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  1. If you are running the numbers to make sure the GM is following the RAW, you are wasting your time and his. If you arent, you are wrong about fiat. I would have to say it is the latter, unless you have never had to improvise while GMing, or your GM has never had to improvise either, cause guess what, that is GM fiat.
  2. 30 years of playing Star Wars RPGs and I have never once used a YT-1300. I'm not playing Han Solo, so I dont really want to copy his ship
  3. If thats your comment, no you dont see
  4. Everything a GM does is super blatant fiat stuff. Those stormtroopers didnt just happen to be in the hangar bay, the GM put them there. Notice tho that I said the same thing. If you are going to fiat invulnerability, you cant do it often. I dont do it more than once a campaign, so thats about 3 times a decade now. A bad guy who you have had a **** of a time killing is far more fun than one shotting every one that shows up. Using fiat is a very double edged sword, but boring bad guys arent fun any more than ones that are impossible to kill because he is protected by plot.
  5. And if you do it well, they players wont know you are doing it, or they wont care, cause they had fun.
  6. You all do realize that when you are the GM, you can make up NPC talents? Like say a talent called 'You Miss' where if the GM says 'You Miss' then the attack doesn't hit? That's even if you want to get all that detailed. If you dont want to have your bad guy beat, then just dont keep track of their wounds. This is a narrative game, so narrate. Now I know that there are a few people here thinking things like 'while then why do you even have rules!'. Well, if your climactic fights are all garbage, I would say the same thing. This isnt something that you should use all the time, and you shouldnt use it as a weapon against the players, and I wouldnt even use it to stop a single lucky hit, but dont have boring fights just cause the rules arent perfect.
  7. Prove it. Physics doesnt work the same way in Star Wars as in real life. You cant make assumptions like that. For one thing, what you are saying makes it impossible to actually enter hyper cause the energy requirement is infinite. Especially since I actually know that Kinetic energy is (gamma)mc^2 when you get relativistic, and that the (gamma) goes to 1/0 as v goes to c. My point is, you cannot assume that in a fictional universe that real world physics applies at all. You do not know what Kinetic energy equals, or if there is even kinetic energy to begin with. There is more than a little evidence that real world physics very much doesnt apply, seeing as ships seem to have a top speed and not an acceleration.
  8. It could just mean that ramming is a very very low probability of success attack. All that would happen if the frigates turned around is that the Supremacy powers its shields and weapons and is slowed down for all of a minute as it blasts the frigates. Or it could just power its shields and let the frigate ram and do nothing. Note tho, that I am not saying that this makes the plot good, just that there are better reasons to call it crap. Like Poe Dameron being a hero of the First Order with his actions in TLJ. Same with Rose for that matter. Was saving Finn worth Luke Skywalker dying?
  9. Actually, you dont know that. There is no reason to believe that a ship entering hyperspace has a kinetic energy. Or that coming out of hyperspace has the same effect as a ram going into hyperspace. Actually, judging from the Millenium Falcon coming out of hyper into atmo and not going splat, it isnt likely that there is alot of energy store coming out of hyper. Maybe there has to be a minimum size mass shadow to affect a target, so that fighter sized ships wont do damage to cap ships, much less planets. One thing that no one here seems to be mentioning is that warships have turbolasers and shields. Either of which may make it so that the ship trying to do a hyperspace ram would fail. If you look at the situation in TLJ, the Supremacy was fully concentrated on the escaping rebels and had lost track of the Raddus. When they realized where the Raddus was and what it was doing, they collectively panicked. They knew they were toast and tried to open fire on the Raddus. My takeaway from this is that if a Cruiser running into an SSD will wreck a fleet, then a cruiser running into a few turbolaser shots will get torn apart. The second thing is that the Raddus was a good deal faster than the Supremacy. This says to me that the Supremacy diverted all power but a few turbolasers into the engines to keep up. The Supremacy's shields were down when the Raddus hit it. That could be an indication that shields may be able to deflect the effect of the hyperspace ram. Dont ask me how. And before anyone says that there is no way they would have their shields down, I would ask why would they have their shields up? Power takes fuel and fuel costs money, and wearing out the generators on something the size of a Star Destroyer would be a pain in the backside to replace. The rebels had nothing to attack with, so they First Order didnt need to worry about getting shot at, so there was no reason to have their shields up. Basically, the only reason the ram worked was that there was a long chain of events that all had to go one way to allow it to work. Trying to use it as a standard tactic would fail always.
  10. Ehrran, if you are having fun, go for it. That is really the first, last and only rule for how you should run your game. Personally, at this point I would just ask for everyone's character sheet and explain to everyone why they got sent to Kessel. Except for the muderbot. He hit an asteroid in hyperspace and is ionized plasma now. I also would not let a PC copy themselves into a disposable body. Especially one like that.
  11. Ghaaa. Those words in that order. Its like fingernails on a blackboard, only in my brain!
  12. Why are you worried about the droids being restricted or not? Its edge of the empire, not Obey the Law. If you are going to take the droids and shoot some place up, the fact that the droids are restricted isnt what is going to get you sent to Kessel. Personally, I think your best bet (or your player's) is not to go big, and get a $15k nemesis assassin droid to use as his combat skills, but to go cheap. Get a group of refurbished B1 battle droids and have them act as a minion group. 5 minions can be a nasty dice pool, especially with the PCs support, and they arent all that expensive if they get shot up. If you are also generous with salvaging destroyed bots, you can even reduce the cash expenditure.
  13. I've never looked at it as the Johnson is giving group A 25k cause there is 5 of them but would give group B 50k cause there is 10 of them. Its the Johnson is hiring the PC group and his budget is 5k per PC. Plus, I tend to not present the pay that way either. I lump sum it and let the players worry about the split after.
  14. What do you mean? Droids swim down really well
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