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  1. My initial thought on seeing the board, was it appears there are actually fewer locations to visit than in Arkham Horror? I really hope that's not the case. As a global game should (in my opinion) have a bigger board, with more spaces to visit.
  2. This has probably come up hundreds of times before. Today I learnt that Rex was supposed to be a Dune game, and that for what ever reason it never happened. This actually depressed me, mostly because Dune is one of those things that I always go back to. I wish that FFG did get the license to Dune because I would love to see them make a Dune game. Argh, so upsetting. Who else wishes that they had made a Dune game?
  3. The only issue I can see with it is that it will be harder to store, and AH already takes up a lot of room for me haha! Otherwise this is going quite awesomely!
  4. I appreciate the advice but I'm unlikely to go through and reorganise all of the decks and monsters out now. Plus I kind of like the madness and frantic nature of the game with all of the expansions in. Lovecraftian fiction is not about winning, in fact one of the constant themes is that the protagonist has absolutely no effect on the outcome and is doomed to begin with. So if anything an all expansion game is more Lovecraftian. I remember when I first got the game and had no expansions, the wife and I never lost a game, even with only two investigators. Some times it was close but we never lost. Then slowly as I bought the expansions it got harder and harder until we rarely won. Which I think funnily enough is more fun! Just saying
  5. ktom said: Slothgodfather said: 3. There is only a minimum # of cards in a deck, 60. There is no max limit, but I would STRONGLY urge to try to keep it between 60-65 of performance. The more cards in the deck, the less likely you are to drawing what you need. The tournament rules do state a subjective maximum of "no more than you can shuffle, unaided, by hand." Slothgodfather said: 4. Cards are specific to the house/faction printed in the upper right corder of the card. That is the house they belong to. You can mix cards between houses (provided the card itself does not contain the text "house x only" where x is a house you are not playing) such as including some Bara cards into your Stark deck. However, not that any card that does not match your house card will cost 2 additional gold when playing them. This additional cost does not apply to neutral cards as they don't belong to any house. The fact that the Greyjoy House card is wrapped with the Stark deck means nothing more than that they had to put it somewhere in the box. Follow the written rules. It's usually a bad idea in this game to assume rules based on anything other than the rules, rulings, and FAQ. I was reading the rules and playing slowly to learn, hence my confusion when I drew the house card out of the deck. It was just in there, it wasn't at the top just under the stark card. Regardless, thank you both. I am eager to get into this game. My friend made a point to me, there are 6 Titles yet the game says its only up to 4 player. Now I've only tried 2 player as it is, but would there be a 6 player variant so everyone can play as one of the titles?
  6. Hi guys I have had the game a long while now, but I haven't managed to get around to playing it (my own fault really). Well I was looking through the cards, rules, expansions etc. I just didn't spot anything about a Deck limit. Now I know it says at least 60 cards for tourney play. I have no intention of playing in tourneys. Yet it isn't at all specific. Does that mean there can be 80, 90, even 100 cards in a deck? Does that include Plot deck? How many cards can I have in the plot deck? etc etc. Or are there only the 7 cards that come with the core set for plots? I also had a question, I noticed that Greyjoy's house card was intermingled with the Stark deck. Does that mean that cards aren't house restricted like I thought or is it that Greyjoy can use Stark cards? I didn't notice any specifically Greyjoy cards when I was looking through, so I am unaware how to play with Greyjoy (if I can at all haha). Thanks in advance guys!
  7. I'm more interested in that case! The hell?! That would make my life soooooo much easier when setting up! Where did you get it? Did you make it? That is many levels of awesome!
  8. thecorinthian said: Ebonrook said: I won't lie, I did get very upset with myself for messing up steps… Pppphhhht, I wouldn't worry about it! I'm pretty well versed too, and even WITHOUT any expansion boards, here are some of my group's fairly regular errors: - Forget to apply Environment modifiers - Forget to roll for curse, blessing, or bank loan, and forget to roll or take money for retainer - Forget that I even HAVE a curse/blessing - Fail to move some monsters when they should move - Forget to refresh items - Forget to pass the First Player marker for several turns - Lose track of which pile of clue tokens is mine and which one belongs to the player next to me - Lose track of which pile of clue tokens is mine and which one is the supply - Forget to apply the Ancient One's worshipper ability or even main ability - Accidentally not add doom token when gate opens - Miscount how many monsters should appear from monster surge - Fail to count monsters in the sky when determining a monster surge - Miscount the monster limit, outskirts limit and gate limit - Miss out an investigator's encounter - Lose track of the turn order entirely, and basically do two turns in a row without a Mythos phase in the middle - Take 'seal' from the supply when using Elder Sign, instead of removing doom token - Use investigator special ability from investigator that was used in previous game not in this game - Move someone else's investigator instead of your own, then not notice the error until several encounters have been done wrong - Knock items or trophies off the table and forget they existed until several days later And of course anything like the Rift tracks or Rumor tokens or the Dunwich Horror's movement ability has NO chance of being remembered. I cannot stress this enough: ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE IDIOTS. Well you have cheered me a little to know I'm not the only person doing this. My wife tried to tell me that it's only a game and it should be fun, to which I agree, but it's not her I'm worried about looking daft to, it's incase I ever want to play at the local game store and mess up big time. Especially considering one of the staff there is my friend who knows I play the game regularly and enjoy the who Lovecraft Mythos. I wouldn't want to look dumb to them. Dunno why, really, I just worry about this nonsense.
  9. So I don't even have all of the expansions yet myself, just Pharaoh to Black Goat. Yet I found earlier on when I was playing today that I was some times forgetting silly things. Like the Rifts in Kingsport, or to put clues on Ongoing Mythos cards, or keeping check on my Upkeep rolls (Curses or Bank Loans). Do you guys find that sometimes you forget things? What do you do when you do? Does it really spoil the game or do you just carry on? I won't lie, I did get very upset with myself for messing up steps…
  10. Hey guys, It's probably a silly idea and a stupid question, but I was thinking about whether I should get the Revised Pharaoh or not. Personally that's because I have the original and don't really want to go through and get out all those cards. I also don't really want to have what is, really kind of expensive for what it is expansion, that I never use again because I have the new edition. So I was wondering, does anyone play with both versions? Does it work out? I mean I know that would mean some cards would double up, but I suppose we could carefully remove doubles we wouldn't want. I.e. Allies. Items surely it doesn't matter as much as doubles of items can make more sense? So what do you guys thinks? Silly or not?
  11. I personally am very laid back, when it comes to my group. Especially considering none of us are "hardcore" gamers and it is just that - a game. So generally when we are playing we do occasionally "cheat" a little. Basically I will occasionally decide not to include decks, such as Madness/Injury or other expansion cards. Or if a Mythos card is drawn that is too complicated for my friends to understand fully I will try to explain it but if it doesn't go well, I will simply draw another one. Again I know it's cheating but at the end of the day it means that I don't have to worry about sort through hundreds of cards to set up and we can just have fun.
  12. As stated he's over powered on purpose. He's not really designed to be played, more to be giggled with. Also, he's the World's Greatest Detective, he doesn't only get clues from beating people up. In fact in Long Halloween and Hush (two of the true "detective" stories he's had lately) he barely fights anyone. Oh and it's only Duke until I bother to make Ace.
  13. He is a little overpowered, but then again I made him for fun and he is Batman after all. You can find the full size versions at my blog here. Also if you look for the Arkham Horror label on the side you can see others that I have made in the past.
  14. IraShaine1972 said: Given that the books and the show will take years to complete and you like it now but want to avoid spoilers either dont get involved or just go out and read the books or the fairly thourough overview on wikipedia of the story because you will definetly get spoilers. The stories are that well read at this point and likely to get more so in coming months. It will be like not wanting to know if the one rings gets destroyed or not. Seriously. ***ED: SPOILER ALERT*** Dont get to attached to Ned. Because he doesnt stay to attached to something that ryhmes with ned. ***ED: SPOILER ALERT*** I already knew that, but I think that for anyone asking about spoilers, to put one (and yes I know you were trying to be clever and hide it with a bad joke, but it's so obvious what you mean that I don't see the point in pretending) in the thread like that is just rude and down right cruel. Especially one of that big a deal.
  15. Is this it here; store.hbouk.com/detail.php because it has the ffg logo and all, but I can't work out if its the game or not thanks to the different title...
  16. I don't really know if this is very good, I wanted something special. Yes he's probably going to have an easier time at some things. I decided he had almost no real luck in the story, and shouldn't have any cash or conventional weapons (so unless he gets lucky with the Unique Item he wouldnt have any). My like a Ghost special ability isn't meant to be too overpowered. The idea is that he knows his surroundings that well, I made it of course that he doesnt get to have an encounter, so I suppose it would be similar to being delayed. I suppose the switching of skills is also similar to Lola. Am sure people won't like him but oh well; I do =P Art by my wife;
  17. Is this reprinted like the reprinted Dark Pharoh so it will have changes? Because I won't lie that kinda bugged me as I hadn't managed to get all the expansions yet as it is, then suddenly one of the ones I do have is rereleased. I feel like I won't ever get to have them all. (Off Arkham topic, I can only find Game of Thrones for some silly multi-hundred amount for example. Why is Fantasy Flight so hard to get in the UK)
  18. Hey guys I'm in the UK and I have Arkham Horror, Dunwhich, Kingsport and Dark Pharaoh (original) but I am after King in Yellow, and any other expansions to be honest. I got my three expansions on Amazon but King In Yellow is out of stock, and the one time it was "in stock" it was a con group who only claimed it was in stock, took my money and vanished. So is there anywhere you guys can direct me for Fantasy Flight Games in the UK? Especially the Arkham Horror expansions? Thanks guys.
  19. Thelric said: It may be definitely probable. Cheers, Chris So a definite maybe? haha
  20. No offence but how old are you? Because if it turns out you are really really young, and we've all basically said "Oh go for it, it's not so bad" I fear your parents will kill us. Of course if you are in your teens or such, then this might be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how grown up you are to you parents and such. The game isn't really scary, it's just based on scary things. I say buy it, and blu-tack a My Little Pony Boardgame cover to the box, then when you are playing, insist that is what you are playing.
  21. Oh god, I just sat here and typed a really detailed post with a couple of Lovecraft quotes from letters about games and then when I click post, it just took me back to the page. What on earth was that all about!
  22. On our first game my friend who was playing as Dexter Drake pretty much was the comic relief of our story. Not at all intentionally. For example, he went to the shop, and promptly failed his speed check and was knocked out by a random club. After waking up and leaving the hospital, he went to the river docks, where he decided to fish around in the water for shiny things, (literally it said 'something shining in the water') and failed his luck check. So he was promptly dragged into the water by the neck, by some random tentacle. His game pretty much continued like that for the night. Then again that same game I was playing as Diamond and was pretty much so many successes that I was pretty much sprinting up and down the board shooting things. Though to be fair it was mostly luck, I did feel it was a pretty hilarious contrast.
  23. Tibs said: Remind me, Julia: do you lose still lose your Retainer if you opt to take an Injury? I've been playing "yes you lose it" but I cannot for the life of me remember the official answer. I think officially you aren't meant to? Does it not count as an item? Though I suppose as a house rule it would also work to make the game a bit harder.
  24. Tibs said: IMHO, the 2nd league scenarios weren't very fun. In the first half of them, you bounce back and forth between two different AOs, and investigators don't start with clues and you don't put clues on the board. It sucked. I had to replay them so many times. In scenario 5, you're pretty much doomed to an impossible final combat. If I were you, I'd play the game normally or use fan-made scenarios. Well yours require all expansions, speaking of which Dark Pharaoh did arrive yesterday! Though I still need to get others. Sounds silly but I can't navigate through Board Game Geek easily
  25. Tibs said: It's really more of a game-by-game basis. There appears to be no overarching plot. Me and the missus wrote our own though. She keeps "minutes" of the games and I write scripts which she wants to animate. Quite a lot of fun making a story to go with it XD
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