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  1. If they play the game, I dont think I would have a problem with dark jedi, but the second it turned into backstabapalloza, I would institute the old WEG Star Wars RPG darksider rule. You can be an evil bastard, but you had better be pretty magnificent. That and I will be right up front about the fact that you are at best a very distant second in magnificent bastardy to the Emperor, and distant second in badassery to Vader, so right when you think you have won, all you will here is laughter, and you really will have been doing everything according to his plan. It will be documented in the game notes
  2. Believe it or not, but some of us understand all this and still hate midichlorians.
  3. Generic you. I am not characterizing your position. I would use your name if I was talking to you specifically. Isnt asking them to try to describe things the very definition of overt direction? I personally dislike it when, as a player, I am directly asked for a description. If I had one I would have provided it. Thing is, if your players like rolling dice and dont like role-ing dice then let them roll the dice. If you have a real problem with that, then dont GM. Reward description, well good description, when it happens, but dont push the players to provide it if they dont want to. Again, generic you
  4. Yeah, there are great scenes to be had charming the bartender, chatting up a guard, and a whole host of only semi-important things. My experience has been that those scenes are great when the players make them great, not when the GM tries to force them to be great. You may think that roleplaying out the charming of the bartender is the most important thing in the game, cause this person will be the best contact and source of information in this arm of the galaxy, but the players may only see an obstacle they dont care about. The opposite can be true too, where you have a bartender who you have never thought twice about, whos only job is to tell the players to go to the blue door, but one of the players has found the love of their life and now wants to know everything about Generic Bartender. Extreme examples, but I have had similar things happen in games I was running. You can lead a player to an NPC but you cant force them to role play. When they do engage, try to make it fun, when they dont, move on and try to figure out later why they didnt take the roleplay bait. Talk to the players and find out why they did things and didnt do things. You may find out that there is a disconnect between your understanding and theirs. But dont try to force them to do what you want. They arent there to be your puppets
  5. Cops too. That was weird the first couple times my brother showed up with his sidearm. I'd fix that, now that I really saw what Trump Graphics said, but its kinda funny this way.....
  6. I'm not going to make a player narrate out everything to do anything. If the player wants to, that is great, some of the best moments in role playing come when someone comes up with a killer idea, but having to come up with a way to be charming to a throw away NPC is mostly a waste of time. If they say just 'I roll charm' my response in invariably 'To do what?', but if you say I want to charm the bartender into letting us know when the target shows up' is fine. I dont need details on how. Its nice when you get them, but hardly essential.
  7. I'd smack him upside the head a few times first. Those things are loud indoors :)
  8. Its been a while since I looked, but isnt inspiring rhetoric a die roll?
  9. korjik

    Com Links

    And as someone who worked the intercept side of radio comms when I was in the army, if someone was rude enough not to let us listen in, we would call up DIVARTY and have them express our displeasure. So remember that when you are playing AoR. If the players are talking on the comlinks too much for your taste, have the nearest Star Destroyer say 'Hi' with a bit of orbital bombardment.
  10. Unless you are making the player be the one who is good at rhetoric and not the character then there is no difference between the two. The character using inspiring rhetoric can be assumed to be good enough at his job to be able to use his talents appropriately. So using the talent over and over is not a big deal. And it isnt a ridiculous point in that why should one player get to use all his talents at will, but the other cant simply because someone cant figure out a way to be inspiring once a round? Inspiring rhetoric isnt a continuous dialogue that has to take place over an entire turn, but a word or phrase at the right moment to get the most out of someone. Most combats arent hours or even minutes long either, so the thought that there should be some restriction is only a limit on imagination.
  11. Well then cant we just say 'Should someone shoot their gun every round?' Does the shooter describe in detail how he shoots someone every round? I disagree that there is a red flag here. If the players are running out of strain, then the inspiring rhetoric is extremely useful, but there should not be any requirement that the player be good at rhetoric any more than the player of the shooter is good at shooting. So, like TheShard said, there is no problem here. If the player wants to do something else, he should just do something else
  12. Not actually what I was talking about and no offence, but a bit of a straw man. All I was saying is that I dont see why not getting XP for not playing is considered a punishment. I also very much said that this is the sort of thing that every group has to figure out for themselves, so what I would do is hardly relevant to anyone elses group. Quite frankly the only reason I remember to spend XP is that since I GM like 90% of the time, when I am playing I end up with a couple hours with nothing else to do. As for a player getting added, to me having a role isnt the problem. If I am adding someone to a game that has been going on for a year, that is a year of backstory that the new player doesnt have. It means there is going to be several months at least before they are up to speed on the backstory of the campaign. Plus, since I sometimes plant hints and hooks years in advance, the established PCs may be in the spotlight as their plot hooks resolve and the new guy doesnt get much till the current stuff resolves. The couple times I have had that happen its bugged me enough to take alot of the fun out of running the game. Making a new campaign prevents that from happening.
  13. I would start a new game. Adding a new player to an established game frequently all that fair to the new player. Not because they lack XP or not, but because there is an established dynamic that they have to break into. What I dont understand is how not getting an award is a punishment. XP is an award for playing, not something you should just expect. Not that I think that many players would play a game for long if there were no XP awards. Not getting XP isnt a penalty, but the normal state of things when not playing. I can see keeping everyone at the same level in a level based system. Sometimes even a 1 level difference is a big change in character ability. Star Wars doesnt have that problem tho. Even 50 or 60 xp isnt all that big a difference in character ability. But then again, this is a classic 'your mileage may vary' sort of thing. This is something every group of players has to determine for themselves how it is done in there group, and arguing about it is one of the more pointless things one can do. I certainly wouldnt refuse to play because the rest of the group decided to do it the opposite way from what I thought
  14. Heres an idea: Its your game, have your group make a decision and stick to it and who gives a hoot what the devs say. Youve probably played more than they have, and are probably more familiar with the rules anyway.
  15. The moral of the story is that the encumbrance system for vehicles is broken, and if your players are resorting to silly measures to get all their stuff on the ship, you are doing it wrong. Also completely not what I was talking about. I was talking about cargo, not gear
  16. The Encumbrance rules dont really cover cargo hauling. The amount of cargo is more a narrative thing than bookkeeping
  17. Way to kill the thread man. ?
  18. I'm lucky enough that I am the only one in my group who reads all the equipment lists, so I never have a player with comprehensive knowledge The way I see it, if the players are going thru the books looking at gear, that is the equivalent of the characters getting/ looking up a pre-internet Jane's. It is somewhat dependent on the characters being played correctly tho. A fringer doctor with a fear of space shouldnt know what a YT-1300 is much less that a HWK-1000 even exists. On the other hand, a smugger with a penchant for blockade running at maximum speed probably starts drooling whenever he thinks of a HWK-1000. The biggest problem I would have is that policing character knowlege is usually a pain in the backside. As long as they arent abusing the rules, I dont see the point in a restriction that can be gotten around fairly easy
  19. How many players do you have? I've never run into the problem of specialization, but I figure thats cause I am lucky to have 3 players. With the normal 2, you have to generalize.
  20. Well, if you divide the fans in half, I think you are on the 'liked it' side when everything averages out.....
  21. Dunno why they would be scared of decompression in the first place. First: Seat Belts, Second: Vacc Suits, Third: Theres not an idiot running the game (I hope ) Blowing someone off the ship in a hull breach is the exact same thing as starting combat by saying 'Bob, the sniper blew your characters head off. While he is making a new character, everyone else roll init'. Heck, I am one of the few people who only had a problem with the quality of the special effect instead of the actions taken, but that whole scene from the Raddus getting attacked all the way to Leia making it back into the ship was a failure of my third point.
  22. Technically, any survivors will die rapidly from anoxia, because all the oxygen is gone. Plus, if you turn the atmo into a gigantic fireball, that will tend to ignite everything, like all the buildings, so I dont think there would be much left in structures. I would expect basic battle droids to not be all that fireproof either.
  23. Which actually makes me kinda surprised that I like your idea of using the World Devastators as a Separatist weapon. I would definitely tone them down from Dark Empire superweapon levels. Make them more like a cruiser on the ground that eats everything around it. A cruiser sized Von Neumann Berserker. Actually, a Separatist von Neumann Beserker that went out of control could be interesting.
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