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  1. Since I am the person who never actually said you were doing it wrong, and since you were the one who felt the need to make an explanation on why a pretty obvious rule should be changed (that being the soft spot in the rules), and since you never responded to HVSD, but mainly only to me and FuriousGreg, maybe you should rethink all your responses in this thread. All I did was ask why the OP thinks that attaching a weapon to armor should make the encumbrance go down. Even the OP mentioned that it is a benefit to the players that can be abused. All I said was that the OP was looking for a rule that doesnt exist, and doesnt need to exist. If anyone was saying the way someone was doing it was wrong, it wasnt me. Here is my thought: Dont go looking for rules when you dont need to. Here is my other thought: Dont bother the devs, you have a brain, use it. Fix the problem yourself.
  2. And this is a classic example of looking for a rule that doesnt need to be a rule. There is no hole in the rules, there is no soft spot in the rules. An encumbrance 2 gun has an encumbrance of 2. It is pretty straightforward.
  3. If you logic was being used, it would have been mentioned somewhere. Which is kinda my point. There is no need for a rule, or for a developer to make some sort of pronouncement, or for there to be any sort of confusion. An encumbrance 2 item has an encumbrance of 2. The armor mount doesnt change that. If it did, it would say so.
  4. I tend to run things in a sector of my own making. The intention is to have the group start in their own sector and start a rebellion there, then get involved galaxy wide and end up at Endor. since this is about a six year plan and I havent managed to get a game to go more than three, my players havent ended up at Endor yet.
  5. ? What sort of rule do you need? An encumbrance 2 weapon has an encumbrance of two no matter where it is on you. Attaching it to a suit of armor doesnt change that
  6. Whatever you and your GM decide is legit is what is legit. The books are irrelevant in that respect. If you and your GM think it is reasonable, everyone else can go pound sand. It really isnt worth the effort or the time to search thru dozens of books to see if some developer made a pronouncement
  7. Not what I mean by right or wrong. There are choices that will be right or wrong for the characters but that doesnt mean the choice was right or wrong for the players. I more mean that some new players may see a right or wrong choice like in a computer game, where the wrong choice may make a quest line unavailable, and therefore reduce the finite amount of game there is. So the player is too worried about the fact that there is no obvious choice for what to do, and the hesitate to do anything. I also disagree that your example is an example of a wrong action. There are all sorts of player types and character types that would always choose to open the door, especially if they dont have any real idea what is on the other side. The fact that the party nearly got wiped doesnt make it a wrong choice either. That can happen with almost any fight if the dice go cold, and should be a risk with most well balanced fights, especially if the characters are close to tapped out.
  8. Sounds like a decent group so far. If they are gelling up into a group then let it mature for a bit. For the guy who isnt playing his backstory 2P51's advice is good. Dont try to force him into a way you think he should act, but give him a chance to follow up on his obligation and see if he takes it. If he doesnt, dont fret it. Especially with a new group, and with a few newbies, some things are just not going to come together right. If the player decides to play his obligation, just see if he wants to change it. You shy player may just not get yet that there is no right or wrong action in the game. Hopefully he will get comfortable with doing stuff and the problem will go away. At the very least, give it a few more sessions before you really start to worry.
  9. Have you actually read the thread? Specifically: So one is a hyper violent sociopath and the other a drunk. A sociopath and a drunk that cant help but annoy the two biggest crime organizations in the galaxy. A sociopath and a drunk who dont want any laser cannons cause they will blow up the prize they are trying to take. So what Roderz said is pretty spot on. Two violent idiots who most likely will end up on Kessel, and the galaxy will be a much better place after they are. And those are his descriptions, not mine
  10. Sounds to me like the loadout is kinda irrelevant. The quicker you end up somethings....plaything....on Kessel, the better for everyone.
  11. If it is about Boba Fett, shouldnt it be called 'The Clone' since thats all he is?
  12. So now we are all alt-right russian trolls, huh? Of course, the left is pure so they never do anything like this. Fine science there, right up there with leeches for medicine and flat earth for geophysics. Even if they are right, they are part of the problem. A good paper would have been politically neutral.
  13. What? You've never had a horde of destiny points dome over the horizon to lay waste to your settlement?
  14. What do you mean? It was falling all morning here
  15. Hardly. Read the citations for all the Medals of Honor awarded and see how many are for exactly what Lando did. Minus the wiring a brain into the hyperdrive navcomp of course
  16. Sorry. The madness took hold for a moment
  17. Stellar gas phenomena are pretty good vacuum actually. Gas in space cold enough to not disperse and dense enough to not be ultra high vacuum would gravitationally collapse pretty quick. Then again, Kessel could be in the debris cloud of a recently shredded gas giant or brown dwarf. hmmmmm....
  18. I think most people here would agree with your GM. I would. Having one or two ranks in physics makes you a novice physicist. Having one or two ranks in pilot makes you a novice pilot. Having one or two ranks in medicine makes you a novice doctor. Each of these things are already well outside of 'just a dude'. On the other hand, I agree with you about the GP scanner. It isnt a 'detect every thing for free' item. Without the proper training (like say the Vigilance or Computer skills) knowing what the scanner is telling you would be pretty hard. As for prerolling dice, I would find it boring. Part of the fun is seeing the dice when everything comes up Triumphs or Despairs. Just being told what happens lacks that excitement.
  19. Did you actually read what I said? Me running a darksiders campaign is not likely and not going to fall under the normal rules. Bad guys lose. Quite frankly, if all my friends were hot an heavy to play dark side, I would get new friends
  20. Personally I have as little to do with the stories in the movies as possible. I dont want to have to rewrite the movies or force the players to be second fiddle. Let me make this clear as possible: I was talking about a specific circumstance. If my players decided they wanted to do a darkside game, and they managed to not go backstabapalloza, then the end game would be they are the emperors puppets the whole time. This would happen right after I invent a zero point energy module, win the lottery six times in a row, and get declared God-Emperor of all the universe. Even then I would have to be in the exact right mood. So, its not really likely.
  21. They had to have known that Dooku was second. They were talking to Sidious in Phantom Menace. I do think Dooku would know quite a bit about the Emperors plans. Unlike the apprentice before or after, he isnt an idiot. Well, supposed to not be. Tho if you are planning to change up the clone wars by having Dooku go rogue, I would not be too beholden to the canon. If you think a change fits better but blows a whole movie out of the water go with the change.
  22. Kinda depends on how much the Emperor compartmentalizes. The best time for Dooku to go rogue is pre-Geonosis. Without the war and without the clone troopers Palpatine wouldnt be able to wipe out the Jedi, and done right Palpatine could lose his position as chancellor when the war breaks out. Heck, if Dooku knew about the clone troopers, he could probably move to take control of them and it would be a very short war, what with him having two armies and the republic zero. ****, if he doesnt blather on to a jedi that he is a bad guy he could be the hero of the piece Saving the galaxy from a massive war and bringing back peace and harmony to the galaxy. Or if he knows about order 66 he could trip it early and make the republic think that its clone armies are unreliable. Maybe make it the droid wars instead of Xeroxed Jango War
  23. And besides, the players wouldnt actually see the Emperors influence in all this until the very end any more than anyone else did. I would spend considerable effort making them think they were their own masters right up to the point of the laughter beginning.
  24. They arent being heroes so no, they wouldnt measure up. They bad guys dont win in the end. Those are my conditions to run the game, so the players would have to accept them for me to run it, so no, I dont think I would be running it in the end. Kinda the point. The players might take it as a challenge, or take it as a good role playing opportunity. The group may find it interesting to be the Kylo Ren of the piece, knowing that in the end they will fail or be redeemed. Besides, I susbscribe to a 'small cog' view on heroics. Everyone who jumped in on the Battle of Endor is a fully qualified Big **** Hero, From Luke fighting Vader in the throne room, to the unnamed fighter pilots dying to buy time to that Mon Cal walking back and forth behind Akbar. So should I ever have a game which goes on long enough to actually reach Endor, they players wont be replacing the original heroes. Ive just not had a game last the decade plus in real life that it would take to get there, but it has been more than 20 years since I figured out how it would go down.
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