but the game doesnt really handle that sort of thing except by the number of available HP. That goes back to the GM making a judgment call on if you can use that attachment. Its a nice rule, but a bit of a band aid on an ax wound considering how wonky the vehicle encumbrance works. I tend to just hand wave that sort of thing if it comes up
  8. That's like saying Harvey was a little wet
  9. Im not sure the flavor text always keeps up even when the rule is not revised. or even when someone is just posting an example, since apparently I just failed English.
  10. If it isnt a rule, dont apply it as a rule. The stat changes are very plainly marked. Text that isnt part of the attachment effect or mod effect lines are irrelevant. If the text says 'This gun is incapable of doing no damage' and the effect line of the mod is 'Causes nearest star to spontaneously supernova', then the attachment makes stars blow up
  11. I thank (insert focus of belief system here) every day that I dont have any munchkins in my group
  12. **** freezes over, probably. Besides, them publishing rules is hardly what makes them 'legitimate'. You GM can make house rules which are just as legitimate if not as standardized.
  13. Do you think many game designers know what the standard military crew for any sort of vessel are?
  14. I think youve got a bit of rose colored hindsight going. I can remember party drama back when Wizardry was cutting edge, before there even was the ability to be a murder hobo on anything other than monsters. I more think that poor social adjustment is more an effect of the internet in general than CRPGs or MMORPGers specifically. There is a whole generation who can hide behind a computer screen and a user name instead of having to be rude face to face. They just arent used to there being any sort of direct accountability to their actions, especially when playing.
  15. And Van Damme showing up can never be good for a game
  16. An American supercarrier is about one fifth the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer and alot skinnier. Probably close to 10 times the volume. Assuming similar crewing requirements that would imply a crew of 50 thousand. So, I dont know if that is all that odd. Most WWII era cruisers needed crews of over a thousand but a modern Ticonderoga class needs less than half that. Older Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates had crews of about 200 and were about 140m long. I think some of the crew sizes looking high is the difference in tech IRL between the mid 80s and today, and I think some of it is that some of the numbers are a bit high. 165 in a Cr90 or 16 thou in a dreadnought have always seemed insane to me
  17. That should be five to six thousand crew. Weird. Looking at the post directly the line break makes it look like 5 600ish, but the quote makes it 5600ish. Did you manually put a space in?
  18. It is amazing how many problems can be fixed by strict application of the Wheaton Rule
  19. The visual difference is...... Dont think about it too hard, you wont get answers that actually make sense. This way lies madness
  20. Is there anyone who could pay more, much less would pay more?
  21. Was there any warning that FFG was going to drop the 40K franchise? Thats a little closer to home.
  22. only women know fashion? Since I dont know fashion, I would say be careful, players are remarkably individualistic when it comes to any sort of choice. What the GM thinks is a sure thing is frequently not good enough to get the players interested. Or basically, what you think may be a killer outfit may be a 'meh' to them. Dont get me wrong tho. I love the idea of tempting players with choices that can just make things worse for them. I dont know if I could get any player I have to spend an extra 12 grand for a dress tho. Three or four maybe, but not 12
  23. Must not be the right CRPGs then. If it had been Skyrim, he would have run screaming
  24. Do the rules say you an increase in difficulty for a Formidable Task actually becomes Impossible? I was under the impression that the rule for setting difficulty only said that some tasks are impossible, therefore no dice pool is formed at all, not that it said Formidable increased to impossible. Having a stat of 6 wouldnt make it so that every opposed test using that stat is now Impossible, so I think the Tractor would work the same way.
  25. One way this discussion could have been avoided is if NPCs werent just PCs with an N in front. What I mean is that if NPCs werent built like PCs, with all the same abilities, then you could make powers for them which are more powerful than even the most powerful talents without them being talents at all. If they were called 'Powers' (its morning, I cant come up with a better term right now), then they would be inherently different than the abilities PCs have and wouldnt have less of an impression that powers could be substituted for talents. It would also make the GMs job a good deal more streamlined if making NPCs was more 'figure out what they can do then give them those powers' instead of 'create a character from scratch and figure out all the talent trees and force powers they have and write all that down for a guy who is going to go down in one round' Its one of the few things 4e D&D did well, was make the game much easier for the GM
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