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  1. I do more mean the mechanical side of things than the in-game titling. Someone who wants to start with one career and wants to end up in another. Say starting as a soldier and then becoming a scholar. Does he miss out of the talents of the scholar just because he started out as a soldier? It does sound to me that you could use quite a few universal trees to take that sort of thing into account. Like you mentioned, trees for organizations and factions to take into account their skill/talent sets. My personal view is that classes should be just removed from the game entirely, they dont do anything but restrict anyway. Having trees granted thru play would be a better way to do it than trees just because I have XP.
  2. So I apparently have missed something. Source? To get into your question, I have one of my own. How would you handle someone who wanted to do Kyle Katarn? Someone who obviously starts in a non-jedi spec and wants to end up a jedi. Or starts out a scoundrel and wants to end up an admiral?
  3. Technically it is Conservation of Ninjitsu. Along with Conservation of Momentum and Conservation of Angular Momentum it is one of the pillars of physics.
  4. If you need to use your crit to get a destiny point, tell your GM to use them more
  5. Reprogramming Droids

    If a moisture farmer in the back edge of nowhere can get a droid set back to its factory settings after buying it off the back of a Sandcrawler, I would have to say that is cant be all that hard to get thru the security. Plus look at what I said: If there is a reason to have a time crunch, then yeah, you have to roll. If there isnt, then the rolls are a little superfluous and dont make them
  6. Playing a Female as a male

  7. Signature abilities usage

    Depends on the ability, technically. If it is something that modifies a skill roll, like two boost once per session, then if the roll doesnt go your way, the ability is still used. If it were a full up signature ability then I would tend to lean toward it is only expended on a a success, since alot of them dont require a roll. Unless the signature ability is extra devastating because of the roll. So it goes back to the specifics of the situation. Do you have a specific case you are wondering about?
  8. That is why this game is awesome. Few other games are designed to add something like that off a die roll. Tho I do have to say, if they dont get away with the cash, the drugs and the contact number of a twi'lek babe, they really arent trying hard enough.
  9. Defence Cap - when is it applied

    When the dice are rolled there should not be more than 4 setback from defense. So like you, example 2
  10. Set for Stun Problems

    I handle it by having it only come up if they bad guys have some nefarious intentions in mind. My players handle it by only using stun if they have some nefarious purpose in mind. So it is a safe bet that some nefariousness is going on when the stunners are broken out. On the other hand, metagaming is seriously penalized, so reacting to stun weapons as worse than someone trying to kill you is generally a bad idea. Other than that, I havent had a problem. I agree about the wookies tho. I have always thought that their lower stun was a bit odd, but I have never had a wookie in my game, so it hasnt come up
  11. Improving Vacuum Sealed

    Talk to your GM and see if he will make up what you want. Thats one of the many reasons he isnt a computer
  12. 9 Players... help!

    I dunno. I think if I tried that (not that I have even close to that many players) I would just end up with two nine player games
  13. That goes back to what I said in my first post. If you think that the people who can make space ships the size of moons cant properly surge protect a life support system or a cyber arm, then say that force lightning cant be used. If you dont like that, then say it can be used. Any actual argument here simply boils down to 'My technobabble is better then your technobabble!' Its your game, so do what you like, and what any one else thinks outside your gaming group is irrelevant.
  14. Plus, the Emperor may have decided to play 'what else can I get this fool to believe'
  15. A proper grounding scheme should be a basic part of electronics design. If it doesnt short out a normal arm, it shouldnt effect a cybernetic one. On the other hand, that seems like a great result for a despair