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  1. korjik

    What makes someone a rules lawyer?

    I have never understood why GMs let players do that. I would simply point out that if they dont like it they can take it up later, and if they get all lawyery, as in the "Well the book doesn't say I can't, so that means I should be able to." arguement, I would just point out that I can give them as many setback dice as I want to for any reason I care for. Someone who plays against the rules set or the GM need to be broken of that habit or need to be driven out of gaming. I am not saying you should never question rules, but like most everyone here, I think you shouldnt stop the game to argue. It ruins everyone elses fun including mine
  2. korjik

    Strain for using the Microwave

    It was the GM dealing strain because he didnt like the way some players were playing their characters, more than it was PvP
  3. korjik

    Amazon shopping

    I think you should save it up till you can hire a group of ethicists to tell us whether it was murder in Solo....
  4. Or even impolite society. Rifles are a pain in the backside to haul around.
  5. korjik

    Amazon shopping

    Centimeters? No way, METERS! Think big or go home!
  6. You can have multiples of the same post tho
  7. korjik

    I feel PvP should be a consensual RP Choice

    Unless you realize that there are ways to convice someone to do something that doesnt involve coersion. Most people realize that it is possible to get someone to want to help you instead of forcing them to help you
  8. korjik

    Solo: was it murder?

    I am pretty sure that if Lando were flying around hi bypass turbofans, he would agree with Edna
  9. korjik

    Closed topics

    I've never liked ignore lists. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so I like to think anyone can say something useful once.
  10. korjik

    Solo: was it murder?

    the 1977 reference was that we have known Star Wars justice is different since then, not that stuff happening in 1970s is more relevant. But since you are on it, comparing 1970s 'justice' to today's is still probably a bad idea. As a matter of fact, I think you proved that fairly well.
  11. korjik

    Closed topics

    Throwing poop is throwing poop no matter who's poop it is.
  12. korjik

    Solo: was it murder?

    Especially since everyone here would be guilty of murder many many times over
  13. I agree with 2P51. Pick a starting tree and see what happens. Either pilot tree with a couple levels of mechanics skill or a mechanic tree with a couple levels of piloting, depending what you want to start with. I would also see how much vehicle combat your game is gong to have. If it isnt much then go with a mechanic-ish tree.
  14. korjik

    Dear FFG: please convert

    I dont know if it is all that reasonable a point. Fracturing the fanbase occurs when the follow-on is obviously worse than the predecessor. It is only a small factor when the newer product is obviously better than the last one. The only problem with that last statement is that Genesys is different enough that 'better' could be hard to define. Thats why even tho I was enthusiastic for converting Star Wars to Genesys when Genesys first came out I am not so sure now. I would prefer a second edition of the current game more than a conversion to Genesys right now. Then again, if they went crazy and did both, I would buy both, so I may not be an unbiased observer. The only way they could get me to not buy it is to make it level based.
  15. korjik

    Dear FFG: please convert

    It is also the same argument that has been used against era, location and compilation books for a couple years now. If you dont restrict that argument to FFG, then it has been the argument against for a decade. Plus, I am not all that sure that era books are all that doable, beyond what is actual canon now. Admittedly the canon sources frequently add legends material to canon via name dropping and cameos, but that doesnt really mean that the legends material wont be changed to a large degree when it is made canon. This can lead to problems if a book gets made obsolete when a movie comes out.