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  1. The thought is that with no healing of WT with stimpacks, there will be more reliance on defensive talents that use strain. If the strain gets burned too quick you could run out mid-combat and you wouldnt have stimpacks to heal the resulting damage. To be honest, I havent been on the player side of the table to know how much of a problem that is tho
  2. If you dont like the stimpacks, you could remove the rule that exceeding WT incapacitates, and give it a refresh at the end of combat like strain damage has. Maybe use resilience instead of cool for that roll. That way you wont have people incapacitated and out of the fight due to WT damage, but because they get critted or run out of strain. You wont need stimpacks to keep people in the fight then, and it may make first aid at the end of an encounter more valuable. The idea is to make crits the real damage, to get players to be thinking 'do I want to continue this fight now that I will be taking real damage?' I think it would fit in with your campaign since it seems likely that you should have parry and deflect to reduce damage. You could then change the stimpacks over to being stims, and have them heal strain instead of wounds, if that isnt a change too far
  3. Isnt one of the options for advantage basically you made a schematic that makes the next try at building a simple roll? Plus, there is not law saying you have to spend advantage. I would think that if for the first minion you roll 8 advantage and then spend it all, making all the rest of the minions the same would be pretty tough. There are EotE minions, not Despicable Me Minions
  4. An amplification on this: When you see the GM putting you into a position where your character is in a "my character wouldnt do that" situation, get out of character and talk about what the problem is. Right then and there. Dont watch and participate in the train wreck. It may be that the GM just doesnt understand your reasoning on how your character behaves. This one is just a bad GM tho. 'You cant do that to my GMPC!' should immediately end the game.
  5. They dont have the same stats then. The answer any time there is a hole in the rules you can exploit, the proper answer is 'No you cant do that'
  6. Funny how that works
  7. So you have a character which is a bounty hunter who is a serious bounty hunter and the GM said he thought he could convince you to toss that all aside for no reason, then when that didnt work, he did the exact same thing again? The only thing I could point out that you did wrong is that you should have explained in no uncertain terms, as bluntly as possible that when you take a job you finish the job, so that if you are getting hired by the imperials to catch rebels, that is what you are going to do, and if the GM wants you to be a rebel, have the rebels hire him! Other than that, any time the GM says 'No you dont, this is what your character is going to do' for any reason, stop the game right there and demand an explanation on why he thinks he gets to play your character. Tell him exactly what you are thinking and why and ask him what he is expecting. Tell him flat out that your character isnt going to ride those rails. He was the one being inflexible, especially after he did the exact same thing a second time.
  8. And the French are just sidekicks.....
  9. What would be better is getting the books printed in North America so that they didnt have to get shipped by dodgy shipping companies and have to go through customs.
  10. Mine is the Outlaw Sally. I dont know who Sally is tho
  11. I've never done that sort of thing. Well, maybe not this week
  12. I wasnt saying that you need to be passive aggressive with him, I was saying you should be actively aggressive with him. Be the bad guy. When he starts screwing with you and the game, and not what is in the game, then stop the game and tell him his behavior is unacceptable and then if he challenges you, kill his character in the most 'dont screw with the GM' way possible. The point is to get him to play the game you are running or to not play. The drama is supposed to be between the PCs and the NPCs, not you and the player. The hard part is keeping it at the table and not taking things personally, both on your side and his. You need to remember that he is supposed to be a friend, and that means having enough empathy for a friend to at least try to not destroy your fun. The fact that this thread exists says that you have some problems, and the fact that you have permission to boot him says this is a fairly serious problem. For me, he is way past the 'get the heck away from my table' point. If he is unwilling or unable to put forth some effort to play the game you want to play, then he is screwing with your fun, which is not being nice. Dont be nice back, all that does is give you problems, not him. The best result is his learning how to play in the group, but after '3+ years of playing with him and talking to him about his play-style and mindset multiple times' its time to stop being nice about it. p.s. If he 'HAS to win' when playing and RPG, especially when he is playing against the GM, I dont think he understands what an RPG is. You cant win an RPG, all you can do is have fun.
  13. You should tell your friends that are fine with what you decide that you decided they should make their own decision, not just waffle and use yours. Then you should tell the problem player that he MUST change his play style or he is not invited and either the game goes away or he does. Then dont put up with his antics. If he does something evil, just say a sniper shot him dead, make a new character. If he challenges you as the GM, say a Star Destroyer just bombarded him, and only him, from orbit, make a new character. And dont argue with him, or even interact at all when that happens. Just tell him he can step away from the table until his new character is done and go back to playing. If he gets pissed about that, tell him that is how you feel about him screwing your game, after your play session is done. He needs to be taught to play the game, not against the GM. The one qualifier is that it sounds like the other players have alot less of a problem with your problem gamer than you do. If this is the case, then the problem isnt really the problem gamer
  14. First, dont consume the time. If no one has an idea and the roller hasnt got any strain, just ignore it and move on. There is no law that says you have to use advantage, or threat for that matter. Second, and more general to your last few responses, my group played nearly weekly for a year before we really started getting the hand of the narrative forces that drive this game. It takes a good deal of getting used to. 20 years of habits are harder to change. Especially if you play d20 as an adversarial game of players vs. GM. As for talents, yes 5 pt talents are not always very useful. Thats why they are 5 pt talents. Yes, some of the talents may not get used all that often, but there is no rule in any game that says that every talent, feat, skill or what have you has to be used at all, must less every session. It is to some degree up to the players to push the game in the direction to use the talents. If you have 11 ranks of Convincing Demeanor but never tell a lie or pick a pocket, then it isnt the rules that are the problem, but more likely a flawed character concept. If you have 11 ranks of Convincing Demeanor and the GM never tosses a setback die your way when you tell lies, then either you arent trying hard enough or he isnt tossing enough setback out. One rank of Convincing Demeanor is to try to lie your way past a bouncer. 11 ranks is to try to convince the fleet admiral you are a Moff and need to borrow his fleet, and when you tell your GM that is what you are trying to do, he should get a pained look on his face and ask if he can borrow everyone's setback dice, cause he only bought 6 sets of dice.....
  15. What Whatfrog said really cant be stressed enough. There doesn't have to be an encounter every day. If it doesnt do anything for the story then just skip to the good bits. I'm not saying that there should be no encounters, but that the pacing should not drag just to have one. If the players get like 'another (insert creature here)? Ho hum, we shoot it' then you shouldnt do the encounter. On the other hand, small side quests can be interesting, especially if there is a moral quandry involved. Things like do we fight the Krayt Dragon looking for pearls even tho that might alert the imperials we are trying to sneak up on?