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  1. Hey Atlantis ! It's been a long time since I last came here. Congrats for your ships, they look quite cool. You even managed to build that damned Daru-Mozu !! -XD- Of course, people will ask you "why spending so much time on these, while this has no concrete impact on the game ?" (but we, of all people, know the answer ) I too bought the Revell plastic kit of the BSG. Now there's one thing I really crave for : having Moebius/revell doing modern basestars, so I can have a couple of them at the correct scale. Can you imagine how thrilling that would be ? ^^
  2. Hello Mr hulk Thanks ^^ In fact, I used the horrid gearclix Anya as a basis for this conversion. You will find some close-ups & tips in an earlier post : http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/85347-question-about-last-order-card-possibly-anya-miniature/
  3. Thanks Dam ... seemed too easy to lure the B----- away
  4. Hi friends We were playing GOWTBG some days ago (China Shop mission), and something I hadn't envisioned happened. The Berserker was activated, and entered poor Cole's area with the intent to inflict damage. At the end of her movement (and before the dice were rolled), Baird -who was 1 area away- used one of his "GUARD" cards to shoot at the creature, perfectly knowing it couldn't hurt her. Stat cards says "after a COG attacks", move the area 1 area towards him". Using this trick, is it really possible to lure the Berserker away from her intended target before she can strike him ? If this is the case, the "GUARD" card interrupts the beast's action, her initial attack is lost and she can't attack Baird in her new location, right ? One more precision : when the Berserker is instructed to go after the last COG who moved, bleeding out COGs are ignored, agreed ? Thanks.
  5. Mmmh ... good luck for the sculpt, he'll be no easy customer. >With a bit of repaint heroclix are Nice Possibly, given you've cleaned them with acetone before (works a treat, and does not make the minis melt ... too much) >I've been tempted to get the mini for both him and Skorge several times, but in comparison to the board game models, they don't look that great, I'd say their Skorge is vaguely acceptable. Gearclix RAAM is really bleh !
  6. Thanks Funny thing is, this neat texturing effect is quite simple to achieve (if you're talking about the one on Cole & Berserker) You just need some Prince August -400- (Mastic Plastique, as we call it here) and some bristol paper … Start by slathering some on your base, and gently pat this putty with the paper to create the background texture. Once dry, put some more on localized areas (but don't cover the whole base, the idea being to have the background texture still visible here and there), and flatten it using the paper as a trowel this time. Trust me on this ^^
  7. Oh ! I wasn't expecting that answer at all … thanks for this crucial explanation, guys. As promised, some pics of the Anya mini I converted. Hope this won't make the mods angry as it usually does I did this with our friend Coralie in mind, believing she would prefer to play her rather than a muscular, bad-ass looking marine … told us there was no way she would play "a frail little girl lost on the battlefield" !! -XD- I used the monstruous looking Clix mini as a base for this … I started cleaning it with acetone, glued some cork shapes on the base, then altered the overall position. I molded the face and the Lanzor (sorry, Lancer ^^) using greenstuff and cut cute strands of hair out of a thin metal sheet. Granted, some details remain to be painted (especially the face area), but I believe this is a good start - Realized that her right thigh segment was a bit long, had to shorten it once painted Here are some more pics of Cogs in situation … I fancied using these funny Sarlaac-looking models to represent the E- holes. True, this is not how they look in the game, but they certainly look great on the board ! (poor Dom : "Why am I always the one to remain in the box now that they have a 5th choice ?") Currently doing some attempts at making the setting more 3-dimensional, using elements cut from various games … Ambushing a Berserker … risky business if there is !
  8. Hi friends Sorry if this has been previously asked … can't seem to find an answer to this important question. If my Cog only has one Order Card remaining, can he use it for its reaction ability ("Guard" obvioulsy being the only interesting option in this case), thus putting himself in the "Bleeding Out" state after this last burst ? Will post my home-made Anya mini + emergency holes counters here anytime soon
  9. Hello Brandon Thanks for your feedback & thoughts about this idea. We came to the same conclusions about Civilian Ships loss value, and role for the Admiral in ending the NC sequence. I don't know if having only Cylon leaders in the game would work, though … About making a larger game … the people I usually play with complain about BSGTBG already being overlong, so I prefer not to augment its duration. I liked the idea of the Resistance being chased by Centurions on the board, while trying to free Civilian Ships, so here is my first draft of the NC beginning sequence so far : SETUP : -Install the New Caprica Board, with the 12 civilian ships tokens on the Locked Civilian Ships location -Players characters start on Resistance HQ. Each except first player receive 3 Skill cards. [Keep in mind this major distinction between the two different types of Centurions tokens we will use : Occupation Force Tokens (referred from now on as OFT) and Boarding Party Track Tokens (BPTT) ] -Depending on the number of players, place a number of BPTT on the Occupation Authority location : 3 to 4 players = 2 Centurions / 5 to 6 = 3 Centurions. RULES : -No player can move to any location other than the New Caprica Location before the end of turn 3. -These BPTT activate between players turns, starting right after the first player. When all have played, they must wait for the next turn to activate. When they do, they move to a random location (D4) then activate its Cylon Action. If a player is on said location, the BPTT always attack him instead. BPTT don't have a crisis card step. They can be executed as if they were characters. When a BPTT is executed, he will skip its next activation (otherwise, destruction of a BPTT is really pointless). If a player reveals himself a Cylon at this point, one BPTT is removed. -For each skill check done on New Caprica, add 3 destiny cards instead of 2 to the Skill cards (this is done to give hidden Cylon players some latitude during the skill checks) -When drawing New Caprica Crisis cards, ignore the Evacuation Icon. -When a Civilian ship in the locked Civilian ships stack is destroyed, ignore the loss of ressources indicated on its back. Instead, keep track of how many ships have been destroyed on New Caprica. -maximum firepower cards can be used to reroll an attack OFT die roll ALTERED LOCATIONS : -Resistance HQ : will need a Cylon action -Occupation Authority : OK as it is. -Breeder's canyon : Human action = prepare evasion. Allow one player in detention to draw two skill cards. These may come from outside his skill set. - Shipyard : Human action : prepare action only (since evacuation automatically happens at the end of turn 3). On 4+, send a ship from locked to prepared civillian ship location. Cylon action : place a Cylon Raider in front of the galactica on the main board (not too sure about this one, but I found the idea of interacting with the main board interesting at this step). ENDING OF NEW CAPRICA : -When turn 3 ends, all players' characters are placed on their starting location on the main board. At this point, if 8 or more ships have been evacuated , gain +2 moral. Then place a 2 travel distance under the destination, and follow the instructions of the Kobol objective card. Tested this with 5 players (but we didn't go on past this step). Took around 1 hour to resolve these 3 turns, 9 ships were saved. Players complained that they spent a lot of time in jail -XD- Unsurprisingly, friend Yohann (who always plays Baltar) turned out to be a Cylon ! Massive losses of ressources at the beginning of the game, especially moral (hence the reward if enough ships are saved). Tell me what you think, friends (especially if you have better ideas for replacement actions on the locations).
  10. Hello Kaermo You're right, this idea would require lots of adjustments … Indeed, active Cylons are needed in this setup to hinder the human actions, send them to detention, etc … Two possible answers to this problem : #1 : we could make use of the NPC characters of the exodus expansion. Each location receives one of them with a trauma token, and some of them (depending on the number of players : one for 3/4 players, two for 5/6 pl) are revealed in sequence. If they turn to be in good mood, nothing happens. If this is a red Token, the Cylon effect is triggered. The NPC is replaced by another character, and receives a new token for future activations. #2 : or we could have centurions (represented by the boarding party track tokens) lurking on the board, randomly moving to locations with a D4 roll and activating the Cylon effects. An optional rule could be to pass skill checks adding 3 destiny cards instead of 2 while on New Caprica, to make hidden Cylons' actions less blatant. As for the Admiral problem, it sure can't work as it is, as players wouldn't appreciate the cruel joke of a sudden death at the beginning of the game. No, I'd prefer the game to revert itself spontaneously to the BSG board when a certain number of turns has passed. I guess, the game would then go on starting with a travelling distance of 2, but it would be neat if the human players received some reward if they performed especially well on New Caprica (1 or 2 ressource points). Or, if we remain in the game logic of making life harsh to humans, they simply avoid substantial population loss (remember the defense lawyer during Baltar's trial, and her speech about "How do we measure loss ?") What do you think, friends ?
  11. Our Ionian Nebula games weren't quite fun either … We may well have a try at your variant, thank you
  12. Hello friends From what I can read on the forums, the option of playing with the "New Caprica" destination didn't garner much love. Now, I can't say this was very different here : we did a couple of unsatisfactory tests, and simply reverted to Kobol objective. Come to think of it, one of the reasons why I'm not too fond of NC add-on it is that it simply happens too late in the game : it sort of breaks the rythm and slows down the events, while most players at this point (after several hours sitting around the table) are eager for a quick conclusion. I was rewatching this awesome show, start of the New Caprica arc-story (beginning of S3), and thus was willing to have a new try at it … when an odd idea occured to me. Do you think the interest for NC would shift if, instead of making it the ending of the session, we made this board the beginning situation ? Now, it certainly creates some problems (Cylons can't act too overtly, as they would reveal themselves far too early in the game), but has anyone already considered this possibility ? Thanks for your feedback about this idea
  13. Thanks, friends ! Dypaca - yes, eventually, I had come to that conclusion about [splash Vs cloak] - thanks for your answer During that game, my most direct foe learnt to fear the destructive power of fully-loaded Reavers ... her invasion plans were stopped cold ! Not too sure about the Defend order ... at least it didn't slow the game down as I feared. My guess is this order can be of great help in case of assaults early in the game (zergling rush) ...gives you an additional chance to survive the initial clash. A pity I joined this forum so late after the game's release ... "Lord Tassadar ... Whatever happened here , I think we missed it !!"
  14. Hello, friend Sorry my answer comes that late ... I just posted my attempt on a new topic, called "two silly questions ... + armies painted" And I, for one, would be interested in seeing what you've done ...
  15. Hi friends Sorry to come back on these matters, but I have a hard time finding definitive answers regarding these on the forum. -First concerns splash damage against cloaked troops ... situation occured when a Protoss Reaver fired on a burrowing Hydralisk. I know this problem has been discussed many times before, but after all this time, Im' still not sure whether the damage should be applied anyway, or if the creature escapes its fate by burrowing ... -Second is : Defense order. I've always played without the Brood Wars expansion, and after reading the description of this game mechanic, I'm not quite sure of its interest. From your own experience, is this really an important addition to the basic game, or is this something you can simply ignore ? Thanks for your patience ... Besides, I've managed to complete 3 armies before our next game session, I post pics here (as promised a loong time ago) Arcturus Mengsk's Terrans : And my all time favorites, the Bugs (lots of conversions here)
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