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  1. No, it's the same thing. Either way sounds like you can't lose a life in graveyard or chapel, by any means. So if a Demon craft 10 found its way to the graveyard or chapel, then can you lose a life? You are afterall still encountering the space when you encounter a card. Further, how about the command spell? We would assume the command spell over-rides your ability as it generally does over rule everything. If you fight a character while on the chapel or graveyard then presumably the ability would not apply as you are encountering a character, not a space. If you wanted to avoid such questions then you might say :- "You do not lose a life in the Chapel or Graveyard if instructed to do so as a result of your alignment"
  2. ..but the way the 'news' pans out, which is what everyone sees, is a list of FFG sneak peeks or Nomad promotions. Yes there is content elsewhere, but you need to draw attention to it. Even if its a just a new short article with a new photo linking to existing content. Think of every new visitor who doesn't know to dig deep and sees just promotion and promotion for Nomad Games. Anyway, I was in a strange mood this morning and I picked on you when I scanned through my breakfast websites, I'm sorry for my reaction, you don't actually deserve it as you're just a dude with a webpage and real life to manage too.
  3. Alright, I was a bit negative and aggressive in my OP, there was no need for me to be so extreme, but what I mean is there is much more you can do, Jon, to make your site more than a list of FFG sneak peeks or Nomad promotions.... These are just off the top of my head a few minutes :- DIY Storage Solutions Reviewed (that's your idea i know) Interviews, why not interview normal players about their talisman history or playing sessions What music do people play talisman to? Custom Rule Summaries Articles on aspects of the game rules Articles on various house rules Articles on ways to play the game with multiple characters or other funky configurations Tutorial on making your own expansion Tutorial on printing out user made expansions Talisman Fiction! Short stories from the Talisman world. The Making Of: Interviews with people at Nomad Games or FFG Links for places to buy card sleeves to protect our game You must have various old or rare talisman sets in your collection, how about some photo sets & article about them? Tutorial on Miniature painting. You know, there's just so much is possible, and I know its easy to make a quick list and that pretty much any of those items takes considerable effort, but, well never mind. ... btw i ordered the backgammon on steam, looks neat.
  4. What is Talisman Island anymore? Lately all we see is adverts for whatever the newest product is from either FFG or now Nomad Games. It's fine to offer support towards these guys as they are making and developing the game we like to play, but is that it? Is that all there is? And now, Talisman Island tells us about Backgammon Blitz I mean really? What's next? Gift codes for Snakes and Ladders? Welcome to the advertising arm of Nomad Games
  5. The thing that worries me about this expansion, is that there appears to be a card used as a board? Am I right or have I miss understood something? If .... if that's the case then its pretty bad, a board should be a board and cards are cards. Maybe you can let us know Jon, exactly how it will be.
  6. random disconections from other players, in every game, every game. Its a pile of **** at the moment and players will be leaving in their droves. Such a shame.
  7. Its all fine to make house rules for our own games, but as I like to also play online with the digital edition, I would worry about these balance issues for that. Surprisingly (and thankfully), the digital edition is totally faithful to the real game and while this is awesome, its also going to throw up these problems as we move into more of the expansions..... when you play the digital edition, its not friendly, I don't mean in a person to person social way, I mean that you play to win and therefore anything in the rules goes. So if there are balance issues observed normally, they could be bad for the digital edition, there is only so much house rules they can add before it is way too complex to make an online game that people agree about the rules of.
  8. Well, I stop along at Talisman Island every so often to see what Talisman news there is, I wasn't expecting this! Ordered 2 copies. I've no idea why I would need two, but it helps split the postage... Weird logic I know
  9. I recall a common 'house' rule to do with fate, which said it could not be used unless it was the players decision. To if the enchanterous was to turn you into a toad, thats not your choice, so fate can not be used. Similar with the witch. You can therefore use fate to effect your own die roles, but not roles that decides how another being behaves or what decisions another being makes. I think the gods are not considered to be a being, so you can use fate if you prey.
  10. Triple "A" said: I'm still at a complete loss as to why people seem to find the City Expansion so appealing. As I remember from the 2nd Edition, it was a boring location that completely skewed the game. I'd be quite happy if that corner was used for something completely different (maybe Talisman Island!) rather than simply rehashing the past. I agree, I never really liked the old city expansion and wont miss it at all if we manage to avoid it. I'm really enjoying what FFG have done so far though. My chances to play are quite rare these days, so since last playing the game I have added the sacred pool + the dragon expansions. May get to play next week.
  11. I must be the odd one out, but i never really liked the City in the 2nd edition, and I diddnt play the 3rd edition enough to recall if there was a city or not, I guess there must have been, but I really dont have any desire to see a city expansion.
  12. So you are allowed to play fate against death? What happoned to the 'fate can not apply to choices made by other beings' rule? Maybe that was just a house rule I read somewhere, but its what we use, so in our game he would not have been allowed to play a fate to effect the decision of death.
  13. I was in a recent game, this it what happoned... Player A landed on Player B and cast toadify Result was Player A becomes toad Next turn player B wants to pick up the loot, so tries to cast teleport to land on the space he is already on. Our Gamesmaster ruled this as invalid, as to teleport to your starting place means you havn't moved. And all that was needed was to move away this turn and teleport next turn to claim the loot. Player C then rolled the exact die roll required to fight the sentinal on the way through to the middle region and land on the loot himself. So the question, should player B have been allowd to teleport to the space he started his turn in ?
  14. As long as drinks are kept away from the board !!!!! God forbid spillage
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